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A New Model for Business


Women don’t need to be BAD @SS to be successful in life, whether in relationships, love or business.

We are running the Divine Feminine Energy, which is magnetic for success.

This is my True nature…

This is one of the biggest reasons I chose the new business I chose.

This company is BIRTHING a new model for business that is EXPANSIVE like the feminine, yet it is grounded like the masculine.

Like the feminine it is EVER CHANGING with the times, yet stable like the masculine.

Like the feminine, the corporate team is OPEN, RECEPTIVE and LISTENING to the field, yet focused and following a plan like the masculine.

Like the feminine, product development is CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE, yet strategic like the masculine.

Like the feminine the comp plan is GENEROUS, and because the corporate team is a balance of masculine and feminine it feels like home to women and men alike.

This is the direction companies that are current need to move. The balance of masculine and feminine will change the world.

I said yes because I support the balance of masculine and feminine.

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Conscious Network Marketing


Conscious Network Marketing starts by using the most ethical business structure in existence, Network Marketing. Unlike corporate America, where the person at the top makes all of the money and those below work 40, 50, sometimes 60 or more hours just to make a living that supports their family, network marketing compensates not only you but everyone on your team very well for what you do.  There may be people above you but you can earn as much as they do.

The other difference Corporate America and Network Marketing is  team members are collaborating instead of competing so you end up with a business structure that fosters community, camaraderie, teamwork, and a sense of abundance; growing your business benefits everyone else’s business, and you will be successful only to the degree that you help others.

I believe that the business model of Corporate America will decline in the coming years and Network Marketing will be come the model for commerce and we will be buying from each other because it is a business model that is cooperative and allows anyone who wants it, financial freedom.

First of all, you are a wellness entrepreneur who wants to create both financial freedom so you can expand your purpose and you want the sparkling, vibrant health to enjoy that freedom.  Secondly it is a unique opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

So what is Conscious Network Marketing?

  • First of all it is a vehicle for personal growth and raising your consciousness with a compensation plan attached.  You get paid while you evolve your consciousness at the same time. You can’t help but learn more about yourself and shift your consciousness then when you have your own business.
  • You receive compensation for sharing information about products and services you believe in with people who have a true need for, or interest in, your product or service. Many will be clients that you already work with.
  • You understand Attaction Marketing and how to offer people what they want and need rather than when you want and need.
  • You create  a profitable business anchored entirely in the intention to make someone else’s life better
  • You use the Law of Attraction as a way to build the perfect business for you.  One that fulfills your needs and allows you to expand your purpose.
  • You can incorporate your network marketing product or service into your existing wellness business and increase your profits.
  • You are building meaningful, fruitful rapport and relationships
  • Instead of selling something you are creating giving a service to people that will change their lives
  • You participate in the only business model in which someone else has a financial stake in your success, thus creating an environment in which you’re truly supported to reach your highest potential
  • You are building a long-term source of leveraged, residual income that will further support your mission of service
  • It creates a way to leave a legacy of health and wealth for future generations
  • You benefit from the work of the people you train without them making less as a result
  • You will be a part of the only business model that levels the playing field so your income potential doesn’t hinge on age, gender, education, race, past experience, etc. Whoever you are, the sky’s the limit.

If you are a wellness entrepreneur and what I have written resonates with you please contact Katelyn at  I am looking for like minded people to add to my team.  I have been using my current Network Marketing vehicle for 8 years to create a successful team of over 60,000 customers and distributors.  I can tell you more about it when we connect.

The author, Katelyn Mariah is a visionary artist, author, conscious entrepreneur, and alchemist.  Learn more at

Find her books at www,

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Some Times we are just Sitting on our Eggs!


Several months ago someone I respected said to me “Which butt cheek are you building your business with?”  When I heard the question I wasn’t sure what she was saying, but as it sunk in I felt the insult.  She was implying that if I wasn’t sitting on my ass doing nothing I would be in a different place in my business.  The truth is I wasn’t sitting around doing nothing.  I was angry about that comment for a long time because it was based on an assumption.  I was told that she said that kind of thing as a way of motivating people.

I am not motivated by negative comments!

If you are creating a business from the masculine model there is always a flurry of activity around setting goals, and taking action.  In the masculine business model it takes 100 no’s to get to a yes.  That concept always disturbed me.  Why not just set the focus on the yes and not waste all of that time getting ‘nos’?  I don’t believe you have to be turned down 100 times to find one person who says yes.  I believe in the law of attraction and what you focus on you create.  I sure don’t want to focus on getting no’s because that is definitely what I will get!

So the feminine plants seeds and lays eggs and allows those creative sparks to go through the process of growing and blossoming.   Have you ever seen a hen sitting on her nest?  It looks like she is doing nothing doesn’t it?  Well, if she wasn’t sitting on those eggs keeping them warm they would not hatch.  They would lay in the nest and die.  It is the same with business.  During the action phase we are planting seeds.  Once the seeds are planted they need to be incubated and nourished.  The work of incubation is as important as the work of action.

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