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The Measure of Success


How do we measure the level of our success?

As an author, artist and entrepreneur it is easy to start measuring my success against the success of others in my field.  Is my success measured by how many books I have sold compared to other people, how many paintings I have sold and for how much?  How far I have climbed on the ladder in my network marketing company.  It is easy to think it is.  It is also easy to get down on yourself if you don’t meet some arbitrary standard.

But is that the true measure of success?

For the author, artist, musician what if success was measured by how you felt in the creation process and how it impacted you to become something different?  Would it matter if you only sold one book, one painting or one song if that piece of art changed someone’s life? Is that success?

For the entrepreneur does it matter how many widgets you sold and how much money you made, is that  the measure of success? Is success based on getting a certain title?  Or is success based on the fact that what you sold was experienced as positive and helpful to those who bought the widget, no matter how much you made in the process.  Success in this instance could be the fact that you transformed yourself in the process of selling those widgets.

What if success was solely measured by the fact that you had the guts to express yourself and let other people see it, or just in the fact that it changed you in some way?  Success never takes into account the circumstances out of which something was created and how much courage it took to make steps forward.  All of the steps should count as success, don’t you think?

Those are not the questions people ask when assessing if something was successful or not.

The meaning of success has gotten away from us, has gotten impersonal and is measured by standards that have nothing to do with success at all.  We lose sight of our accomplishments because they don’t live up to some high, unattainable standard that we and society set for them.

Maybe it is the word Success that is creating the problem.

  1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
    “the president had some success in restoring confidence”
    synonyms: favorable outcome, successfulness, successful result, triumph;

    “the success of the scheme”
    • the attainment of popularity or profit.
      “the success of his play”
      synonyms: prosperity, affluence, wealth, riches, opulence

      “the trappings of success”
    • a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.
      “I must make a success of my business”
      synonyms: triumph, bestseller, blockbuster, sellout;

      informal(smash) hit, megahit,winner

      No pressure there!  As you can see by the very definition “success” comes with a pressure to be, do or become something lofty.

      The successes that I accomplished this year an not exactly the ones I set out to achieve.  Sometimes our lofty plans are derailed and it is for our highest and best that they were, even if we can’t see the reason right away. According to my spiritual blueprint they were the ones I was meant to achieve.

      I have achieved some amazing things this year, some of them came out of the fact that my original plan got derailed early in the year.  I wrote a book and published it and that wouldn’t have happened if I had stuck with my plan. I went to Bali for a month to learn an new painting technique, I am working on a children’s book and achieve a level of success in my network marketing business but what is bigger in the scheme of things is I transformed myself.  I released old programs that were getting in my way of success, I learned completely new ways of looking at myself and my world, I spent quality time with myself, my kids and my grandson,  made many new friends and I got a new cat!  I have expressed myself and become more authentic.

      Did I complete with perfection the list I created at the beginning of the year, no!

      Does it matter? No!

      Was I successful? Yes!

      I am a success because I feel more complete, more serene, more grateful, more compassionate and more loving and accepting of myself.

      I think it is time we create a new definition for success. One that is kinder, gentler and realistic.

      I am curious, how do you define success?

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About the prize:

The It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator is the targeted body applicator that is causing a buzz around the world for it’s tightening, toning and firming action in only 45 minutes.  This is an all natural body applicator made from a botanically based cream infused non-woven fabric applicator that acts like a large transdermal patch.

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Read this before you choose a Home Based Business!!


“Home-based businesses are one of the fastest-growing segments in our economy, and that trend will only continue, as the age of the corporation, which began barely a century ago, now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur.” – Paul Zane Pilzer, Author and Nobel Prize Winning Economist

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking for an MLM/Home Based Business to get involved in. Your SUCCESS depends on your choice and your action!  Learning about a company is called doing your due diligence, which a lot of people fail to do, getting caught up in the hype of someone else.  Due diligence will help you make an informed decision beyond any hype you might be hearing.

Here are some things to consider that are key to your success:

1- You want to find a company that is at least 18 months old though 5 years is even better.  A high percentage of home based business opportunities fail in the first 2 years so stability and longevity are very important.  You don’t want to put your valuable time and energy into building a business only to have it taken away because the company failed.

2-You also will have a stronger chance of success if the company is debt free.  The reason for this is two fold.  First a company that is debt free is going to stick around and not fail because they have too much debt.  Secondly, this means that more money can go into the field for the distributors.  Debt free is the new sexy!

