Who is Hindy Hedgehog, anyway?

I feel like it is really important to introduce everyone to Hindy Hedgehog because right now it is a little known, yet important character who is new on the scene. Hindy is a 4 1/2 year old hedgehog…

his book is on sale at http://www.mystickcreekpublishing.com

Source: Who is Hindy Hedgehog, anyway?


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Not being me

Unleashing My wild creativity!


I never felt like I belonged.

I spent many years trying not to be who I am so I would fit in.  It wasn’t that I was being fake, I hid myself by being quiet and observing, looking for safe places where I could open up.  I kept my real self hidden, afraid to let people in because I was different. I think differently, I am ultra-creative, my mind is very open to new, unusual and “out there things”, I rebel against authority, can’t stand the status quo, I hate when people say things about me that aren’t tru, I get bored easily, I know things I shouldn’t know, I can see 360 degrees around a problem and come up with a unique and perfect solution and so much more.  What would people think if they knew that?  It took a long time for me to let people get a…

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