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Conscious Network Marketing


Conscious Network Marketing starts by using the most ethical business structure in existence, Network Marketing. Unlike corporate America, where the person at the top makes all of the money and those below work 40, 50, sometimes 60 or more hours just to make a living that supports their family, network marketing compensates not only you but everyone on your team very well for what you do.  There may be people above you but you can earn as much as they do.

The other difference Corporate America and Network Marketing is  team members are collaborating instead of competing so you end up with a business structure that fosters community, camaraderie, teamwork, and a sense of abundance; growing your business benefits everyone else’s business, and you will be successful only to the degree that you help others.

I believe that the business model of Corporate America will decline in the coming years and Network Marketing will be come the model for commerce and we will be buying from each other because it is a business model that is cooperative and allows anyone who wants it, financial freedom.

First of all, you are a wellness entrepreneur who wants to create both financial freedom so you can expand your purpose and you want the sparkling, vibrant health to enjoy that freedom.  Secondly it is a unique opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

So what is Conscious Network Marketing?

  • First of all it is a vehicle for personal growth and raising your consciousness with a compensation plan attached.  You get paid while you evolve your consciousness at the same time. You can’t help but learn more about yourself and shift your consciousness then when you have your own business.
  • You receive compensation for sharing information about products and services you believe in with people who have a true need for, or interest in, your product or service. Many will be clients that you already work with.
  • You understand Attaction Marketing and how to offer people what they want and need rather than when you want and need.
  • You create  a profitable business anchored entirely in the intention to make someone else’s life better
  • You use the Law of Attraction as a way to build the perfect business for you.  One that fulfills your needs and allows you to expand your purpose.
  • You can incorporate your network marketing product or service into your existing wellness business and increase your profits.
  • You are building meaningful, fruitful rapport and relationships
  • Instead of selling something you are creating giving a service to people that will change their lives
  • You participate in the only business model in which someone else has a financial stake in your success, thus creating an environment in which you’re truly supported to reach your highest potential
  • You are building a long-term source of leveraged, residual income that will further support your mission of service
  • It creates a way to leave a legacy of health and wealth for future generations
  • You benefit from the work of the people you train without them making less as a result
  • You will be a part of the only business model that levels the playing field so your income potential doesn’t hinge on age, gender, education, race, past experience, etc. Whoever you are, the sky’s the limit.

If you are a wellness entrepreneur and what I have written resonates with you please contact Katelyn at magnetickatelyn@gmail.com.  I am looking for like minded people to add to my team.  I have been using my current Network Marketing vehicle for 8 years to create a successful team of over 60,000 customers and distributors.  I can tell you more about it when we connect.

The author, Katelyn Mariah is a visionary artist, author, conscious entrepreneur, and alchemist.  Learn more at www.embracingeudaimonia.com

Find her books at www,mystickcreekpublishing.com

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Everything Happens for a Reason!


It is not a coincidence that you have landed on my blog page! Have you by any chance been looking for a way to change your financial situation?

It Works Global is like no other opportunity out there because of the company’s commitment to helping as many people as possible become debt free. This year they have given millions of dollars back into the field just in bonuses!  The commissions along make for an amazing income without the bonuses!

Does this interest you at all? If so I will tell you all about it when you message me! I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your new success! Do it now!


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It’s a Pyramid Scheme, right?

Many people are discounting Network Marketing because of the old belief that it is just a pyramid scheme.   I believe they are passing up on an opportunity that could change their financial life forever, because we are programmed to believe that it is illegal.  What I mean by programmed is that we are taught to believe;

1: The only way to make a living is to go to school, get a degree and get a good job


2: Corporate America is the only legitimate way to do business.

Guess what?  Corporate America is perpetuating these false beliefs because they don’t want to lose their work force.  They also don’t want to see the average Joe succeed and become financially free.  If we were all buying from each other there would be no need for Walmart, KMart, Target and other corporate buying places.  Corporate America has a lot to lose if we dumped the idea that network marketing is an illegal pyramid scheme.  Period!

