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Don’t Let Other People Kill Your Dreams

Oh No You Don’t!  Don’t let the dream killer anywhere near your vicinity!  If you see the dream killer, run the other way as fast as you can!

One of the hardest parts about being an entrepreneur is dealing with people who try to undermine what you are doing.  Many of these people come in the form of friends and family.  I don’t think it happens with malicious intent but rather a feeling that they are trying to protect you.  I think there is a hidden agenda below that intention that is more unconscious but they are not aware that is what is driving them.

When we are children we have no problem dreaming.  We are going to be world-famous artists, musicians, dancer or maybe even astronauts and no one can stop us.  Children dream in detail and they can see them selves living their dreams.   Somewhere alone the way we stop dreaming.  It is a flaw of our society not  to encourage and support dreaming. The dream train derails, we put those desires on the shelf for “someday” and forget about them.

The problem is we never get back to them and they need energy and attention to come alive.  The law of attraction states that which you focus on will grow, so instead of focusing on our juicy, fertile dreams we focus on that J.O.B that is someday going to allow us to get back to our dreams.  Guess what, the J.O.B doesn’t go away because we are putting all of our energy into it and it never gets us to the place where we can live the life of our dreams because we are trading time for money and the money we receive is limited by what we get paid per hour.

Entrepreneurship is the best way to live your dreams and build a future that is financially secure, especially if you are involved in a residual income business.  Residual income can come from publishing a book, investing in a franchise, investing in real estate or joining a network marketing business.

I get residual income from a game I produced years ago and I am also in a network marketing business.  Network marketing naturally encourages dreaming because it is a way to get that new car, new home, get out of debit and work your own hours.  I have seen so many people join the business with lots of passion cause their dreams get reactivated and within days the passion is gone.  They went home and told their spouse or best friend and what they heard was something like this:  ” You are kidding, those things don’t work!”, “Oh, no, you joined one of those pyramid schemes”, “No one makes money in those things”, and “I have seen people lose money in those things.”

People don’t want to look foolish in front of friends or family so quit. They put their dream back on the shelf and look for a “real job”.    Once the dream is smashed it is hard to get back.  I had a distributor join my business and within the first 18 days she brought on 30 people.  Half of them were distributors and half were customers.   She was magnetic and there was no stopping her, until one of her distributors had a conversation with someone in another company, who they both knew.  This person said ” I tried that wrap and it doesn’t work.  I can’t believe you joined that company!” The distributor that was told this felt stupid and began to doubt her self and she share the conversation with   my new distributor who was on fire and her business tanked immediately. Even though she loved the product, knew it worked, it was a perfect fit for her other ventures and she was making money.   She was never able to turn it around from the comment.  She got infected by the dream killer and that was the end of her dreams.

When I first joined the business my closest friend told me early on that she didn’t want to hear anything about my business, nothing!  She wanted to leave a big part of my life out of the conversation.  In reality, when you start your own business, you want the support of your closest friends.  Not only that but how can you have a conversation with your closest friend and not talk about the thing that is taking up a great deal of your life.  The conversation would be something like ” how are you doing?”  “Fine”,  “What have you been doing lately?”, “Not much”,  “Okay, talked to you later”.  The reality is, when I wanted to get support for something that was going on in my business,  it wasn’t allowed in the conversation.

It is predictable that relationship came to an end.  The conversation that ended it happened when I was having issues with a distributor and I wanted support from that friend.  I could feel that she wasn’t listening, as I talked about the issue, and she wanted to get off the phone.  When I told her I felt she wasn’t present in the conversation she got angry and ended the relationship saying I was projecting my stuff onto her.  I think it might have been the other way around.

I tell this story because we need to surround ourselves with people who support us and cheer us on, not people who try to kill our dreams.  People who will gently hold our dreams and encourage us to reach them and as we do the same for them.  We also have to believe so much in our own dreams that we won’t let anyone get in the way!  We plug our ears and say “la la la la la”, when someone tries to interfere.

“When dreaming, choose your own dreams.  Don’t let someone else force a dream on you that you don’t really want.”  Kim Kiyosaki

Here are some ways to protect your dreams and avoid the Dream Killers.

  1. Surround yourself with dreamers.  People who are living their dreams and supporting you to find and follow your own.
  2. Use discernment about who you can and cannot share your dreams with.  Don’t talk about your business with people who might try to discourage you.
  3. Be your own cheerleader!  Listen to your intuition and own inner promptings first and foremost.
  4. Work on yourself. Change the thoughts and behaviors that get in your way.
  5. Don’t give up for any reason!
  6. Make a dream board with visual representations of your dreams so that you can be reminded all the time what they are.
  7. When someone tries to discourage you question their motives first and avoid feeling silly or foolish for what you believe to be true for yourself.

I love Kim Kiyosaki’s advice and I would add to it, don’t sign up to build someone else’s dream, working 9 to 5 for less than you deserve. Very few people create financial freedom working for someone else.  Find a Network Marketing company with something that you can be passionate about and start creating your own economy.

So let’s go into that closet, pull out that box of dreams and start dreaming again.

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