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Dreaming in Reality

Love in Heartspace


Dreams…we spend a lot of time there but often don’t remember what went on while we were there.

I have had a dream practice for many years and have used my dreams as a transformation tool. One practice I use is to seed my dream before I go to sleep.

Two nights ago I had a classically archetypal dream about the union of the masculine and feminine.

I asked this question of my Dream Team: “Take me into a dream with my ideal mate “

I was with a man and I took him to a house which used to be mine. We were looking through the house for my bedroom and went through every room in the house not finding it. Someone finally told me that I didn’t have a room in that house anymore because it had been dismantled.

I turned to the man and said”I will take…

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Kick Ass Energies!

How are you feeling?

Love in Heartspace


I don’t know about anyone else, but my experience of the energy right now that is pulling us to the end of the year, the end of a decade and into a new decade have been intense!! Understatement!

If you are having an easy time in this transition, thank your lucky stars.

My feelings of inadequacy, of lack of value and all of the Chiron in Capricorn in my first house issues are in my face today. The last couple of days I was in my happy, joyful heart center. That is a part of who I am. Today I am not there.

The first house, identity wound is also part of me, and I can be a real bully to myself about that. I really don’t need any help from outside to show me that wound! I have got being harsh with myself covered!

The part that showed up…

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True North, the compass of the heart.

Love in Heartspace

The painting in this post is called True North, the compass of the heart. It is from my Resilient Heart Art Series which is available in my book Resilient Heart Art: using art to heal.

“Many mystics believe that human beings have a built-in guidance system that takes us home to the Source of Being.  We are hardwired for God.  But rather than being embedded in our brain, that magnet for our spiritual journey is in our hearts.”  Joan Borysenko

What Joan is talking about as I see it is True North, which is the Compass of the heart.  I wanted to know more about what True North was so I asked my guides. This is what they said…

Conversation from my journal May 26, 2015

A grateful heart is a magnetic heart.  The heart is the holder of dreams with a compass to lead you…

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I Have a New Blog!

If you enjoy my writing here I think you will love my new blog LOVE IN HEARTSPACE ❤️ where I am exploring authentic love in all forms or relationships.

I would LOVE if you would follow me, comment on posts and share with friends❤️

Love in Heartspace

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Love in Heart Space

Unleashing My wild creativity!


Love in Heart Space…

We all want to be loved and we have all had our share of heart break. I am no exception.

I have had a vision of what relationship would look like, all of my adult life.
I wanted a man who was authentic and knew and loved himself at a deep level. Someone who had done his personal work so he could stay conscious and present in a relationship. My vision was that from there we could meet in heart space and could enhance and transform each other’s lives. You know, the kind of relationship that we think is impossible to create.

I also knew a long time ago that if I was going to be able to create that I would have to become the person I wanted to attract. My desire to have this kind of relationship was so strong that I took the…

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