The truth is, the top of any network marketing compensation plan is open to everyone, unlike traditional corporate systems that only allow one person to reach the top.   This is so true in network marketing that people can actually bypass the person who enrolled them and go to the top.  That doesn’t happen in Corporate America, ever.  The CEO has to die or retire.  Guess what else?  The CEO is at the top and everyone else is lined up in rows according to seniority under him/her.  Sound familiar?






17 Reasons Why Network Marketing Makes the Best Business for anyone

  • You can elevate your financial life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • You receive all the benefits of traditional business ownership without the typical risks.  Many Networking businesses have low entry fees and low monthly auto-ship.  The company I am in cost $99 to join and about $120 a month whether you make a small income or are at the top of the income scale.
  • You don’t have to work 30 years so you can retire with benefits. You can condense a 30 year career into 3-5 years and make more than possible working a 9-5 job
  • You have incredible tax benefits that create tax savings.
  • It is the best personal development program there is.  You learn more about your self than in any other situation.
  • It doesn’t take education, you can learn as you go.  Networking is an experiential business in a lot of ways.  You learn by doing.
  • You can find a business with products you love and be passionate about what you do because there are so many choices in the industry.
  • You have a flexible schedule and more freedom to do the things we never seem to have enough time to do.
  • You can pay off your debt, student loans, medical bills, maybe even your mortgage and stop worrying about money.
  • You work when you feel like working but you also play when you feel like playing.  I don’t have to ask my boss if I can take a vacation and have the risk of them saying no.
  • You get to spend a lot more time with the people who are important to you because you set your own hours.
  • You will touch many lives in ways you can’t imagine.  There are so many people struggling in this world today and you can help them create financial freedom and encourage them to live the life of their dreams.
  • You get compensated for sharing, unlike if you share what you bought from Target and all your friends go an purchase.  You get nothing.
  • Our companies motto is Friendship, Fun and Freedom.  I meet the most amazing people and have built new friendships that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t joined this company.  You’ll never find a more passionate group of entrepreneurs in any other profession.
  • You get paid for work you do one time. You get paid for the work your team does.  That is the power of residual monthly income.
  • You can really live the life of your dreams if you are willing to dedicate time to building your business and sharing the opportunity with others.
  • You can become financially free and create a legacy for your family.

When I read that list it sounds a whole lot more fun than working 9-5 to build someone else’s dream and following their rules about what you can make, when you can take time off and when you can take lunch.  How does it sound to you?

If you are not in a networking marketing business, I suggest you find one you can align with and join!  This is the ONLY way you will find financial freedom in our current economy.  Listen to what Economist Harry Dent has to say about the power of Network Marketing and why he thinks everyone should be involved in it.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section of this post.

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Why is Network Marketing the best Opportunity for Women?


What’s the best business for women? Network Marketing, also known as Direct Sales! 

Let me describe my Network Marketing business, It Works! Global, the one that puts me in the top income earners with the company, and see if it’s something that might appeal to you:

1-Flexible schedule

2-No Boss

3-income potential

4-Offer something everyone uses

5-Has a product everyone wants and they can only get from a Distributor

6-No inventories to maintain

7-No deliveries to make

8-Take vacation when you want


10-Nothing to ship

11-Wide-open global market

12-Incredible tax benefits

13-Work from home or office

14-Spend more time with your family

15-Puts women first

16-Unlimited income potential

17-No competing for pay raises

18-Low Start-up cost  (as little as $99

19-Low monthly costs ($100)

20-Great Bonus’


22-Make new friends


24-Women are all about relationships, so is Network Marketing!

Want to know more? What woman wouldn’t!

Sure, I make a great living, but the income happens because I’m in a business that enables me to do what I love to do every day, help people improve their health and wealth.

But it wasn’t always this way. Far from it.

I went to college and got a BFA and a Masters degree (big expense there) and worked as a psychologist for 26 years.  I was a single mom and when my kids were young I had to work three jobs to make ends meet.  When I worked only two jobs there was never enough money to stretch to the end of the month.  I racked up a lot of credit card debt, close to $30,000 because of that.  Even when I was getting paid at the top of my pay scale I couldn’t make a dent in that debt.

When I first heard about Network Marketing I was skeptical.  I wasn’t sure if it was some pyramid scheme or not, but the earning potential and time freedom sure were enticing!  I found out later that pyramid schemes are illegal and that Network Marketing is a legitimate business model just like Corporate Jobs are.  A secret Corporate America doesn’t want you to know!

