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Right before I woke up I was thinking about how persistent I am and how we need to encourage people not to give up.

Persistence is one of my super powers.

There isn’t one giant step that leads to creating what we desire, it’s a series of small steps, taken until you arrive.

I make it look easy to create miraculous and magical experiences and sometimes it is but it really isn’t most of the time. Yes, somethings manifest easily but usually there are steps involved. My participation is required and it takes a lot for me to give up.

I think asking and believing something is possible helps us take the necessary steps to get us there.

As long as I can see possibilities I keep going. I know when it is time to change course.

I ask for the miracle and then I do my part, which is to listen to my heart and take the steps. It’s a combination of persistence and letting go. Otherwise persistence can turn into resistance.

Some times that means being lead to a nutrition supplement that will support me. Sometimes it calls for a series of paintings. Sometimes a walk in the forest everyday. Sometimes a change in my eating. Sometimes it means doing nothing and trusting the outcome. Sometimes it is about calming down my stress so I can heal. It always includes a deep connection to my heart and Inner guidance system and daily conversation with it in my journal. Sometimes it is a combination of a lot of steps and modalities I have learned over the years.

The point is to, put it out there, hold the vision and participate in bringing it into reality how ever you are guided by your heart to do that.

Don’t give up, believe in the possibilities and listen to your heart.

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A Blessing in Disguise!

182983_20140228_122541_never_never_give_up_copyLast week I wrote a blog about Facebook after the band me for life from advertising on my business page.  They never gave me a reason for this lifetime sentence.  You can read about it here to catch up: Does Facebook Control Your Business?

First of all I must say, I was doing very well advertising my business on Facebook including booking lots of parties, getting a lot of one on one appointments, which lead to lots of Loyal Customers and was signing up new distributors on a regular basis.  It was easy and I could do it right from my computer, which was why I put so much time, money and effort into building readership of my page.  I wanted it to work and be easy and I accomplished that goal.

After being band from advertising I decided to look into Google Adwords Express.  I created a ad, picked a budget and submitted it to Google and it was approved.  A few days later in the middle of the night, emails started coming in from Google saying that my ad was on hold because they felt our replicated website was making false claims, which it isn’t.  I got a series of emails over about 5 minutes and the final one said my website was banded and I could never advertise the address ever again.  I was trying to sleep and couldn’t even respond to what they were saying.  All I could think was “This is unbelievable!”

Wow! What was going on?  I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong so maybe someone was targeting our company, It Works! Global.  It was happening on Facebook.  No one in my company can post our websites because Facebook believes they are “Spam”.  This started last year some time.  This kind of thing starts to happen when a company has explosive growth and has a product that is over the top popular like ours does.

For two weeks I didn’t have any business…zero…nadda…nothing!  In a month that I was hoping to promote and get a huge bonus, my business had flat lined!

I had gotten comfortable with all the business I was getting from Facebook and that was where my focus was.  Not a smart idea, in retrospect.  When I got blocked from Google Ads I started to think that maybe the Universe was trying to tell me this wasn’t for me and I should quit the business.  When you get that many road blocks so quickly it could be a sign.  I wasn’t getting any business and I was being stopped ever direction I turned.  Maybe quitting was what I should do.

Ah, but I am not a quitter!  I am also very stubborn.  Don’t tell me no, don’t tell me I can’t so something because my mode of operation is to rebel.  I believe there are multiple solutions to every problem and no one is going to stop me when I am on a mission.  I become even more unstoppable when someone or something is saying “no”.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I knew I had to refocus and not look at what wasn’t working.  When you look at what isn’t working you just create more of what isn’t working. If I did that, I might as well just quit.

So I changed my mindset away from the not working, away from lack consciousness and toward what I knew was possible and I asked the universe to show me the way. I am in a business that is exploding, people want what I have and I just need to find those people.  Sounds easy enough.

