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Everything Happens for a Reason!


It is not a coincidence that you have landed on my blog page! Have you by any chance been looking for a way to change your financial situation?

It Works Global is like no other opportunity out there because of the company’s commitment to helping as many people as possible become debt free. This year they have given millions of dollars back into the field just in bonuses!  The commissions along make for an amazing income without the bonuses!

Does this interest you at all? If so I will tell you all about it when you message me! I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your new success! Do it now!


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Imagine a Healing Spa at home…

in House Spa Services in Puerto Vallarta



First treat yourself to the nurturing frequency and vibration of the Ultimate Body Applicator, which is easy to open and apply and is slathered in healing, refreshing, herbs.  Imagine this wonderful herbal solution going into your body and doing all kinds of magic that you can’t see and when you take it off your skin looks more tightened, toned and firmed.

All of this happens in as little as 45 minutes while sit and relax to soothing music and sip a refreshing glass of lemon water.

To make this experience even more special you at the Ultimate Facial Mask, also slathered in a yummy herbal solution made just for the skin on your face, to make it look younger and more hydrated.  Now you have added a straw to your delicious lemon water so you don’t get your mask wet.

Now imagine this…you also discovered that the Ultimate Facial Mask does even more magic if you do the Exfoliating Peel first.  This peel is made from your favorite fruits that combine with other natural ingredients to remove the dead layer of skin and open your pours.  It only takes 20 minutes and when you remove it and apply the mask your results are even more fabulous.

You also apply Defining Gel to your feet which provides a soothing, relaxing, tingly feeling to tired feet.  You feet will look smoother and younger too.

Now imagine sitting in your favorite chair, a soft pillow under your head, your yummy refreshing lemon water on the table beside you, a fragrant candle flickering and your favorite relaxing music playing in the background.

Melt into this feeling and relax…while your body is beautified and renewed.

Does this sound awesome?  All for about $35  Would you do it?

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When do we reach momentum?


I have always heard that if you are thinking about joining a network marketing business you should find a company that is in momentum.  There reason behind this is that during momentum you have the potential to build a big business because the company is still unknown to a lot of people.

I like the illustration above which is from Richard Bliss Brooke’s book The Four Year Career.   Here is how he describes momentum : 

Think of it like pushing a Smart Car up the hill, having it turn into a Cadillac at the top and a Ferrari at the downhill crest.

It is the low return on effort in the beginning that leads most people to give up.  They don’t have the Vision and Belief in the payoffs on the other side.

The visual describes momentum perfectly.  In the beginning you are pushing up hill, you hit a flat spot and the pushing is easier and when you hit the crest, you go sailing down without any effort.  I got into the company I am in before we began momentum.

The company was 7 years old and no one had ever heard of it.  I was one of the first 4 distributors to open up the Minnesota market.  Everyday took a lot of effort as we were received with skepticism and disbelief. The return on our effort was small and we saw many people quit because it wasn’t easy.  We were metaphorically pushing a car uphill and it wasn’t easy.  A few years ago we hit the flat part of the hill.  It still takes effort and hard work but it isn’t as hard because the terrain is not up hill.  More people have heard about our products, even though there are still 8 our of 10 who have not heard about it.  We are seeing much better returns on our efforts.  In theory we will get to that spot at the crest where it will be smooth sailing.  Those days when we will wake up and 1000 people joined the team while we were asleep.  That’s momentum. 

There is also a momentum in your personal team.  At first you are thrilled to enroll one new team mate.  You haven’t built up the energy to attract a lot of people and you have to go out and talk with people all of the time.  As you add new team members your numbers start to double and triple and so does you money.  Now you are on the flat part of the hill.  I remember thinking my magic number was to have 500 people under me.  I had a feeling things would change a lot at that point and they did.  I went from 439 in February of one year to 1449 the following February.  From there it has been like a snowball rolling down hill as my team has grown to 30,000 and the company is just beginning momentum. 

Like Richard Brooke says, most people don’t have Vision or Faith to know that they are in the right place at the right time.  Those same people will see people succeeding and say, oh they got in at the right time, they were lucky.  It isn’t about luck.  It is about being able to see a trend setter, do the hard work, on low returns because they know what they have their hands on.

I knew intuitively that I wanted to be part of It Works! the moment I heard a few sentences about the product.  I had a feeling that it was going to be big and I was right.  It was really hard to open up a new territory, selling a product that has results that are hard to believe.  It is hard to face skeptics every day and there were many times that I wanted to quit.  I didn’t quit because I have the Vision and I know this company is going to continue to see explosive growth. 

This IS the perfect time to join It Works!  The car has been pushed to the flat spot on the hill and now pushing it is much easier.  We haven’t hit the point at the crest where we sail down the other side effortlessly but we will.  Would you like to be part of something that is once in a lifetime? Would you like to change your financial landscape forever and create a legacy for your family.  If so you will want to take a look at this.


Learn more: http://inchlossdiva.myitworks.com/crazywrap/


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Look How Far We’ve Come!

team boot camp Aug 2014  300 people


Over the weekend my team leaders and I put on a Minnesota It Works Boot Camp.   There were 300 distributors in the energy packed room.  Myself and Darlene were part of the first 4 people in Minnesota to represent It Works so she and I put on a little history show.   I had never put all of the events that we have seen happen into a narrative so it informed me in a new way and showed me how far we have come in the six and a half years that we have been in the business.  Our first Boot Camp in Minnesota was done by Pam Sowder and there were about 30 people in attendance.


