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Imagine a Healing Spa at home…

in House Spa Services in Puerto Vallarta



First treat yourself to the nurturing frequency and vibration of the Ultimate Body Applicator, which is easy to open and apply and is slathered in healing, refreshing, herbs.  Imagine this wonderful herbal solution going into your body and doing all kinds of magic that you can’t see and when you take it off your skin looks more tightened, toned and firmed.

All of this happens in as little as 45 minutes while sit and relax to soothing music and sip a refreshing glass of lemon water.

To make this experience even more special you at the Ultimate Facial Mask, also slathered in a yummy herbal solution made just for the skin on your face, to make it look younger and more hydrated.  Now you have added a straw to your delicious lemon water so you don’t get your mask wet.

Now imagine this…you also discovered that the Ultimate Facial Mask does even more magic if you do the Exfoliating Peel first.  This peel is made from your favorite fruits that combine with other natural ingredients to remove the dead layer of skin and open your pours.  It only takes 20 minutes and when you remove it and apply the mask your results are even more fabulous.

You also apply Defining Gel to your feet which provides a soothing, relaxing, tingly feeling to tired feet.  You feet will look smoother and younger too.

Now imagine sitting in your favorite chair, a soft pillow under your head, your yummy refreshing lemon water on the table beside you, a fragrant candle flickering and your favorite relaxing music playing in the background.

Melt into this feeling and relax…while your body is beautified and renewed.

Does this sound awesome?  All for about $35  Would you do it?

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Debt Free is the New Sexy


What does that mean, Debt Free is the New Sexy?

It Works Global, home of the Skinny Wrap, is on a mission!!

In 2012 CEO Mark Pentecost, decided he wanted to change the economy for It Works Distributors.  There were and still are millions of people struggling from the poor economy many not having enough money to stretch to the end of the month.

I was one of those people, as a single mom raising 2 children.  I worked 3 jobs and still didn’t have enough money at the end of the month so we often bought groceries and essentials on credit.  By the time I found It Works my debt was about $30,000-$35,000.  When I thought about it I realized I would never make a dent in that amount paying minimum payments each month but that is all I could do.  Can you relate?

According to Yahoo Finance 

“In a classic pay-it-forward move, Pentecost developed the GOOD (Get Out Of Debt) Bonus in 2012, awarding $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000 bonuses to qualifying independent distributors who earned a promotional rank, coining the phrase, “Debt-free is the new sexy.” Independent distributors are encouraged to use these bonuses to pay off credit cards, college loans, mortgages and other debts. Thus far in 2013, more than 1,000 independent distributors qualify for the GOOD Bonus and since its inception, distributors have earned more than $23 million in GOOD bonuses. “

With the roll out of this bonus program It Works has paid out millions of dollars and thousands of people’s lives have changed.  They didn’t have to do that!  But they can because they too are debt free so more of the profits can go to Independent Distributors.

At the Freedom 2014 Conference the weekend of January 18th It Works did it again!  They rolled out the Get Out of Debt bonuses and added two new levels to them!

This is how 10,000 distributors who were present responded.  Watch it to the end it is just 6 minutes long but really fun!!

So the GOOD Bonus is back!! And it is available to all distributors, current and brand new.


Do you see a dollar amount that would help you?

What would it take to get you out of debt?

How much would you need to pay off your credit cards and loans?

How about that vacation you have been wanting to take?  What would that cost?

Do you have medical bills that you would like to pay off?

How about paying off you car or getting a new one?

I am mentoring 6 people this month to support them to get one of these bonuses.  All you have to do is be willing to follow 3 simple Steps to Success, and be willing to work for your dream?

If that is you send me a message at magnetickatelyn@gmail.com or call me at 651-955-3673


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Don’t Shrink Your Dreams. Grow Your Income!

Before I joined It Works I had a lot of dreams that I didn’t think would ever become a reality because my income only was enough to pay my bills.  There was little left over to put aside for dreams.  Since I joined It Works I am checking  them off and dreaming new dreams.

1-Pay off Credit Card Debt

2-Retire from my career as a Psychologist (Did that two years ago)

3-Have time to paint

4-Travel ( I just returned from a month long trip to Austria where I studied a painting technique from the Renaissance.  I have dreamed of doing that for 12 years.  I have dreamed of going to Europe since I was a Child.  Three dreams in one!

5-Get a new car to replace my 12 year old car

6-Have more time to spend with my kids and grandson

7-Work when I want to

These are just a few examples of things I have been able to check off.   Read what It Works CEO says about Dreaming in the article below.


It Works! CEO and Founder, Mark Pentecost

Don’t Shrink Your Dreams. Grow Your Income!

markpentecostsunglasses-300x197When I started my career in network marketing, my dreams weren’t that big– just a flicker, really. My wife Cindy and I had the goal of earning $500 a month to help us get out of debt.  We started working our business one night a week.  We were almost afraid to get our hopes up, but as we started experiencing some success, we increased our commitment-– and our dreams!

Today, a decade after founding It Works!, our goals and dreams are bigger now than we ever could have imagined all those years ago.  Now my dreams are tied directly to helping anyone with the desire and dedication to reach for the success they want.