3-Look for a product that is both consumable and first-to-market.  Is this a product that people will want to have.  Is the demand high?  A product that is first-to-market is one that has no competition.  If you choose a product that like other products you spend most of your time defending your product against similar ones.  You also want to look for a company that has more than one product.

4-Look for an opportunity that is ground level.  This doesn’t necessarily mean it is a new company.  For a company to qualify for ground level it must have less than 500,000 distributors.  If a company has less than 100,000 distributors it is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.


5-You want to get in at the right time. There are a lot of great companies out there, with great products, but once they go through the momentum phase the potential for making fabulous money diminishes.  The perfect time is before the company hits momentum or at the beginning of momentum.  Once in momentum the energy is building for that company to become a household word and the retail members and distributors are exploding.   During early momentum a company will reach critical mass where the annual sales are $50 million dollars.  You want to get in  at the ground floor early in momentum so that you can benefit from the explosive growth.  All those people who are joining have to be under someone, wouldn’t it be great if it was you!

It Works! Global ranked number 56 out of the top 100 Direct Sales Companies in the WORLD for 2012! We can’t wait to see how far we’ll go this year! Now that is an #ItWorksBOOM


1-It Works is just beginning it’s 12th year.  Learn about the company’s history here

2-It Works has been debt free for over 3 years so more money goes out to the field.   This past year the company gave 15 million dollars in bonus’ to it’s distributors., through our Get Out Of Debt (G.O.O.D) Bonus.

3-It Works has a first-to-market product called the Ultimate Body Applicator, which has immediate and lasting results. Just hearing that there might be a way to tighten, tone and firm in 45 minutes creates excitement. We have seen proven results with this product for 12 years and 7 years before that in high end European Spas. This is a body wrap that satisfies both instant gratification and has lasting health results at the same time.

It is in high demand because it works and there is a complete line of supportive products, including natural skin care and food based targeted supplements, that enhance the results of the Ultimate Body Applicator.  All products are of the highest quality and all are consumable.

4-This is an amazing ground level opportunity because there are only 40,000 active distributors around the world.

5-It Works is at the beginning of momentum, the best time to join the team!

This is the perfect storm and an opportunity you will only have once in your life!  If you are already in, you are on the fast train to success!  If you are not, JUMP in right now, it is still a great time to be part of this wild ride!  #BOOM

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

As one of the TOP 100 income earners, out of 40,000 distributors, I can mentor you to success all you have to do is JOIN THE PARTY!

It Works Global Boom Black Diamond skinny wrap get out of debt

To do further due diligence or join my team go to Easy Skinny Wrap  or send a message to or call Katelyn at 651-955-3673

Find me on Facebook at Katelyn’s Easy Skinny Wrap

I wish you success in what ever business you choose!


On April 3, 2013 announcement:

“It Works! Global is in Dallas for the Direct Selling News Global 100 celebration to honor the top 100 direct selling companies worldwide! It Works! was just honored with the prestigious “Bravo Momentum Award” for our outstanding growth this past year! This award is for YOU, our It Works! family who worked SO hard to help get us here! — with Pam SowderWally Neeson,Mike Potillo and Mark Pentecost.”


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Visualize a Brand New Personal Prosperity Plan

Imagine yourself sitting on a park bench and a billionaire entrepreneur came and sat down beside you… They say to you that they understand you are interested in starting your own business. They offer to help you by saying that they will let you use their name, their reputation, their branding, their one-of-a kind top of the line products, their sales support, and their customer support. There won’t be any need to invest in brick and mortar because they will give you a virtual storefront in the form of a website and they will maintain them for you. There also will not be a need for a huge investment of carrying inventory as they will provide you with warehousing and distribution. They will also provide you with on-going training and a comp plan where the “sky is the limit” for earnings…….Now open your eyes, literally and figuratively…are you kidding me? The only piece missing is YOU! This is exactly what It Works Global’s opportunity has to offer to each and every one of us. I challenge you to find a better offer anywhere on the planet! Do not over think this, there is only one time to be first and this is it……so I ask you the question, why not YOU and why not NOW? Are you ready to change your life?

I have been reading the latest addition of Networking Times that just came in the mail and there is a great interview with Randy Cage. He believes that we are in the perfect storm for Network Marketing to enter a golden era. I have believed for a long time that big box malls would be a thing of the past and we would be buying from each other at some point. Randy agrees. He said that with millions of people losing jobs and not being able to find new ones ” There will be a point in the next few years when the entire profession of network marketing is going to go into an exponential growth curve, with several million people a month joining network marketing and direct sales companies.” I don’t know about you but I would rather buy from my friends than shop at Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart and make some CEO rich.

