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Rewrite Your Story









I like this image because it reminds me that not only can I rewrite my story but I can also put it in a metaphoric bottle and send it off to the Universe to make it happen.  I can let go and let God.

On January 1st I wrote a blog called “One Magic Word” where I talked about creating a List of Accomplishments, as if those things had already occurred.  My list was lofty and I was dreaming big!  It is a powerful exercise I encourage you to do.  Little did I know that it would cause such a stir in me!

I have spent the six months since I wrote them unraveling old beliefs and reprogramming my mind so that I could align with those lofty goals.  Does the fact that I have yet to accomplish them mean it was a failure, or that I am a failure?  NO WAY!  I still have 6 months to accomplish them and the six months I have spent rewriting my story, will make it possible to do so.

We can not line up with our desires if we have a contrary story running in the background.  It is impossible!  Our words are powerful and the words running unconsciously in our head are just as powerful.  Thoughts become thing, that is the guarantee and we don’t want negative, unconscious thoughts that are contrary to what we want to create be the ones that become the things!!

Until we learn that we can rewrite our story, most of us are running the program we learned as children.  This could be a good story but I bet for most people it is filled with contradictions and beliefs that are not getting us where we want to go. It isn’t anyone’s fault it is just the way our society works.

I like to use myself to illustrate a point because it makes it more real.  Here is an example of one of the accomplishments on my list:  “I shall achieve the rank of Ambassador Diamond”  which is the 2nd highest rank in our company.  That is a lofty goal and if I am out of alignment, it will be impossible to achieve, even though I wrote it as though it has already happened.  If I am in alignment, it can happen easily and quickly!

I can never achieve Ambassador Diamond, no matter how many affirmations I am say, if the real story in my head goes something like this “How am I ever going to get there, no one on my team is working,”, “look how easy it is for Suzy to get to Ambassador Diamond, why is it so hard for me?”, “I would have to work my butt off to make that happen”, “It is just too hard!” “I was stupid to think something like that could happen to me!” “No one wants to join my team”, “I never meet anyone who is interested in my product or business”.  You get the point.  Not a good story, right?  But guess what those things are manifesting because that is what you are thinking.  The thoughts get affirmed and you are in a vicious cycle of self defeat.

You CAN always rewrite your story.  Decide what it is you want to accomplish in your business, get into a positive frame of mind and start writing.  The more detail the better.  Make a commitment to accomplishing what you wrote and take these four important steps:

1-Put your story where you can see it every day.

2-Read it out loud once a day, even a few times a week can be powerful, especially in the morning to set your day up.

3-Don’t concern yourself with how, when, why, put that story in the bottle and trust that the loving creator will make it happen.

4-When you catch yourself running the old story in your mind or in your behavior say “That is not my story!”

You will probably be doing step four often if not all the time in the beginning.  As you run your new story and stop the old one you will find that you say it less and less and that you are believing your new story more and more.

Today is the perfect day to rewrite your story. Give it a try.


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Maybe All Thoughts Don’t Become Things!


“The law of attraction is no “secret” and it is profoundly misinterpreted. Sometimes we attract exactly what we need to grow, and sometimes a sociopath walks through the door, one who can fool anyone. Too many people stay in bad situations because they believe they have ‘attracted’ a necessary reflection. Sometimes this is true, but sometimes it is not. There is such thing as needless suffering, and misguided manifestation. We want to go where we grow, and not everything that comes into our life is of value.” Jeff Brown

This was on Jeff Brown’s Facebook wall today and it was exactly what I have been thinking since I got robbed yesterday.  Yes, I left the house for an hour and a half and when I got home the window in my front door was smashed and the door was unlocked.  After 4 police officers search my house to make sure there wasn’t anyone still in it, I came in and looked around and thought nothing was taken because all of my electronic gadgets were still in their places.  After they left I remembered the money that I had hidden in my room.  Yes indeed, when I went to find it the place where it was kept was empty.  $400 now belonged to someone else.  It was suspicious to me that who ever it was that broke into my home bypassed everything and went write to the hiding place and took my money.  I suspect, but can prove that it was my cleaning service.

      In the not so distant past I would have launched into a period of self-reflection to determine what it was in me that attracted this into my life.  That is what a good student of the Law of Attraction does.   For some reason this time was different.  I didn’t even venture down that path of micro-analysis.  Trust me I am a master at self-reflection.  It felt ridiculous that I would attract something like this into my life, and maybe I am just avoiding something, but I think it is important that I was able to stop the analysis long enough to decide that not everything is a result of our thinking!

      I think sometimes those of us who are into self-reflection and growing consciously over analyze things, trying to understand why we would manifest certain things that don’t feel right. Nothing in my thinking was inviting someone to come into my home, violate my space and steal from me.

I decided I would not give up power to a dishonest person and be afraid to be in my own home or afraid to leave it because some unwanted person might come in. I am going to continue to trust that most people are honest and trust worthy, that the world is a good place and I am safe in it. I am also keenly aware that there are a lot of people, my kids, my neighbors, my family and friends who have my back!

     Then came the turn-around.  Someone in a thread on my Facebook page pointed out that I didn’t manifest anything negative but in fact had manifested safety by not being home when they broke in.  I manifested protection for my cat who was home alone and unharmed during the break in.  Often when something so strongly negative happens it is hard to see the other side of the issue.

     I think it is important not to micro-analyze because it can lead down a path that we don’t want to go and shift our energy toward creating something we don’t want.  Micro-analyzing take precious energy away from our focus and interrupts manifestation.  I believe if something manifests that isn’t something we wanted to create and a pattern is not immediately apparent we should use our energy to shift our focus back to those things we want to manifest.

Some situations are just situations that have little value unless we put value on to it. Maybe all thoughts don’t become things and all things that manifest are not the result of our thinking.   Our mastery is to determine which is which.

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