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Dance of Masculine and Feminine


Yesterday I made a post on Facebook  about how I have always felt that Friday the 13 was a lucky day. (So far today it has been 🍀)

A conversation occurred about how 13 was the Day of the Goddess/Divine Feminine and how it was turned into something bad by the patriarchy to disempower women.

“Before Christianity came along, Friday the 13th was “a very powerful day for feminine energy and creativity,” writes Tanaaz Chubb, an LA-based intuitive behind the website Forever Conscious. “Before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth.”

So it awesome to honor the Feminine today. Not only awesome but important!

But here is the truth as I see it.

Every man and woman alive today has been high Jacked by the patriarchy. We all came into the world and dropped into the patriarchal program and learn how to live based on the program. We didn’t choose it!

Men learned how to be men and women learned to be women. We learned from wounded men and women, who came from a long line of wounded people. Women have been struggling for equal rights since the sixties. It hasn’t been easy being a woman and we should be celebrated.

My guess is, it isn’t easy being a man either.

I was in situation several months ago where there were men and women in the same small room and women were putting men down as if they weren’t even there. I was actually the only white person in the room. It got to the point where I couldn’t listen any more and I stood up and said “I see a lot of nice men in this room and the way you are talking about men as if these guys aren’t even here is really upsetting to me.” The room went silent and one by one the women apologized.

We are all trying to find balance between the masculine and feminine energy in a time when there aren’t a lot of role models. Each person who takes a step towards wholeness should be celebrated!!!

I said this on a post, someone else wrote, a couple of days ago when it felt as though people were dissing men, “There are a lot of beautiful men who are in touch with their hearts, an in whose presence you feel expansive.” And I have always believed this. Men need to be cherished not chastised.

We ( men and women) need to cheer each other on for being on the planet at this time. It’s hard for all of us! We are here to bring back balance between the masculine and feminine, not holding the old paradigm in place by believing and responding to the old stereotypes.  The more we respond to each other out of stereotypes we only keep what we don’t want in place.

The Dalai Lama said the world would be saved by the western women. I think it will be saved by men and women coming together in wholeness.

It’s cause to celebrate that many of us are doing the deep work to bring back balance.

I painted this in 2002

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Sample Soul Portrait for Discovering Inner Wisdom

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Here is an introduction to how I do a soul portrait for clients.

Soul Portraits are created through the energetic connection with clients’ inner being.  I quiet my mind and center myself, connect with my Divine Inner Genius and that of the person I am painting for.  Through this connection I gather information, metaphor and symbolism to create an image that is specific to each person.  The image brings to conscious awareness the message that the soul wants the client to have at the time it is created in order to enhance growth.

It is the Spirit that manifests through each creative work that gives it life and imbues it with symbol, color, energy and movement that touches the soul of the viewer.  It is the same Spirit that indigenous peoples have worked with for thousands of years in healing work.  The painting becomes a tool for continued healing, transformation and insight as it speaks to the client’s psyche.

Each painting supports opening the doorways of the pituitary and pineal glands in the body which align us with our soul purpose and help us stay centered in our energetic frequency.

These watercolor images can include sacred geometry, symbols, animal totems, numeric patterns and verbal guidance from spirit.  The information acts as key codes to open gateways to the soul.  The image will facilitate your ability to continue to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and higher guidance.  Each painting includes a written information sheet reflecting on symbols, astrology, numerology and spiritual guidance as it pertains to the image.


This image was created for a woman in Washington State.



The rose is a symbol for perfection, the pleroma, completion, the mystery of life, the heart center of life, the unknown, beauty grace and happiness. As the flower of the feminine deities it is Love, life, creation, fertility, beauty and virginity.  It’s fragrance is the highest frequency on the planet. It symbolizes the mystic center of the heart.  The rose (Latin, rosa, in Greek, rhodon) is a sacred symbol of regeneration, purity, virginity, fertility, sexuality, secrets, and most of all, love. It is a feminine symbol of the two extremes of the universe found in the virgin planet we know as Venus and also Jupiter which is the, “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.” In the earliest of times, women were often referred to as a ” rosebud,” and a bride a “rose.”

In Ancient Egypt the rose was an emblem of immortality, and the rose with the cross was the symbol of the “secrets of immortality.” The rose is the flower of the virgin Goddess of a thousand names who governs both heaven and hell, Isis.  In Ancient Egypt, in the temples, rites, and in festivals of Isis, roses were always a main decoration, and the Egyptians had also exported these roses around the world. The rosette continued to have a royal symbolism down into later times.

In Greek mythology, the rose with five petals became the five-pointed star (pentagram or pentacle) of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite and the red petals of the rose are the blood of Lord Adonis (Jupiter). In the Ancient Greek legend of Harpocrates, the god of silence; Eros presents a rose to the god of silence. This is where the term “sub rosa,” or “under the rose”- meaning “the keeping of a secret” is derived from, and why it is used in many secret societies as their main symbols.

This just scratches the surface on the meaning of rose.  I suggest you do more research to see what resonates with you.


Hummingbird medicine is the vibration of pure joy.  Hummingbird conjures up love like no other medicine does and hummingbird feathers open the heart.  Without and open and loving heart you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life.  The humming bird is a natural symbol of beauty and harmony.  They teach us how to use flowers to heal and win hearts.  It is the symbol of accomplishing that which seems impossible. It’s wings move in a figure 8, the symbol of infinity, linking the past and future and the laws of cause and effect. The hummingbird will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own circumstances.



The Number four repeats in the image.  Four is the number of order, definition, meaningful alignment, discrimination and natural cycles such as the four seasons and the four directions.  It is the number of strong foundations. It is the square which is at the base of the pyramid, the solid foundation that unifies the lines of directional forces. Four asks you to utilize tools of discrimination.  Now is the time to manifest your dreams or vision. You are being brought into alignment, bringing healing into this cycle of your life so that you can become the architect who manifests your dreams.  Channel your creative energy constructively, generating the power to practical manifestation.


(This is always written before studying the individual symbols and you can see the correlation between the two)

Meditating on this image will bring you into the vibration of pure love and joy. There is not an opening of the spiritual heart.  The heart is a delicate rose, love is it’s fragrance and beauty is its color.  Just like the rose bud, one must push itself outward to release the flower, petal by petal. An oping in the heart is like the bud coming into flower.  This is a process of movement and finally a display of great beauty.  Notice that the star wheel is moving clockwise.  This is the direction of the movement,  Be like the rose and know that you move toward love, beauty, joy and harmony.

This image will continue to inform you over time.  As a suggestion you might do further study on the symbols, numbers, meaning of colors and information from the intuitive guidance section.  You can also use the image as a meditation piece to further explore it’s meaning.


“I love my soul portrait, the rose and hummingbirds and the number four were so appropriate for me at this time.  I have been doing a lot of inner digging and feel the rose represents the awakening and compassion I need to bloom.  Recently my partner and I purchased hummingbird feeders four our home and I have been practicing learning my lessons through the experience of joy and bliss rather than pain and hardship.  Four represent the work I have accomplished in creating and nourishing my home and establishing roots.  We have been here for exactly 4 years.  I love my soul portrait, it is a very uplifting, breakthrough experience I will cherish.”

Go here to Get your own soul message created just for you by Katelyn

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