Network Marketing is the perfect solution for individuals who want to create a new stream of income but it is also the answer for small business owners too. Integrate it into your business,whether you are a salon owner, gym owner, massage therapist, nutrition consultant, chiropractor, it doesn’t matter. Find a product you like being sold through network marketing and add it to your services. It is like saving for retirement only easier and more money.
It Works! has a first-to-market product, The Ultimate Body Applicator, you don’t have to convince people that ours is better than others on the market because there is no other on the market.   It is a product that combines ancient herbal wisdom, with sound scientific principles, with instant gratification.  This is an easy add-on for salons, massage therapists, gym owners, personal trainers and chiropractors.  Not only does it add to your retail revenue but you will be building residual income at the same time.
So you just had a conversation with a billionaire and they re-activated your dreams, filled you with drive and desire to create residual income. You realize that the status quo is not the only way.  In fact you realize that it isn’t the best way.  You are now ready to join a company and a team that is already doing that in their lives.   I am here to support you to get started and move forward to visualize a brand new personal prosperity plan.  Let’s do this together.  Contact me today!

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I have been with It Works! Global for almost 4 and 1/2 years and have watched it grow and evolve in amazing ways.  The  theme for 2012 has been ONE TEAM ONE MISSION and it has brought the company and the teams together in new ways.


ONE TEAM ONE MISSION means a commitment to support It Works! Global from the prospective that we are one team on the same mission with the goal of sharing amazing products for health and wellness and creating a new paradigm of wealth across the globe.

ONE TEAM ONE MISSION is a team made up of individuals that have integrity, honesty, team spirit, compassion and passion. Individuals who will go out of their way to support a team mate no matter where they fall in the down line of the company. It is made up of individuals that are grateful to be part of a life changing opportunity. We know we have the best products on the planet and therefore we don’t have to compare them to what other companies have, we just know and our knowing speaks for itself!

TEAM: We work together toward each others success. We don’t worry about what is in it for us because we know that when we support others to be successful we are in turn successful. We come from a place of abundance and know that there is enough for everyone. We understand that this opportunity is a once in a life time opportunity. We step up to the plate to help each other and don’t sit back and think others will build our team for us. Team effort means working together.

ONE TEAM ONE MISSION is made up of the corporate team, the leaders and the downline. Without each of these components there would be no team or mission. The energy flow from the top of the company, through the leaders into the downline and felt as one. People around us can feel this energy and are drawn to it.

UPLINE: These people have been in the business longer than you and have great wisdom through experience. Some have been with It Works for 4, 5, 7 years, when know one had heard about us. They are pioneers and they believed when it might have been hard to believe. They made a commitment to the company because they experienced the amazing results from the products and wanted to share them with others. They were in the trenches paving the way so it is easy for you to share the It Works products. They are leaders, that have tenacity, vision and experience and should be respected, no matter what their title is. They should be edified when you are talking to other people. We don’t call them out in public, be it a conference call, on Facebook or at a meeting, if we think they are wrong we go to them privately. If they offer to support you and your team in a special way, be grateful. If they invite you to be at and event with them, jump for joy because they see potential in you and want to foster that. If they come to you from out of town, treat them like a guest, pamper them, pick them up from the airport, treat them to dinner, give them flowers. They do not expect this, it is you showing them that you are honored to have them help you build your team. Go to them when you need support or have difficulties with your team. The downline is not the place to share how stressed out you are or who you have issues with. You want to keep your downline strong and stress free and teach by example how to be a leader.


These are people who have caught the vision and want to be successful, healthy and experience freedom. They are dreamers, and their dreams are precious. As their upline we want to be incubators for their dreams, and we hold those dreams for them at times when they lose sight of them. We were once in the same place and know how it feels to be in their shoes and we show compassion. They are the leaders of the future in this company. We as upline are grateful to have them playing with us and we lead them by our example, teach them easy steps that will take them to success. If they go astray, we steer them back in the right direction. We are coaches, we are compassionate during struggles, we encourage when they feel discouraged and are cheerleaders during successes. We help them hold themselves accountable because we know that the business is theirs not ours. We respect each other as team mates. We also know when to let them go, whether it is to step up to the plate and lead or walk away from the opportunity entirely.

We are ONE TEAM WITH ONE MISSION AND WE COMPLETE THIS MISSION THE IT WORKS WAY! We have friendship, fun and freedom as we support each other and the company to experience extreme success.

I love the theme for 2013, MISSION POSSIBLE, rethink the impossible and I am excited to find out what it is!! for on going details.

How wouldn’t want to be part of a company that is this visionary?

Learn more about the company at

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