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Day Thirty One-Final Day of 31 Day Experiment in Living Spontaneously

Today, July 1, is the last day of my 31 day experiment and it is also the 3rd Eclipse in 30 days.  I woke up this morning at the exact time of the eclipse so I tuned into the energy.

The Sabin symbol for 10 degrees Cancer, which is the degree Cancer is in today is

“A Large Diamond In the First Stages of the Cutting Process”  I feel like the last 30 days and the time since I left my job have been a Diamond Cutting and Polishing process, metaphorically.

According to Astrology for today it’s important to remember that eclipses are the harbingers of new beginnings.  Look at your life as a diamond in the rough, possibly ready for the last fateful tap to make it the “perfectly cut” diamond.  The symbolic degree interpretation of this eclipse suggests the potential for creating something of great value.

The affirmation for the day is Every Day and in every way, I am becoming better and better.

This chart is extremely complex, with a number of very tight minor aspects. It tells us there is a need to face reality and attend to responsibilities and obligations, while remaining open and optimistic to future potentials. A decision can be made now that eliminates a past problem and allows things to move forward freely. The challenge is to integrate new ideas during restricted circumstances. The energy exists to heal old wounds or situations by artistically expressing practical solutions. The key to success lies in the response to fateful events.

Many Aries (which is my sun sign) will look at working for themselves now, or adopting a more flexible approach, thereby freeing up work patterns. It is important not to be a slave of your work, or use it to avoid other important areas of fulfillment. 

In the relationship stakes, Saturn, the planet of commitment and responsibility, still moves through your partnership zone.

I have Uranus in Cancer at almost 6 degrees in my 7th house, the house of partnership so I am imagining the decision and change has to happen around my thoughts and feelings about partnership. This eclipse will have an impact on that area of my life.   The U7 (let’s call them), somewhat like someone with Venus in Aquarius, needs independence in his marriage or significant partnership. He won’t be tied down in any type of traditional relationship. U7 may be attracted to eccentric, brilliant or off-beat types as partners. Or he needs an unconventional arrangement — maybe an open marriage, or at least freedom from the constraints of being at his spouse’s side at all times. He may also feel that significant others are forcing change upon him, or that his spouse undergoes personal revolutions on a regular basis.

This Venus in Aquarius in my house of partnership has always been a double-edged sword for me.  I have known about it for a long time.  How it has impacted my life is that I don’t need to be in a relationship for the sake of being with someone because I am so independent.  My independence has been an issue for some men too.  But the biggest piece is that I need to be with someone who is unconventional, creative, bright and somewhat of a renaissance man, understands the law of attraction, and open-minded because that is who I am.  Add to that attractive, loving, and younger than me and that isn’t easy to find, but somehow I think it will be now.

It is cool to see that a lot of the astrological influences are reflecting just where I am and that I am on the right track.

In regards to the intention I set at the beginning of this experiment about a partner I think for the first time I really am open to a relationship with my equal.  I really believe that he exists and that our paths are converging now.  I feel like I can have both my independence and a relationship at the same time.  I didn’t feel that was possible before.  The shift comes out of knowing who I am and how I can manifest exactly what I want.

As far as re-inventing myself as an entrepreneur this experiment has helped me get clarity. I realized that when I was a therapist, a lot of my energy was being used up, keeping me stuck in my status quo.  I didn’t realize until I was on the other side that listening to and supporting clients, three days a week kept me from expanding in other areas.  Now I feel like anything is possible again.

This experiment has helped me settle into choosing to do nothing if that is what I feel like doing and that I can trust the flow of my life.  The next steps in this process are finding someone to help me with personal branding and imagine what my perfect life will look like.

The other thing that has happened is I look younger and lighter.  Everyday at least one person comments on how I look or says they didn’t even recognize me.  I have become shiny and that is youthanizing.

For my final spontaneous act in this 31 Day period I am going to a spontaneous party at my friend Valerie’s house.  When I left the house the temp gauge in my car read 101 degrees and when I arrived at her house 30 minutes later it read 75!  I drove through wind, turbulence and rain to get to the party.  Interesting metaphor!

Thank you to everyone who has read this blog for the past 31 days and followed my journey.  I hope it has somehow inspired you to expand yourself in a new way.


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