As soon as I shifted my thinking to seeing the possibilities, my phone started ringing.  People were calling me from no where, to sign up to be customers, to have parties and to buy Body Wraps.  In the first several days I sold 15 wraps when in the two weeks before that I had sold zero.  People were calling me to become business partners in my business and they were finding me on Google and I wasn’t paying anything! People I had talked to in the past were following up with me. I was getting messages from my Facebook business page without advertising at all.   Google and Facebook were saving me money and my business was alive.

The other thing I started doing was jumping for joy and saying “Thank You” every time I got a new customer, sold a wrap, had a phone call about the business.  Gratitude is magnetic and when you are grateful the universe sends you more of what you are grateful for.  Now I was thanking Facebook and Google for blocking my way because I was seeing other ways to go.

Since I changed my mind doors have opened for me with new ways to grow my business that I hadn’t thought about before.

What I learned from the experience is when challenges show up look at them as opportunities for expansion.  When you open up to possibilities magic happens.  I think I had gotten so focused on working Facebook that I had shut down the possibilities that were out there waiting for me.  It is one thing to focus and another to be so focused you miss seeing what might be available around you.

When you are open you will find that something better is always right around the next corner.  Keep your eyes open for the magic!


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Creating a Dream Board that is alive on Pinterest!


I love the idea of creating dream boards.  If you have seen the movie The Secret  I am sure you remember the story that John Assaraf told about manifesting the exact home that was on one of this Vision Boards.  A dream board is a collection of images that represent the things you would like to manifest in your life.

Your ability to manifest what you want and create the life you dream of living can take a quantum leap forward when you create a Vision Board and put your attention on it daily. Creating a Vision Board is a fun and creative way for you to become clear on your dreams and desires and transform them into reality. We become what we think about and our lives are created from our thoughts.

  • A vision Board helps us to become very clear about what we want
  • A Vision Board makes your goals visible and keeps them in front of your eyes
  • A Vision Board reminds you of what you want
  • A Vision Board allows you to choose your goals
  • A Vision Board reminds you of what you are working for
  • A Vision Board keeps you in a positive mood – as you put your attention on it you will feel yourself receiving what you desire
  • A vision Board allows you to create a purpose in life

Dream boards can be created on a board with images you cut out of magazines or created on-line with a special program such as the one Oprah has.  Oprah’s Dream Board link.  I have made many dream boards over the years but the problem I have always had is they are so static.  I needed life and movement in my dreams as I think we all do.


Along came Pinterest!  At first I couldn’t figure out how to use Pinterest and couldn’t see the value in it.  When I finally learned from a friend how to use it I love it!   Recently I discovered that they have a “secret” board function where you can create boards that no one can see.  That is when it dawned on me that Pinterest Secret Boards would be the perfect dream board!!

A Pinterest board looks like this:


I created two secret boards for two things I am focusing on that I want to manifest.  I wanted separate boards to keep the intention pure and more focused.   I use images from Google  and videos from YouTube to build my boards.  Under each pin I write an affirmative statement that pertains to what I want to manifest.  Each time I add a new pin it adds to the energy and aliveness around the intention.   I can get into great detail about I what I want through images and statements.  This was not possible in the other formats.

With my secret boards I am creating a magnetic vortex that will manifest my desires quickly!

So imagine creating a secret Pinterest board just focused on your business.  You can name your board something like ” I am in the Magnetic Process of Exploding my Business” so that the name is focused on exactly what you want.  Through images and affirmative statements you can explode and expand the energy going into your business and stay positively focused on what you want to create.  It is all about energy so the point it to create a board that resonates the vibration that you want the Universe to respond to.  It is also very important to keep your dreams to yourself so that the energy doesn’t get diluted, so the secret boards are the perfect media.

Try it and let me know what happens! I will keep you posted on what is happening with mine!

Here is the link to my Pinterest Boards.  No you won’t be able to see my secret boards!


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Exploding my Business with the Compound Effect.

