Visualize a Brand New Personal Prosperity Plan

Imagine yourself sitting on a park bench and a billionaire entrepreneur came and sat down beside you… They say to you that they understand you are interested in starting your own business. They offer to help you by saying that they will let you use their name, their reputation, their branding, their one-of-a kind top of the line products, their sales support, and their customer support. There won’t be any need to invest in brick and mortar because they will give you a virtual storefront in the form of a website and they will maintain them for you. There also will not be a need for a huge investment of carrying inventory as they will provide you with warehousing and distribution. They will also provide you with on-going training and a comp plan where the “sky is the limit” for earnings…….Now open your eyes, literally and figuratively…are you kidding me? The only piece missing is YOU! This is exactly what It Works Global’s opportunity has to offer to each and every one of us. I challenge you to find a better offer anywhere on the planet! Do not over think this, there is only one time to be first and this is it……so I ask you the question, why not YOU and why not NOW? Are you ready to change your life?

I have been reading the latest addition of Networking Times that just came in the mail and there is a great interview with Randy Cage. He believes that we are in the perfect storm for Network Marketing to enter a golden era. I have believed for a long time that big box malls would be a thing of the past and we would be buying from each other at some point. Randy agrees. He said that with millions of people losing jobs and not being able to find new ones ” There will be a point in the next few years when the entire profession of network marketing is going to go into an exponential growth curve, with several million people a month joining network marketing and direct sales companies.” I don’t know about you but I would rather buy from my friends than shop at Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart and make some CEO rich.

Network Marketing is the perfect solution for individuals who want to create a new stream of income but it is also the answer for small business owners too. Integrate it into your business,whether you are a salon owner, gym owner, massage therapist, nutrition consultant, chiropractor, it doesn’t matter. Find a product you like being sold through network marketing and add it to your services. It is like saving for retirement only easier and more money.
It Works! has a first-to-market product, The Ultimate Body Applicator, you don’t have to convince people that ours is better than others on the market because there is no other on the market.   It is a product that combines ancient herbal wisdom, with sound scientific principles, with instant gratification.  This is an easy add-on for salons, massage therapists, gym owners, personal trainers and chiropractors.  Not only does it add to your retail revenue but you will be building residual income at the same time.
So you just had a conversation with a billionaire and they re-activated your dreams, filled you with drive and desire to create residual income. You realize that the status quo is not the only way.  In fact you realize that it isn’t the best way.  You are now ready to join a company and a team that is already doing that in their lives.   I am here to support you to get started and move forward to visualize a brand new personal prosperity plan.  Let’s do this together.  Contact me today!

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