About Katelyn Mariah BFA, MA,LICSW(retired)

I have been an entrepreneur since I was young.  My first business was as a calligrapher and graphic designer.  I created a line of custom designed wedding invitation, adoption announcements and a clothing line.  I started in my home and moved into a small studio on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue in the late 1970’s.   When I got divorce I felt like I had to “get a real job” so I went back to school and got my masters degree in psychology.  I was a psychologist for 26 years until I left that career two years ago for entrepreneurship.

In 1987 I created a therapeutic game teaching children how to express anger.  I borrowed $1500.00 from a friend and published  500 games. My kids and I put them together assembly line style and I marketed them by going to the library and researching school and therapist around the country and mailing them information.  This was before the ease of searching the internet and email.  I sold all of the games and made a profit of $16,000.  I sold the publishing rights to a publisher and have been getting royalties ever since.  It was a best selling for 20 years with the first publisher and I just recently found a new publisher and it just came out this year in an updated version.  Find it here:  Creative Therapy Store


I have always made money doing art, either selling it or doing custom work.

Katelyn Mariah Visionary Artist

Liaisons With Spirit by Katelyn Mariah

About 7 years ago I realized that if I didn’t find a way to make residual income I would have to work for the rest of my life, never retire and never get to do what I feel I am here to do.  I turned to network marketing because I knew it was the one way to make residual income and become financially free.  I tried several companies before I found It Works! Global.

I chose to align with It Works Global because of the integrity at the top of the company, the fact that they are debt free, have been around for 12 years and have a consumable, first-to-market product, The Ultimate Body Applicator.  I believe it is important that products are consumable and that you have something unique to the market.  It is not just another “juice” or nutritional supplements but a complete line of products for detoxification, body slimming, anti-aging and health, the leading industries in the industry.

I am now able to combine my skills as a therapist, my strong interest in health and wellness and my creativity to coach my team to success.  The skills I have learned as a therapist make it easy for me to listen to the needs of my team members, encourage them to soar and motivate them when they are stuck. Success in this business doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it takes a strong team of motivated leaders and I am hear to support each of my team members to find success and financial freedom.

In 2011 I retired my career as a psychologist and made It Works Global my full time career.  I have a team over over 18,000 people around the world and in 2012 I was one of the TOP 100 income earners for It Works, out of 40,000 distributors, making a 6 figure annual income.

Here is an interview with me done by Miss Millenia Magazine where you can learn more about me: http://www.missmillmag.com/2013/07/katelyn_mariah/


5 responses to “About Katelyn Mariah BFA, MA,LICSW(retired)

  1. Laura

    what is the name of the anger game for kids?

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  3. Hello! Our Magazine, Miss Millennia Magazine (missmillmag.com), would love to do an interview with you for a special feature about entrepreneurial women. If you are interested, please respond with email contact information.

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