The more you find something to appreciate, the better it feels. The better it feels, the more you want to do it. The more you do it, the better it feels. The better it feels…the more you want to do it! The Law of Attraction assists with the powerful momentum of these positive thoughts and feelings until, with very little time and effort, you will find your heart singing in your joyous alignment with who you really are! And, in this wonderful-feeling vibration where no resistance exists, you will be in an exaggerated state of ALLOWING — you will be in the vibrational state where the things that you desire can flow easily into your experience. The better it gets, the better it gets!   Abraham Hicks

In my blog post a couple of months ago called ” Building Your Business with Gratitude “, I talked about the journal I started in mid January, to help me focus. I have been using it everyday for the past 2 months, writing my goals, tracking my steps to success and writing down the things I am grateful for each day and creating monthly dream collages.   I realized that another key piece to this is faith.  You have to trust that process because you don’t see the results immediately.

Why is this?  What I have learned in the past two months while doing the process is that I am being rewired.  I am creating a new habit while at the same time breaking some old ones that haven’t moved me toward success.  This rewiring doesn’t happen over night but taking steps each day has a compound effect.

There is a book floating around among my business friends called The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy that I have but haven’t read yet.  My understanding is that he talks about taking steps everyday toward your goal that will build the momentum. His premise is different than mine but I think it has the same outcome.

Here is what is happening.  I have been tracking every little and big thing that I do each day that is focused toward building my business and this has helped me see all the steps I am taking that I might not be aware of if I weren’t tracking them.  I am also keeping track of movement toward my goals.  This has helped me focus on what I want and takes my focus away from those things that I don’t want, that I might be seeing around me, such as someone’s business growing faster than mine is.  If you understand the law of attraction you get what you focus on whether it is something you want or something you don’t want.  The Universe doesn’t care, it just follows the energy.

I have learned it is better to have understated goals at first, so that succeeding build your faith and personal momentum.  Each time I accomplish a goal I have the experience of success behind me to meet the next one.  I notice if I set my goal too high that part of me that might not believe that I can achieve it finds a way to sabotage me.

The bigger thing that I am discovering is that I might not meet all of my weekly goals but there is an explosion happening in my business on a larger scale, more in alignment with my larger goals.  This has taught me that the most important part of this practice is consistency and focus, not meeting every goal.  The compound effect I am feeling is like a magnetic force that has been built up over the past two months as I am rewired internally and have faith in the process.

My business is exploding in unexpected ways and I believe this process has had a big impact on what is happening, and I am not stopping now!


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Does Visualizing Really Work?

Happy Dance!!!

Visualization is a key component to the Law of Attraction.  You have all heard of creating vision boards and visualizing intentions, but does it really work?

I have been reading Mike Dooley’s book “Infinite Possibilities” the art of living your dreams and I am finding it to be one of the best books I have read on the Law of Attraction.  Why?  Dooley tackles the subject from a practical place.  A lot of books and even the video “The Secret” show you all the magical ways of manifesting but they leave out what it takes to really make it work.  Dooley breaks it down into pieces that anyone can understand.

Here is what he says about visualizing:

“If you can begin to grasp that your world does indeed revolve around the thoughts you choose, then it becomes a no-brainer to realize that at least sometimes, preferably daily, it would be helpful to deliberately “think” the kind of thoughts you’s like to experience.  I recommend starting with visualization, as anyone can set aside five minutes a day to start visualizing and it doesn’t cost a thing.”

It is important to begin your visualization at the end result.  Use all of your senses to experience what it would be like after your dream has manifested.  Never visualize for more than five minutes because at that point your mind begins to wander.  It is better to have five minutes of intense focus than 15 minutes of poor quality visualization.  It is important to feel the feelings associated with manifesting the dream because that is what fuels the Universe and makes you magnetic.  Once a day is all that is important.

I am doing my 5 minutes of visualizing when I wake up in the morning.  I am on day three.  I imagine things that happen that lead up to my dream coming true as well as the end results and I have to say that I am seeing the things happening just the way I have imagined!  When something happens that is in line with what I have visualized I thank the Universe, feel excitement and imagine more of the same.  I am also keeping a log of the things that happen that are just what I am imaging so I can see just how well I am doing.

If you haven’t read Infinite Possibilities, I encourage you to pick it up, and I will let you know how it is going through out the month.

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