Katelyn Mariah BFA, Visionary Artist


businesscard4Katelyn Mariah has a BFA in printmaking from the University of Minnesota Fine Arts Department.  She has been doing her visionary work for over 25 years. She was a Psychologist for 27 years, with a degree in Art Therapy and Psychology and she worked with children, families and individuals.  Katelyn has been on a path of transformation for 27 years and has studied shamanism with shamans from Peru, Chile and the United States.  She has also studied metaphysics,and quantum physics and the Law of Attraction.  Her art work is an expression of this transformational work and her connection to Spirit.  Katelyn spent a month in Austria in 2013 studying the mischetechnique, a Renaissance Painting technique with Philip Rubenov-Jacobson.  Philip studied with the world renound Ernst Fuchs, who lives in Vienna, Austria.  She also studied with Prof Phil in Bali in March 2014, Ibiza, Spain in 2015, and Austria in 2016

Katelyn’s blog about art and creativity


Find her work at:

Liaisons with Spirit

Katelyn Mariah Visionary Artist


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