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A New Model for Business


Women don’t need to be BAD @SS to be successful in life, whether in relationships, love or business.

We are running the Divine Feminine Energy, which is magnetic for success.

This is my True nature…

This is one of the biggest reasons I chose the new business I chose.

This company is BIRTHING a new model for business that is EXPANSIVE like the feminine, yet it is grounded like the masculine.

Like the feminine it is EVER CHANGING with the times, yet stable like the masculine.

Like the feminine, the corporate team is OPEN, RECEPTIVE and LISTENING to the field, yet focused and following a plan like the masculine.

Like the feminine, product development is CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE, yet strategic like the masculine.

Like the feminine the comp plan is GENEROUS, and because the corporate team is a balance of masculine and feminine it feels like home to women and men alike.

This is the direction companies that are current need to move. The balance of masculine and feminine will change the world.

I said yes because I support the balance of masculine and feminine.



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Wow! I Didn’t Expect this to Be So Powerful!!


It has been nine days since I made my List of Accomplishments for 2014 and declared that they were already mine.  I had no idea how powerful they would be.

My business has been like a beehive of activity these past 9 days, where before there was just a slow trickle. I am booking wrap parties left and right, signing up new customers, filling my current party and wrapping people like crazy!  In order for my accomplishments to be complete, I need this kind of activity so I know that the Universe has stepped in and is working it’s magic!  You can call this force God if you like.  I like the word Universe.

The bigger changes have happened in me and that is why the activity is so high.  Like I wrote in my blog, (see the above link), when you are in business for yourself and especially in network marketing it is easy to lose sight of yourself in the dust of those who are accomplishing and promoting quickly.  I did. I think it comes from the advice we usually get “pay attention to your competition, if they are successful they are doing something right”. The problem with that is that you are focused on them and not on what you want to accomplish.

After writing my list that all changed and has not gone back.  I am in what some call the vortext of creation, I can feel it.  I am right there in the mix with my accomplishments watching them manifest! I both love and am so grateful for this flurry of activity!

As the year goes on I will be writing more about this because I feel that I am on to something big! Something that other people could benefit from.

Ever since I got involved in Network Marketing I have struggled with the Male Model of building a business which is action focused.  I have known in my heart that there was a more feminine way of being successful in this field.  I am calling it the Feminine Way of Business.

The Feminine Way of Business  is about build powerful businesses without muting our feminine impulses or desensitizing our hearts. It’s not about sex or gender identity but about

  1. Following your intuition
  2. Building lasting relationship
  3. Planting seeds and nurturing them to grow naturally
  4. Going with the Flow
  5. Paying attention
  6. Inner Guidance
  7. Receptivity
  8. Tenderness
  9. Compassion
  10. Celebration
  11. Authenticity
  12. Knowing when to take action
  13. Leading with your heart
  14. Working with the Universal Laws
  15. Collaboration and support
  16. Interdependence
  17. Expansive and unlimited vision

Just to name a few.  I will expand on this concept as it is evolving so stay tuned.

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