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One Magic Word!


It is January 3rd and my business is all a buzz! I have had an amazing amount of interest in my It Works Global business opportunity with 12 people asking for more information in the first two days.  I have two strong prospects that will join who have large networks, one of the things I have been looking for in business partners.  Two people booked parties.  This is not the normal activity for me!!!

What happened?

Here is what happened.  On New Years Eve I sat down to write my list of intentions for 2014.  I do intentions rather than resolutions.  As I was about to write “My List of Intentions for 2014” my inner guidance said “Accomplishments”.  I immediately changed it to “My List of Accomplishments for 2014” and I felt a shift inside of me.  Not a small shift, a BIG energetic shift! It was as though the word “Accomplishments” was a magic word for me, like “Open Sesame”, that magical phrase in the story of  Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves where the phrase opens the mouth of a cave in which forty thieves have hidden a treasure.  I felt like I had found my “Open Sesame”!! and like magic something opened up in me.

I have consciously used the Law of Attraction successfully in my life for many, many years and it has also turned out to be a great tool for self discovery because of what happens when you start working with it. I say I have consciously used the Law of Attraction but we are always using it whether we are aware of it or not.   The simplified version of the Law of Attraction is


What you think about and focus on is what comes into your reality.  Using the Law of Attraction I would sit down each New Years Eve and set my intentions, which were statements about what I wanted to achieve.  It is like planting seeds for the future.  It becomes a great tool for transformation when you start digging up the seeds to see how things are going.  I have three specific ways that I dig up the seeds and it is by asking questions.

The first question is When?

The moment you ask the question when, you have brought doubt into your visualization.  When places a timeline on what you want to create and has the reverse effect.  It lengthens the time it will take to manifest.  It is like pulling the seed out of the grown to see if it has sprouted roots yet and popping it back into the ground when you see that it doesn’t.  This seed now has to re-establish itself and get back into growing.  I am so guilty of asking “When?

The second question “How?” is my nemesis!

In the Law of Attraction ” The how is the domain of the universe” and none of our business!  Being the good business people that we are we want to know HOW!  Now we are grabbing that seed by its baby leaves and yanking it out of the ground!   How gets me in trouble every time.  I start to look around at everyone else who is climbing the ladder of success in my company at rapid speeds and say How is this ever going to happen for me, I don’t know what they are doing to move so fast.  Now my gears are spinning and I am focusing on the wrong thing and guess what?  It is going to take longer for my desire to manifest!  How always throws me back into “When?”  The truth is once the seed is planted just let it grow!

And the KILLER of all questions we can ask is ” What am I Doing Wrong!”

Once you ask the question “What am I Doing Wrong” you have entered the slippery slope.  You might as well just put your foot on the seedling and just squash it, because it isn’t going to grow where you are going!  Now its about comparing what someone else is doing with what you are doing.  Thinking about all the times in the past that you did something and it turned out “wrong”.  When you ask the question what am I doing wrong, your mind makes the picture of what you are doing wrong and now you are visualizing the very thing you don’t want to happen.  That is a business stopper for sure and I am guilty of it!

I have learned a lot about myself asking those three questions about my business and I am a better person for it, but does it help my business grow and succeed?  No!

We are here to follow our own unique path, whether it be in business or in personal life. There is peace in knowing that each one of us is on our own unique journey that is unfolding perfectly. Mine will never be like anyone else’s and we can’t do it wrong! We fall out of peace when we judge and compare our journey with someone else’s. There is no right or wrong way to walk our path. Our journey is perfectly designed to learn specific things in our evolution. If there was a better way for us to evolve, personally and collectively we would be doing it. Embrace the journey and be you.

So back to my magic word and why I think it is so powerful.

Look at the four words we use when making a list of things we desire and tell me which one resonates with you.

  1. Resolutions: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something (always focused on a problem to be solved)
  2. Goal: Something you are trying to do or achieve toward which you direct your effort
  3. Intention: an idea that you plan to carry out, something you mean to do whether you pull it off or not
  4. Accomplishment: from the French word acomplir which means to fulfill, fill up, complete. Something you have completed successfully.

