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When do we reach momentum?


I have always heard that if you are thinking about joining a network marketing business you should find a company that is in momentum.  There reason behind this is that during momentum you have the potential to build a big business because the company is still unknown to a lot of people.

I like the illustration above which is from Richard Bliss Brooke’s book The Four Year Career.   Here is how he describes momentum : 

Think of it like pushing a Smart Car up the hill, having it turn into a Cadillac at the top and a Ferrari at the downhill crest.

It is the low return on effort in the beginning that leads most people to give up.  They don’t have the Vision and Belief in the payoffs on the other side.

The visual describes momentum perfectly.  In the beginning you are pushing up hill, you hit a flat spot and the pushing is easier and when you hit the crest, you go sailing down without any effort.  I got into the company I am in before we began momentum.

The company was 7 years old and no one had ever heard of it.  I was one of the first 4 distributors to open up the Minnesota market.  Everyday took a lot of effort as we were received with skepticism and disbelief. The return on our effort was small and we saw many people quit because it wasn’t easy.  We were metaphorically pushing a car uphill and it wasn’t easy.  A few years ago we hit the flat part of the hill.  It still takes effort and hard work but it isn’t as hard because the terrain is not up hill.  More people have heard about our products, even though there are still 8 our of 10 who have not heard about it.  We are seeing much better returns on our efforts.  In theory we will get to that spot at the crest where it will be smooth sailing.  Those days when we will wake up and 1000 people joined the team while we were asleep.  That’s momentum. 

There is also a momentum in your personal team.  At first you are thrilled to enroll one new team mate.  You haven’t built up the energy to attract a lot of people and you have to go out and talk with people all of the time.  As you add new team members your numbers start to double and triple and so does you money.  Now you are on the flat part of the hill.  I remember thinking my magic number was to have 500 people under me.  I had a feeling things would change a lot at that point and they did.  I went from 439 in February of one year to 1449 the following February.  From there it has been like a snowball rolling down hill as my team has grown to 30,000 and the company is just beginning momentum. 

Like Richard Brooke says, most people don’t have Vision or Faith to know that they are in the right place at the right time.  Those same people will see people succeeding and say, oh they got in at the right time, they were lucky.  It isn’t about luck.  It is about being able to see a trend setter, do the hard work, on low returns because they know what they have their hands on.

I knew intuitively that I wanted to be part of It Works! the moment I heard a few sentences about the product.  I had a feeling that it was going to be big and I was right.  It was really hard to open up a new territory, selling a product that has results that are hard to believe.  It is hard to face skeptics every day and there were many times that I wanted to quit.  I didn’t quit because I have the Vision and I know this company is going to continue to see explosive growth. 

This IS the perfect time to join It Works!  The car has been pushed to the flat spot on the hill and now pushing it is much easier.  We haven’t hit the point at the crest where we sail down the other side effortlessly but we will.  Would you like to be part of something that is once in a lifetime? Would you like to change your financial landscape forever and create a legacy for your family.  If so you will want to take a look at this.


Learn more: http://inchlossdiva.myitworks.com/crazywrap/


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What is the Perfect Storm?

Wellness+MLM+MOMENTUM= The Perfect Storm

When you hear the word storm you don’t think it would be something positive but it is when it comes to Network Marketing.  It is the combination of the perfect product and perfect compensation plan that causes a virtual tsunami of growth.  This is the kind of storm you want to get caught in because it is where millionaires are made.  The only thing that can stop success during a perfect storm is to quit!

“A “Perfect Storm”

     In many ways, wellness and network marketing are natural sister industries. For one thing, wellness is rich in the kinds of new technologies that are best learned person to person. And for another, it is often the same quest for a better quality of life that finds expression both in exploring wellness and in pursuing an entrepreneurial, home-based business.Wellness and network marketing also both represent enormous financial opportunities either opportunity alone has tremendous potential to create new wealth.  Some companies combined the best of both worlds, creating the “perfect storm” of unprecedented economic opportunity.  A convergence of forces enabling entrepreneurs to create satisfying lifestyle and–at the same time–tremendous new wealth.

Over the next 10 years the U.S economy will create 10 million new millionaires.  you have the opportunity to start now and become one of them.”  Paul Zane Pilzner  Success Magazine

So how do you go about finding an opportunity that has the perfect storm?

You want to look for an MLM with a great compensation plan, with at least 5 years behind them and one that is debt free.  More importantly you want to find a company with a unique, first-to-market sizzle product.  Those four ingredients alone will create the perfect storm and many new millionaires if you join before or during momentum.

Here is an example of a company that has the Perfect Storm going on.

IT WORKS GLOBAL has a solid foundation of 10 years and is debt free and the future looks brighter than ever so there is longevity and experience behind the company!  In the past several months the growth has been amazing. It Works was just recognized for being in the TOP 50 fastest growing companies in its category out of 7 million with Inc 500 magazine and featured in Success from Home and are on the way to much bigger and better things.  In the last few months this years It Works has seen unprecedented growth.

It Works has a sizzle product, The Ultimate Body Applicator that is create a huge stir across the US and Canada, in Australia and parts of Europe.  The Ultimate Body Applicator is a simple yet powerful patch that slims the body while it tightens, tones and firms the body, satisfying both health and vanity needs at the same time. This product is unlike anything else on the market and there is no competition any where in the world and can only be purchased from an It Works Distributor.  In the last few month demand for this product has sky rocketed making it hard for the company to keep the Ultimate Body Applicator on it’s selves.  One day a couple of weeks ago 50,000 4 packs were shipped in one day!  There is no way to plan for that kind of growth.

Distributors with two women wearing the Ultimate Body Applicator

Our distributor program is the perfect business designed so that you can work less, earn more, and start living the life you’ve always wanted by selling an amazing product.

What sets us apart from all other home-based party and network marketing organizations is that we are committed to making sure you are successful! AND The Ultimate Applicator makes the business fun and simple because IT WORKS!  We are One Team with One Mission and all about community and teamwork.

It Works! Global offers:

  • Low risk, low start-up and low overhead
  • Can be passed on to your family
  • Set your own schedule and location
  • Simple to learn with excellent support systems in place
  • Help people with their health and wealth with proven products
  • Market a perfect line of products with high profit potential


Add momentum to the mix and you have the tsunami.  A company going through momentum is a rare opportunity. The momentum phase is when name recognition starts to kick in and the geometric expansion of the organization starts to explode.  This is an escalating company that has what it takes to hit and maintain momentum, and become the next billion-dollar success story. This is where legacy incomes and substantial wealth are generated.

My experience being part of the momentum is that it is both exciting and stressful.  When a company hits that point where momentum starts there can be a lot of glitches as they try to handle the demand for product by adding new staff, creating new web solutions to handle the growth and running out of products.  This is part of the storm and if one can weather this part and come out the other side the possibilities are endless.  It takes group support and that is why It Works is about One Team and One Mission, because it will take all of us to make this transition/ tsunami ride successful.

Momentum is a key factor when choosing an opportunity, because most companies fail before they get there.  If you can get into a company right before or during momentum that is where the millionaires are made.

So if you are looking for the perfect opportunity for a home based business keep the above points in mind.  If you would like to check out It Works! Global go to www.dimensionsofbeauty.com and look at the compensation plan and explore our cutting edge products. I am looking for people all over the US, Canada and Australia to help share the It Works Products.  Send me an email to get more information.

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