I joined It Works on May 1, 2008.  My dear friend called me from a party that she was attending and said ” Are you sitting down?  I am at a party and they are putting on an herbal patch and people are losing inches in 45 minutes”.  We could talk about inch loss in those days.  I had such a strong intuitive hit about this product and company that I responded ” sign me up!”  She had to go sign herself up so  that she could sign me up.  This It Works Body Wrap sounds like a vanity product but it does so much more on the level of healing and energy and that is why I wanted to be part of it.  If it was just about vanity I would not be interested and would not have signed up to stand behind it.

We had been in the company about a month and my friend and I decided that we wanted to find out about the corporate team and their vision.  Neither of us wanted to go all in until we knew they were in alignment with our vision of health and integrity.  Eight of us jumped in an RV and drove to the head quarters which was in Grand Rapids, MI. At the time the company was very small and only 7 years old. It was owned by Mark Pentecost and Pam Sowder.  Mark was the CEO and Pam was building It Works one person at a time.

We were greeted by Mark, Pam and Dave and Debbie Sasek and treated like we were the royalty arriving from Minnesota.  Like I said It Works was just a small company and we were a big deal!  We spent several days there having lunches and dinners with corporate staff, having a tour of the tiny corporate head quarters, having a private all day training and being part of the first webinar It Works ever did.


  • The shipping department was a wall in one of the rooms with a long table and a few boxes of product and two people working it.
  • Customer Service was one person.  Her name was Sharon and she knew each of us by name
  • We could call Doug, our CFO, directly when ever we had an issue about comp plan or commissions and he would fix it right away.  He knew all of us by name too.
  • We had what I thought was a cheesy website, that I didn’t want to send anyone to.  At one point our CEO walked out of the side of the website and started talking.  Later when he lost some weight using the products he walked out of his heavier self, thinner and did a presentation.  That was upgraded technology.
  • We didn’t have a personal back office just a list of people we had signed up in kind of a tree structure.
  • We had very few marketing materials and no branding.
  • There was no easy way to duplicate the business
  • We were just learning as we went a long.

The purpose of this was so that It Works could pay off all of the debt that had accumulated while they were building.   It paid off because in 2009 we became debt free and are to this day.  That is very important in business.  Businesses come and go because they fail to build on a healthy financial structure. Businesses that are debt free will be around for a long time.

I have been to 7 Annual Conferences with It Works so I haven’t missed any.  The first one I attended was in a small hotel conference room and there were around 190 people in attendance.  By the second year it had grown to around 450 and I was one of the presenters on a panel.


I remember being scared to death to speak!  This weekend that wasn’t an issue because I have personally grown through the experience.  Network Marketing is the best vehicle for personal development on the planet, I can attest to that!







Here are some images from my early days with the company

101_2741This was before the webinar just hanging around the pool getting to know each other. In the photo we are holding Dr. Don Verhulst, our Chief Medical Officer.  Pam Sowder is in the middle front with Dr. Don in her arms, Pam and Cindy Pentecost are in the back row, middle, Kami Dempsey, currently our top income earner is in black and white in the front and Dave and Debbie Sasek our Ambassador upline on he right side at the end.  I am holding up Dr. Don’s legs from the back row.  As you can see this is a company that loves to have fun!


Mn Diamonds




Another photo from our trip to Grand Rapids after we arrived and had dinner with Mark Pentecost and Pam Sowder.

Most people in Network Marketing don’t get an opportunity to see the early beginnings of a company and build relationships with the corporate team so I feel very fortunate.







  • Head quarters has had to move twice because of the growth.  In 2011 It Works Global moved to Bradenton, Florida and almost 100% of the team moved with them, which is unheard of!   In 2014 we moved into our new, state of the art, waterfront headquarters because in 3 years they out grew the building  they had been in.  There are slides from each floor a roof top mini golf course and bistro’s on every level.


201405-iw-headquarters-front1 304xx1000-667-0-0

  • We have an easy to duplicate Steps to Success that anyone can follow and build a successful business
  • We have beautiful branding that is very recognizable, comprehensive marketing tools, branded wearing apparel and a beautiful website, .
  • We are in line this year to be a billion dollar brand
  • We have been featured in the Oscars and Emmy’s swag bags, Direct Selling News, Inc. 500, Success From Home Magazine, because of the rapid growth and expansion we are experiencing
  • We have a first-to-market product that can’t be copied, with both health benefits and instant gratification that is selling like hot cakes
  • Our compensation plan is unique and has a great pay out.
  • We are opened in the US and 17 other countries around the world.














All of this and we are just entering momentum, only 2 in 10 people have ever heard of us, and only 70,000 distributors around the world.  We are considered a ground level company and there is still room for anyone to build a successful legacy for themselves and their families!

I am only touching on some of the highlights to show how far we have come.  There is so much more that contributed to the explosive growth of It Works!  This is just to impress upon the reader how far we have come in a few short years.




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Dialogue on using the Law of Attraction to build a successful Network Marketing Business


Follow this link to listen in on a conversation between myself and my dear friend Che’ Lisa Corey as we discuss how we have been able to build successful Network Marketing businesses using the Law of Attraction.  We have both chosen a more feminine way of doing our business and it is working!


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