What happened to me when I used the word “accomplishment”  it put me on the other side of what I desired to create as though it was already complete.  It had already happened!  In the Law of Attraction experts always say start at the end and build from there.  From the end you can see the complete picture of what you want to create.  What this word caused in me is a KNOWING that my list was already completed and all I have to do is GET OUT OF THE WAY and watch it unfold!!

I coupled my List of Accomplishments with another powerful word “Shall” and created a list of things that would support these accomplishments.  Shall is a word that is not commonly used in the United States.  Listen to  the definition and you will know why it is more powerful than the word will.  Shall: something that will take place or exist in the future.   Shall is future tense, expresses determination. In the field of law the term “shall” means “mandatory”.   Believe you are creative and you shall become creative.

Using the word Shall creates a field of dynamic magnetism around you and it is mandatory that it happens.  For example on my List of Accomplishments for 2014 I wrote “I shall achieve the rank of Ambassador Diamond” and by saying it that way it becomes mandatory that it happens.  Now the universe steps in to match the energy of the proclamation bringing fresh inspiration, action and serendipitous events.  What I have noticed is I am inspired to do certain things and new inspiration is dropping in to lead me where I need to go.

Words are very powerful and it is important to pay attention to them!

You know how you feel when you have accomplished something? How it feels to get that pat on the back for a job well done?  When I wrote my List of Accomplishments for 2014 I could almost hear that imaginary crowd cheering and feel that pat on the back.  I really feel like I HAVE accomplished them!


This is my Finished Accomplishments for 2014.  I wrote them by hand in calligraphy.  If felt important to me to write them by hand because that taps into that part of your brain that is imaginative, trusting and creative. I wanted it to look like an award so I put stars on it and framed it.  I included a photo of myself because that way I am included in the energy.  As you can also see I am dreaming BIG.  Why not?  If this is already a done deal I might as well go for the best.




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Imagine Your Best Possible Life

My life is magical because I get to pour magic into people’s lives everyday!

I have always had magic in my life, in the best of times and in the worst of times.  I use to be criticized for having “magical thinking”, when in reality it was just the belief that something awesome is about to happen.  This belief kept me going when I didn’t want to keep going any longer.  I could be in the deepest pit, wanting it to be over, and there was always this place in me that said there is something good waiting to happen.   That would get me through because I am a Aries and I never want to miss a good surprise!

I have experienced both ends of the prosperity continuum, the contrast between poverty and financial freedom, in this lifetime. Shifting from one side of this continuum to the other took an extreme shift in consciousness. I know what it feels like to struggle to make ends meet, I know what it is like to have 25 cents to your name and a mountain of debt and now I know what it feels like not to worry about anything.  I know how it feels to have all my credit card debt paid off, have a brand new car and have money to share.

I feel that my story is important for a lot of reasons, sympathy not being one of them. My story is being lived out by way too many people today, single moms and married couples a like.  That is why I am telling my story.   I believe I am the person I am today, and have the life I have right now because of what this journey has taught me.  I was a phenomenal therapist because I could relate to much of what my clients were going through because I had been there.  There is no need for sympathy when life has handed you so many gifts.   Some through pain and suffering and some through joy and bliss.  Some of what I am writing would have embarrassed be to admit in the past, because money and not having enough and feeling like a failure were things that carried a lot of shame.

I made a decision when I was a young mother, with two young children, to leave a marriage that wasn’t good for me.  The stress had brought me to a point where my life was in je0pardy, by creating a near fatal health crisis.  I really had no choice, it was leave or die and I left, even though I was in terror of what the unknown had in store.  I made the leap and many of my fears came true, but I saved my life.

As a single mother life was a challenge. Not only had I just recovered from an illness that almost took my life but two weeks after I left my husband I went back to school for my masters degree, in Psychology, because I believed I needed a “real job”.   If network marketing would have been in my consciousness at that time I would have jumped on board, but going to school and getting a good job was the way to get ahead back then and it was my path.

