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Love in Heart Space


Oh my gosh!!  The polarity, duality and side-taking are crazy right now!

There seems to be a side to every issue and people are picking one and digging in. In their digging in, they are playing the blame and shame game and making someone wrong so that they can be right.  I think it has gotten ugly, hurtful, and polarized.  People are not listening or trying to understand each other’s point of view and have gotten mean spirited and vindictive.

You hear things like the following:

“I am more enlightened than the ignorant sheeple who can’t seem to see the damn light”,

” Wake-up People!!!”,

“Those people need to wake up, don’t they know we are in a “Plandemic” and we are losing all of our rights?”

“We are headed for a police state and people have their heads in the sand!”

“You ignorant asshole, use your common sense, this…

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Love from/in Heart Space

Love in Heart Space



I started writing this blog in October 2019 and have written 106 posts so far. What I never explained is, this isn’t just me writing. Each post is a message from my guides, which are a set of seven beings, known to me as The Star Counsel of Seven.

Some call this channeling but I like to think of it is that I am connecting with higher aspects of myself in contact with Divine Source. I have been working with many of these beings/aspects of self, for 30 years.

I don’t wake up in the morning with an idea of something I want to write about, in fact, most mornings I think “I don’t have anything to write about on social media today.”  Within a few minutes, I hear “oh yes you do, here it is” and a message pours through me and I write it down.

It is…

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Alcyone Rising: The Path of the Awakened Feminine

A new product for empowering women

Love in Heart Space


I am excited to announce the launch of a project I have been working on since March 2019, which I have completed in the last 3 weeks, building a website and putting the finishing touches on my new
Book and Meditation Deck:
Alcyone Rising: The Path of the Awakened Feminine.
This is the culmination of over 30 years of personal and professional work.
It rose out of my multilayered heroine’s journey. The images are archetypal but not the traditional archetypes of the Feminine or Goddess that we know. These are from deep within me and beyond me. They will activate the feminine energies in you.
The deck has 63 beautiful images of the Feminine, filled with Love and Light activation codes. They were selected from 100+ paintings I have done of the Sacred Feminine over the last 25 years. Some of them are pictured above. The book…

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The Heart of a Phoenix Rising

Unleashing My wild creativity!


Title: The Heart of Phoenix Rising

This image came to me as I was driving home from the naturopath yesterday. It’s a personal image but maybe collectively it is all of our hearts rising to meet this challenge we are facing.

Today is the Spring Equinox and also the 4 year anniversary of the first heart attack , which happened after a fire in my dryer, on the Spring Equinox in 2016. Almost a year ago on March 27th I had the last heart attack.

I am celebrating today because I feel I have come full circle with what I have always felt was an initiation of my heart. There were so many layers to this epic Heart/soul journey including what happened between me and Keith and the recent passing of my mother. It is ironic that a few days ago the fire department was at my house again for…

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Protection from the Corona Virus!

We have what we need within us to navigate the global health crisis happening in the world right now.

I know from the personal experience of surviving 5 heart attacks and open heart surgery that if we tap into our inner physician/inner healer/innate intelligence we will know what to do for ourselves to stay healthy and keep our immune systems strong. I believe I wouldn’t have survived had I not listened to my inner physician. It inspired me to try alternative methods for healing my heart.

According to Dr. Albert Schweitzer, “Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. “ he encouraged his fellow doctors to work with that intelligence because he believed it was a powerful healer.

I am urging each of you to do the same. First you have to believe you have innate healing intelligence. Next you need to start working with it. I Work with mine through conversations in my journal.

I published “Empowered Health and Wellness, awakening your inner physician “ in 2014 after 9 years of writing my personal healing experiences and researching healing techniques. It won an award a few years ago for best book on alternative health.

It’s the book I return to when I need health and wellness guidance.

Hindy Hedgehog’ Magical Garden is the companion book for children that teaches them about the inner healer.

From my book: “If the patient is only seen as “ill” he is cut off from his inner capacity to heal and he gives his power away to the doctor. Those who are aware that they have the innate power of the Inner Physician are empowered to work on their own behalf to find the best solutions, whether it is allopathic medicine, alternative means of healing or a combination of things.”

I urge all of my friends to start working with their inner physician. As you learn to work with it you will find you get concise information just for you. Like your own prescription for health.

And PLEASE don’t give your power over to fear. That will challenge your immune system and set you up.

Fear is a consciousness and it has increased exponentially. Do your best to choose health consciousness. Our choice can help or hinder health in others.

We can navigate this crisis together.

Books referenced here available from Mystick Creek Publishing

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