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Unleashing My wild creativity!


My former narcissistic friend told me recently “ You will never be successful with your art!” I found that funny because I have transformed my own life with painting for over 30 years! I would call that success in and of itself, besides all of the commissions and art works I have sold over the years.

Visionary art can show you things that are hidden in your unconscious. Once they are brought to light you can work with and transform them.

One of my gifts as I visionary artist is I can go to other realms as well as connect with guides and gather information, bring it back and paint it.

What I have done for myself for 30+ years I can also do for you. Do you have an issue you have been wrestling with that you want to transform, or a desire you would like to to fruition?…

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The Sacred Marriage

Love in Heartspace


Title: The Sacred Marriage, watercolor 2-12-2020

Here I am a week later with a better understanding of the Sacred Marriage. We all need to integrate the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine within. I have studied the Sacred Feminine for almost 30 years but didn’t feel like I was in touch with my Sacred Masculine.

I was attracted to the Sacred Masculine that my friend supposedly was embodying because I wanted to understand it better. Yet that is not what I learned from him.

My own Sacred Masculine stepped forward to show me how to navigate the difficult situation I found myself in. I learned just how much I really knew about and was in touch with the Sacred Masculine as I set boundaries, said “no!”, disengaged, stayed firm, protected myself, set deadlines and was a warrior.

“The archetypal sacred marriage serves as a metaphor for the integration of both the…

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Dreaming in Reality

Love in Heartspace


Dreams…we spend a lot of time there but often don’t remember what went on while we were there.

I have had a dream practice for many years and have used my dreams as a transformation tool. One practice I use is to seed my dream before I go to sleep.

Two nights ago I had a classically archetypal dream about the union of the masculine and feminine.

I asked this question of my Dream Team: “Take me into a dream with my ideal mate “

I was with a man and I took him to a house which used to be mine. We were looking through the house for my bedroom and went through every room in the house not finding it. Someone finally told me that I didn’t have a room in that house anymore because it had been dismantled.

I turned to the man and said”I will take…

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Heartspace Place


As we move into the new decade of 2020, we are being called to live more deeply in our Heartspace. The old model of living from the head and intellect no longer works!

The world needs us to shift out of thinking and into navigating from Heartspace using the intelligence of the heart.

This is where our true intelligence, consciousness and authenticity live. It’s the place where your intuitive wisdom comes from. It is the place where the higher self speaks to you and guides you.

Wouldn’t you like to live from Heartspace?

Most of us want to connect with our higher wisdom but don’t know how to access it. We want to live our life from a place of love not fear so we can thrive and prosper.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive guidance from your heart every day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live life without fear?

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience a sense of happiness, joy and playfulness on a regular bases?

Wouldn’t it be nice to love from your conscious center?

Wouldn’t it be nice to navigate conflict consciously and come to positive resolution?

When we align our thoughts with our personal truth from our Heartspace we can raise our level of consciousness and be on track with the destiny of our soul.

All of  these things are possible when you live in your Heartspace!

Keith Gregory and I have learned how to live in our Heartspace through our own difficult personal journeys and our journey together. We will guide you to live from your Heartspace and be more of who you are, through the container of Heartspace Place, which launches December 26, 2019.

If you are ready to live from your Heartspace, we are ready to show you the way!




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Kick Ass Energies!

How are you feeling?

Love in Heartspace


I don’t know about anyone else, but my experience of the energy right now that is pulling us to the end of the year, the end of a decade and into a new decade have been intense!! Understatement!

If you are having an easy time in this transition, thank your lucky stars.

My feelings of inadequacy, of lack of value and all of the Chiron in Capricorn in my first house issues are in my face today. The last couple of days I was in my happy, joyful heart center. That is a part of who I am. Today I am not there.

The first house, identity wound is also part of me, and I can be a real bully to myself about that. I really don’t need any help from outside to show me that wound! I have got being harsh with myself covered!

The part that showed up…

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