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Does Visualizing Really Work?

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Visualization is a key component to the Law of Attraction.  You have all heard of creating vision boards and visualizing intentions, but does it really work?

I have been reading Mike Dooley’s book “Infinite Possibilities” the art of living your dreams and I am finding it to be one of the best books I have read on the Law of Attraction.  Why?  Dooley tackles the subject from a practical place.  A lot of books and even the video “The Secret” show you all the magical ways of manifesting but they leave out what it takes to really make it work.  Dooley breaks it down into pieces that anyone can understand.

Here is what he says about visualizing:

“If you can begin to grasp that your world does indeed revolve around the thoughts you choose, then it becomes a no-brainer to realize that at least sometimes, preferably daily, it would be helpful to deliberately “think” the kind of thoughts you’s like to experience.  I recommend starting with visualization, as anyone can set aside five minutes a day to start visualizing and it doesn’t cost a thing.”

It is important to begin your visualization at the end result.  Use all of your senses to experience what it would be like after your dream has manifested.  Never visualize for more than five minutes because at that point your mind begins to wander.  It is better to have five minutes of intense focus than 15 minutes of poor quality visualization.  It is important to feel the feelings associated with manifesting the dream because that is what fuels the Universe and makes you magnetic.  Once a day is all that is important.

I am doing my 5 minutes of visualizing when I wake up in the morning.  I am on day three.  I imagine things that happen that lead up to my dream coming true as well as the end results and I have to say that I am seeing the things happening just the way I have imagined!  When something happens that is in line with what I have visualized I thank the Universe, feel excitement and imagine more of the same.  I am also keeping a log of the things that happen that are just what I am imaging so I can see just how well I am doing.

If you haven’t read Infinite Possibilities, I encourage you to pick it up, and I will let you know how it is going through out the month.

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Is it Possible? Yes it is!

No longer view what is and affirm it, instead, focus on what it is that you do want and imagine it!

One of the things I like most about my new life without a job is the opportunity to experiment.  I can decide to try out something new and dedicate all of my time to it if I want.  That is what I am going to do for the month of August.

I am going to experiment with the concept of ‘thoughts become things’ and ‘creating your own reality’ in a new way.  I am choosing two dreams I want to manifest this month and I am putting new focus on them.  I won’t mention what they are because leaving them in the mystery gives them more power.

There are hundreds of books about “the Law of Attraction”, “Creating Your Own Reality” and such topics.  They are inspiring and thought-provoking and I always find a new-found passion to make them work in my life after reading one of them.  Putting the concepts into reality is not as easy as it sounds in most of the books.  So far I haven’t been able to think about having something one minute and seeing it snap into my reality the next.  I have a few times but they have been the exceptions.  I try the concepts for a while and when they don’t work I end up discouraged.

What gets in the way?  For me and I believe for most of us it is our thoughts!

Mike Dooley says: ” Nothing plays a greater role in how we construct our fortunes and misfortunes than the thoughts we choose to think”.  So what is all this talk about creating affirmations, vision boards and daily mantras and how powerful they can be?  They are tools to help us focus but they are not the whole picture.  We have thousands of thoughts a day, some of them conscious and some of them unconscious and they might be in direct opposition to one another.  We might wish we had abundance and prosperity but another stream of consciousness says it is impossible.

We can choose to believe what we see, or create something new that we want to experience.

Personally I let reality get in my way.  What do I mean by that?  Like I said at the beginning of this blog don’t look at reality and affirm it, unless it is something you really love experiencing. It is easy to affirm reality when it looks, tastes, feels and smells so real and it is not easy to believe in something we can’s see.

An example of how that happens in my business is like this; let’s say I want to reach a certain promotion level by the end of the month.  I am passionate about reaching that goal and part of me is affirming that it will happen while another part of me is saying things like ” how can that possibility happen, I am so far away from it now?”, ” I will have to do the impossible to reach that goal”, “look, there is nothing happening on my team, how can I get to Triple Diamond”, “No one on my team is doing anything”.   What am I creating by affirming my current reality?  More of the same!

Using the example of reaching a promotion let’s look at this from a different angle.  Let’s say my goal for the month is to reach Triple Diamond and I have a long way to go to get there.  What I want to affirm is the end result and ignore what is happening in reality.  For me I need to stop looking at what my team is doing and focus on my intention.  It is important to visualize the end result, what is the desired accomplishment and how will it look, feel, taste and sound like when it is reality.  It is the imagining and visualizing that pulls it into reality.

The secret is not to pay attention to what you are seeing and experiencing and use that is the indicator of progress but to align with the reality that you want to experience and put all of your energy there.

This month is going to be less about doing and more about being.  I am a master at doing and it often gets in the way of my being and aligning with what I want.  I don’t know about you but when I don’t see my dreams becoming reality I think if I do something maybe that will make it happen. The problem with that thinking is that it is usually coming from a place of lack and you can not create a new reality out of lack.  You can only create what you are already experiencing.  Lack.

So for the month of August I have two intentions that I want to accomplish on my list of 10 for the year.  One was to quit my job so I have nine to go.  I am going to create new pathways to reaching these intentions and align with visualizing the end result each day, rather than ending the day looking at how far I have to go to get there.

Here is a video I found by accident this morning that is in alignment with what I am trying to do.

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