Network Marketing favors the individual and opens the door to unlimited earning potential.  I make so much more money than I did as a psychologist it is unbelievable!  It leaves me wondering why I paid all of that money to “Get a Good Job”.   I have been able to pay all that debt off buy a brand new car and take several dream trips that I didn’t think I would ever take, in the last couple of years.


I have a passion for helping women succeed in business.  If you would like to know more about Network Marketing and the company I am with send me an email at magnetickatelyn@gmail.com

Men, this is also a great opportunity for you!

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I have been with It Works! Global for almost 4 and 1/2 years and have watched it grow and evolve in amazing ways.  The  theme for 2012 has been ONE TEAM ONE MISSION and it has brought the company and the teams together in new ways.


ONE TEAM ONE MISSION means a commitment to support It Works! Global from the prospective that we are one team on the same mission with the goal of sharing amazing products for health and wellness and creating a new paradigm of wealth across the globe.

ONE TEAM ONE MISSION is a team made up of individuals that have integrity, honesty, team spirit, compassion and passion. Individuals who will go out of their way to support a team mate no matter where they fall in the down line of the company. It is made up of individuals that are grateful to be part of a life changing opportunity. We know we have the best products on the planet and therefore we don’t have to compare them to what other companies have, we just know and our knowing speaks for itself!

TEAM: We work together toward each others success. We don’t worry about what is in it for us because we know that when we support others to be successful we are in turn successful. We come from a place of abundance and know that there is enough for everyone. We understand that this opportunity is a once in a life time opportunity. We step up to the plate to help each other and don’t sit back and think others will build our team for us. Team effort means working together.

ONE TEAM ONE MISSION is made up of the corporate team, the leaders and the downline. Without each of these components there would be no team or mission. The energy flow from the top of the company, through the leaders into the downline and felt as one. People around us can feel this energy and are drawn to it.

UPLINE: These people have been in the business longer than you and have great wisdom through experience. Some have been with It Works for 4, 5, 7 years, when know one had heard about us. They are pioneers and they believed when it might have been hard to believe. They made a commitment to the company because they experienced the amazing results from the products and wanted to share them with others. They were in the trenches paving the way so it is easy for you to share the It Works products. They are leaders, that have tenacity, vision and experience and should be respected, no matter what their title is. They should be edified when you are talking to other people. We don’t call them out in public, be it a conference call, on Facebook or at a meeting, if we think they are wrong we go to them privately. If they offer to support you and your team in a special way, be grateful. If they invite you to be at and event with them, jump for joy because they see potential in you and want to foster that. If they come to you from out of town, treat them like a guest, pamper them, pick them up from the airport, treat them to dinner, give them flowers. They do not expect this, it is you showing them that you are honored to have them help you build your team. Go to them when you need support or have difficulties with your team. The downline is not the place to share how stressed out you are or who you have issues with. You want to keep your downline strong and stress free and teach by example how to be a leader.


These are people who have caught the vision and want to be successful, healthy and experience freedom. They are dreamers, and their dreams are precious. As their upline we want to be incubators for their dreams, and we hold those dreams for them at times when they lose sight of them. We were once in the same place and know how it feels to be in their shoes and we show compassion. They are the leaders of the future in this company. We as upline are grateful to have them playing with us and we lead them by our example, teach them easy steps that will take them to success. If they go astray, we steer them back in the right direction. We are coaches, we are compassionate during struggles, we encourage when they feel discouraged and are cheerleaders during successes. We help them hold themselves accountable because we know that the business is theirs not ours. We respect each other as team mates. We also know when to let them go, whether it is to step up to the plate and lead or walk away from the opportunity entirely.

We are ONE TEAM WITH ONE MISSION AND WE COMPLETE THIS MISSION THE IT WORKS WAY! We have friendship, fun and freedom as we support each other and the company to experience extreme success.

I love the theme for 2013, MISSION POSSIBLE, rethink the impossible and I am excited to find out what it is!!

http://www.missionpossible2013.com for on going details.

How wouldn’t want to be part of a company that is this visionary?

Learn more about the company at http://www.easyskinnywrap.com

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