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Birthing a New You

Love in Heart Space

For months I have been feeling that a big shift in energy ✨ will happen in December 2020, some time between the 14th and the end of the year. It feels to me like new, positive energy will come in, which I think we all will welcome. Some say the Winter Solstice on the 21st ushers in the new age.

This correlates with the shift from the Age of Pisces and patriarchal dominance to the Age of Aquarius, and the beginning of unity consciousness.

I checked out what astronomers were saying because I have always felt a strong correlation between what is happening in the cosmos and what happens on earth.

“Expansive Jupiter’s shift into revolutionary, social Aquarius in December 2020 activated a period of profound awakening within humanity, one that helped us understand why the 2020 decade had started off so wildly and knocked everyone off their feet. Humans…

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Card Reading

The Path of the Awakened Feminine

From the Heart of the Feminine.

People are beginning to receive my new book and meditation deck, Alcyone Rising: The path of the Awakened Feminine. Everyone has commented on how magical, mystical and beautiful the cards are.

I thought it would be fun to do a reading of one of the cards. The beauty of my decks is they say something different to everyone. I can read a card one day and get information and a few days later it tells me something different. That is because there are layers of meaning that are revealed over time.

I asked my guides to read this one for me.

The photo shows the front and back of the card.

“Only you hold the key to the treasure chest that is your heart. You can choose to keep it locked and have a false sense of security or you can open your heart…

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July 8, 2020 · 7:54 am

Down the Rabbit Hole…

Love in Heart Space


Oh my gosh!!  The polarity, duality and side-taking are crazy right now!

There seems to be a side to every issue and people are picking one and digging in. In their digging in, they are playing the blame and shame game and making someone wrong so that they can be right.  I think it has gotten ugly, hurtful, and polarized.  People are not listening or trying to understand each other’s point of view and have gotten mean spirited and vindictive.

You hear things like the following:

“I am more enlightened than the ignorant sheeple who can’t seem to see the damn light”,

” Wake-up People!!!”,

“Those people need to wake up, don’t they know we are in a “Plandemic” and we are losing all of our rights?”

“We are headed for a police state and people have their heads in the sand!”

“You ignorant asshole, use your common sense, this…

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Love from/in Heart Space

Love in Heart Space



I started writing this blog in October 2019 and have written 106 posts so far. What I never explained is, this isn’t just me writing. Each post is a message from my guides, which are a set of seven beings, known to me as The Star Counsel of Seven.

Some call this channeling but I like to think of it is that I am connecting with higher aspects of myself in contact with Divine Source. I have been working with many of these beings/aspects of self, for 30 years.

I don’t wake up in the morning with an idea of something I want to write about, in fact, most mornings I think “I don’t have anything to write about on social media today.”  Within a few minutes, I hear “oh yes you do, here it is” and a message pours through me and I write it down.

It is…

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Alcyone Rising: The Path of the Awakened Feminine

A new product for empowering women

Love in Heart Space


I am excited to announce the launch of a project I have been working on since March 2019, which I have completed in the last 3 weeks, building a website and putting the finishing touches on my new
Book and Meditation Deck:
Alcyone Rising: The Path of the Awakened Feminine.
This is the culmination of over 30 years of personal and professional work.
It rose out of my multilayered heroine’s journey. The images are archetypal but not the traditional archetypes of the Feminine or Goddess that we know. These are from deep within me and beyond me. They will activate the feminine energies in you.
The deck has 63 beautiful images of the Feminine, filled with Love and Light activation codes. They were selected from 100+ paintings I have done of the Sacred Feminine over the last 25 years. Some of them are pictured above. The book…

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