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Notre Dame “OurLady” rising from the Ashes.


The disempowered Feminine…I believe that many women I know who are on a spiritual path will relate to this.

She is the disempowered Feminine that has been held back by the patriarchy. She feels alone, she struggles to create abundance for herself, her heart is broken, and all of this wears on her health and well-being.

I felt this to the core of my being in the early morning Today, triggered by the events of the last three weeks, a conversation with a friend yesterday and the inferno burning from the heart of Norte Dame, Our Lady. It felt like a knife going through my heart.

I wrote this in my journal “What was the point of working on conscious awakening for 32 years if this is what I woke up to! What it looks like I woke up to being all alone, having a health issue, that goes on and on and I have no money. I was better off when I was asleep!!!” This is the archetype of the disempowered Feminine, and it shot through me like a lightning bolt! This has nothing to do with being a victim, this is what women have felt for a very long time.

The old disempowered Feminine (Norte Dame) held back by the patriarchy, kept under wraps in the cathedral, was burning away, released in the flames through the core of her being, and I directly across the ocean was feeing in the core of my being.

Why? Why did I have to feel this disempowerment so deeply?

Because I came to this planet to help Awaken the Empowered Divine Feminine. I carry an extremely high level of feminine energy, I have known that for a very time. I paint this new energy of the Feminine and have for 25 years, even when I didn’t know that was what I was doing. I have been following the pulse of the Great Mother.

I have felt this deep disempowerment at times, especially the last three years so that I can bring forward extreme empowerment for women.

Who are my sisters? Are you feeling this too? It’s time to rise up from the ashes and be heard! The resurrection of the Feminine.

Image from my Resilient Heart series.


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Walk with Guadalupe


I have had a very strong connection with Our Lady of Guadalupe since 2000 when I went on a pilgrimage to her national shrine in Mexico City. I see her as the Great Mother. I wrote about that pilgrimage in my book Empowered Health and Wellness.

Many Mexicans see her as Tonantzin, the Aztec Goddess. Before the fall of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in 1521, the hill where Juan Diego had his vision had also been the site of an ancient temple to the Aztec goddess Tonantzin (The Great Mother), later leveled to the ground by the Spaniards. Guadalupe’s shrine is built on top of the temple to Tonantzin.

Over the past year I have developed a more active connection with Guadalupe, having journal conversations with her almost daily.

She has made an appearance to me twice in a very unusual way. Through selfies! Guadalupe uses modern technology apparently.

If you look at the photos of me in the collage above you will see her cross. Enlarge the image to see it more clearly. In the lower left is a picture of the cross that is at her next in the miraculous image of her that is held sacred by the Mexicans. It is housed at the National Shrine.

You see the cross illuminated at my neck. They are exactly the same and there is the same necklace of light encircling my neck and chest.  This is not light bouncing off of a necklace I am wearing. It is light creating the image on my neck. I am not wearing a necklace at all.

The photo in the upper left was taken in November or December 2018 at the Saint Croix River in Minnesota. The photo on the left was taken today, April 8, 2019 in Melbourne Florida. They are 4 or 5 months apart.

I feel like this is a definitive sign from Guadalupe to me that she is by my side, walking with me.


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A Time to Incubate


I believe there are times where it is important to share our stories authentically as ther unfold. It can be healing for the teller and the listener. You will know when that time is.

And other times when it is time to incubate and hold the new story tenderly. We don’t want outside influences when we are nurturing a new story.

For now, as I write my new story, I hold it in sacred space within my heart, as its midwife💚…while it incubates ❤️

I am at the end of the bridge between the old story and the new story just about to step into the new. The sacred space of new beginnings.

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