I worked 2 jobs, had my own business, went to school and raised my kids at the same time. I use the term “raised” loosely because at the time I felt like I was doing a terrible job. In 5 years I had a masters degree in Psychology, and a good job. It took me 5 years because of all the things I was juggling to make it happen.  It was one of  the hardest thing I have ever done.    How did I do it? I am not sure.   Did I get a head?  No, it was the road to debt.

I came out of school with a large loan looming over my head, could hardly pay my mortgage and couldn’t stretch the money I was making to the end of the month.  I will skip all of the gory details ( like not eating, eating Government subsidized, substandard food and feeling like a failure, to name just a couple), and trust me there were a lot of them that my children can attest to.   Our life sucked most of the time and I became one of the most negative people on the planet!  That is what happens when life is a day-to-day challenge.  I had to sell the house I loved and find something I could afford.

At that time it was easy to get credit cards and not uncommon to have a company offer you a $5000 or$10,000 balance.   I got several of them and when the money ran out before the end of the month that is where our supplemental income came from.  Plastic was easy!  It seemed like real money and it was easy to hand over a card to pay for gas, or food or other essentials that we needed.  Not smart but the only option at the time.

I could have filed bankruptcy but that would mean sitting down with someone and admitting that I had screwed up my life.  I was too embarrassed to do that and a part of me wanted to prove to myself that I could get myself out of this place.  That is an Aries trait that isn’t always positive, we love a good challenge!

Fortunately for me my soul also opened me up to my spiritual path, thus beginning a 27 year path to explore myself, learn who I was and  to get rid of the social programming that brought me here in the first place.  I have saved my life, healed my body and transformed, by changing my thoughts.  Trust me when I say that when you are living in survival and focused on what you don’t have, it is a challenge to shift to a place where you believe you can make your dreams come true.  Good things didn’t happen to me, so why would I believe they could?  But if I  believed what was right in front of me rather than imagining something better, I would still be where I was.

It takes courage and determination, two things I have in abundance.  Couple that with my extreme imagination, high level of intuition and creativity and that nagging thought that there was always something good waiting to happen and that was the magic formula to drag me out of the depths of poverty and bring me where I am today, living the life of my dreams.

The other thing I am thankful for is that I did find the vehicle of Network Marketing.  This happened after waking up one morning and realizing that I would have to work until I dropped and would die in debt because I was never able to get a head. I was making just enough to pay my expenses.  My kids were adults and I was still trying to recover from the debt I created to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.   Once you get into debt it is like a never-ending hole that is hard to get out of because of the compounding interest.

Network Marketing provided me the vehicle where I could continue to work while building a residual income business.  It took me a while to find the right company and when I found It Works! Global I knew intuitively that it was what I had been looking for.  Some people think that Network Marketing is a scam, a pyramid scheme, a cult or something illegal but it is just is legal as Corporate America and one of the only ways the average person can become financially free.  We use to buy everything from each other in the past, and I think we are moving in the direction where we will be buying from each other and not from Walmart and Target.

A year ago I left my career as a Psychologist.  I walked away from the career that I worked so hard to get because it didn’t provide a vehicle to create a life of my dreams.  It didn’t give me the means to do the things I love to do.

To be able to say that I haven’t used a credit card in over 3 years and that I just made the last payments on what was once $40,000 worth of debt is a big accomplishment.  When I get excited about the kind of money I am making today it is not because I am bragging or because I am all caught up in the money, it is because of where I have come from and what it means to be where I am today.  I still pinch myself when I think that I am living financially free.

I sometimes think that people look at me now and think I was just lucky and imagine that my life was always easy.   My life wasn’t easy, in fact I have survived challenges that some can not even imagine, but those were only events to push me to my highest, best, most authentic self.  I want to be an example to you that anything is possible.

I encourage you to imagine your best possible life and trust me, because I know that it can happen!  If you can imagine it you can also make it come true.

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