What do you really want in life? When did someone last take the time to ask you that question?  Well, I’m asking now. You see, I am passionate about helping you realize your full potential.  I know with hard work and dedication, and by following our simple three simple Steps to Success, you can live like others can’t because I bet you are willing to do what others won’t! I believe you are willing because you want more.


  • Time with your family
  • Fun (and less stress)
  • Travel
  • Freedom

What’s keeping you from your dreams?  Is it crushing credit card debt you can’t seem to get out from under? Is it a dead-end job that’s too small for your big dreams? Are you willing to shrink your dreams or are you ready to grow your income? For most, achieving the American Dream by beginning a new business is simply not a reality.  With It Works!, you can have the future you dream of.  Now is the time for you to rewrite your future and your family’s future for generations to come.

It doesn’t matter what your background, education and experience level are: there isn’t any match for the size of your heart.  It Works! doesn’t have a glass ceiling. The sky truly is the limit. I’m making 2013 the year of re-dreaming.  Will you join me?  Let’s find out where the next BIG DREAM will take us!


If you are ready to start dreaming and making some of your long term dreams a reality contact me about this opportunity at magnetickatelyn@gmail.com



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Like our Facebook page to Win a box of Ultimate Body Applicators



Go to https://www.facebook.com/KatelynsEasySkinnyWrap  Between May 1-May 31 to enter our contest to win a Box of Ultimate Body Applicators, a $99 value and help us double our “Likes”

About the prize:

The It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator is the targeted body applicator that is causing a buzz around the world for it’s tightening, toning and firming action in only 45 minutes.  This is an all natural body applicator made from a botanically based cream infused non-woven fabric applicator that acts like a large transdermal patch.

Check out our page to learn more!

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I have been with It Works! Global for almost 4 and 1/2 years and have watched it grow and evolve in amazing ways.  The  theme for 2012 has been ONE TEAM ONE MISSION and it has brought the company and the teams together in new ways.


ONE TEAM ONE MISSION means a commitment to support It Works! Global from the prospective that we are one team on the same mission with the goal of sharing amazing products for health and wellness and creating a new paradigm of wealth across the globe.

ONE TEAM ONE MISSION is a team made up of individuals that have integrity, honesty, team spirit, compassion and passion. Individuals who will go out of their way to support a team mate no matter where they fall in the down line of the company. It is made up of individuals that are grateful to be part of a life changing opportunity. We know we have the best products on the planet and therefore we don’t have to compare them to what other companies have, we just know and our knowing speaks for itself!

TEAM: We work together toward each others success. We don’t worry about what is in it for us because we know that when we support others to be successful we are in turn successful. We come from a place of abundance and know that there is enough for everyone. We understand that this opportunity is a once in a life time opportunity. We step up to the plate to help each other and don’t sit back and think others will build our team for us. Team effort means working together.

ONE TEAM ONE MISSION is made up of the corporate team, the leaders and the downline. Without each of these components there would be no team or mission. The energy flow from the top of the company, through the leaders into the downline and felt as one. People around us can feel this energy and are drawn to it.

UPLINE: These people have been in the business longer than you and have great wisdom through experience. Some have been with It Works for 4, 5, 7 years, when know one had heard about us. They are pioneers and they believed when it might have been hard to believe. They made a commitment to the company because they experienced the amazing results from the products and wanted to share them with others. They were in the trenches paving the way so it is easy for you to share the It Works products. They are leaders, that have tenacity, vision and experience and should be respected, no matter what their title is. They should be edified when you are talking to other people. We don’t call them out in public, be it a conference call, on Facebook or at a meeting, if we think they are wrong we go to them privately. If they offer to support you and your team in a special way, be grateful. If they invite you to be at and event with them, jump for joy because they see potential in you and want to foster that. If they come to you from out of town, treat them like a guest, pamper them, pick them up from the airport, treat them to dinner, give them flowers. They do not expect this, it is you showing them that you are honored to have them help you build your team. Go to them when you need support or have difficulties with your team. The downline is not the place to share how stressed out you are or who you have issues with. You want to keep your downline strong and stress free and teach by example how to be a leader.


These are people who have caught the vision and want to be successful, healthy and experience freedom. They are dreamers, and their dreams are precious. As their upline we want to be incubators for their dreams, and we hold those dreams for them at times when they lose sight of them. We were once in the same place and know how it feels to be in their shoes and we show compassion. They are the leaders of the future in this company. We as upline are grateful to have them playing with us and we lead them by our example, teach them easy steps that will take them to success. If they go astray, we steer them back in the right direction. We are coaches, we are compassionate during struggles, we encourage when they feel discouraged and are cheerleaders during successes. We help them hold themselves accountable because we know that the business is theirs not ours. We respect each other as team mates. We also know when to let them go, whether it is to step up to the plate and lead or walk away from the opportunity entirely.

We are ONE TEAM WITH ONE MISSION AND WE COMPLETE THIS MISSION THE IT WORKS WAY! We have friendship, fun and freedom as we support each other and the company to experience extreme success.

I love the theme for 2013, MISSION POSSIBLE, rethink the impossible and I am excited to find out what it is!!

http://www.missionpossible2013.com for on going details.

How wouldn’t want to be part of a company that is this visionary?

Learn more about the company at http://www.easyskinnywrap.com

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