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Empowered Health and Wellness, awakening the inner physician is now available.



I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my new book, Empowered Health and Wellness, awakening the inner physician!

Some of my most frequently read blogs have been about my own healing stories.  For example : A Lightening Bolt to the Side of the Head.   My book explores the topic of healing and transformation of physical issues to a much deeper place.

This brilliant and compelling book will open your heart and enhance your own healing journey, taking you out of crisis and into hope!

Empowered Health and Wellness will give you hope and get you excited about the idea of being healthy again!  Even though the book is about Katelyn’s personal physical healing journey there is so much more that will add value to anyone’s life.  Discover how to change how you think and become the master of your own reality whether you are struggling with physical illness or just wanting to take things to another level, this powerful book with effectively shift your consciousness. Learn how to transform yourself using your illness as a guide.  You don’t want to wait until you are sick to learn how to engage your inner physician.  You can learn from reading this book how to use your inner physician.

Katelyn invites you into her personal world of self healing in an open and vulnerable way that exudes passion and encourages you to start dreaming again.  In the book she takes you on her personal wellness journey as she shares her stories and alternative techniques used to heal herself from issues she was told would not heal.  It is her hope that her success will inspire you to look at your own healing journey in a new way. Katelyn is tenacious in her search for balance and well-being.  She introduces the concept of the Inner Physician, that part of your consciousness that knows what you body needs in order to come back into balance.  Just reading the book will activate the Inner Physician and you will notice you are being informed in a new way and you will gain an understand on how to engage your inner healing wisdom.  Through the book you will learn how to awaken and interact with your Inner Physician and discover your personal ally in healing.

This book is an intimate look at Katelyn’s personal journey so it is vulnerable, juicy and raw at times.  Katelyn allows you into that sacred space inside that is authentic and lets you see the good, the bad and the ugly. She takes you inside and through illness to the other side and a return to health that is possible when you call on your Inner Physician.  The book is a combination of her healing stories, the alternative healing techniques she used and a resource guide.

From the book:  “When I started my journey back to well-being I didn’t realize what I was tapping into.  I put the pieces together in retrospect after experiencing seven or eight physical miracles of healing. I realized that when I focused on the reality I wanted to experience, rather than the one I was experiencing, my reality shifted to wellness because I was able to connect with my Inner Physician and get the information I needed so I could heal.”

If you or someone you love is struggling with health issues, you will want to purchase this book!

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing that truth.
We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work”
  Albert Schweitzer


PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE TO LEARN MORE: visit_my_website_button

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Product Review-It Works Profit Super Food Nutrition



With so many protein powders on the market it is hard to find the one that is best for you.  Unless you read the ingredients and know what they are it can make your head spin just picking one out.   One ingredient that I look for and avoid in foods that is common in protein powders is artificial sweeteners.  Why put toxins into your body when the reason you are looking for protein powder is to add good nutrition.  It Works Profit is sweetened with Stevia and all natural plant based sweetener so that takes it to a new level by itself.


It Works Ultimate ProFIT is made with the highest quality ingredients.

The main thing that sets ProFit apart from the rest of the protein shakes on the market is the proteins that are used.  You can find protein powders/shakes that are lower priced, but you get what you pay for.

Profits main ingredient is WHEY protein.  It is not just any whey protein it is from grass fed cows that are not given any antibiotics or GMO feed so it is like drinking organic milk. It is COLD FILTERED PROCESSED to maintain all of its nutrients.  When heating protein there is a greater chance that the fats in it will become rancid. Heating can give protein shakes an aftertaste or chalky texture.  From there  it is MICROFILTATION PROCESSED  which removes fat, lactose and other unwanted materials, isolating the protein.  What is left after filtering is a WHEY ISOLATE. This is why it is only 100 calories per scoop. The best processing practices give you an OPTIMAL PRODUCT. You are not going to find this kind of processing in most Protein powders.

Profit has low if any amounts of lactose, fats and cholesterol yet its native proteins are intact  which promotes muscle repair and growth while it strengthens the immune function .

People worry about Soy protein these days but all soy is not created equal.  Much of the soy produced today has been Genetically Modified and that is what creates the problems. The soy used in ProFIT is non GMO and fermented for the best absorption.  The SOY ISOLATE  used in ProFit is very beneficial as an estrogen blocker.  This soy does fit the hormone receptor sites, but this isolate is 1/50-1/1000 as estrogenic as estrogen so it works as a blocker by filling up the receptor sites and minimizing the negative estrogen in the body.

Our protein is extremely bioavailability and is predigested for maximum efficiency at the cellular level and has macro and micro nutrients from food.


Ultimate ProFIT™

Whether your goal is weight loss, athletic performance, or a simple way to eat healthy, Ultimate ProFIT Superfood Nutrition Mix offers a superior blend of proteins, mood-elevating “superfoods,” and fiber that is proven to produce ultimate results*. Use it in shakes or smoothies, bake with it, or even mix it with your food!

Try it in rich chocolate or creamy vanilla today, and start seeing results like these:

  • Experience quicker post-workout recovery
  • Build lean muscle mass with fewer calories
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Get feel-good, mood-elevating energy with maca and cacao powder
  • Promote healthy digestion with seven different soluble and insoluble fibers

Ultimate ProFIT is powered by:

  • Sustain-It™, a smarter protein blend for maximum bioavailability in every gram
  • FITzyme™, a cutting-edge blend of enzymes, helps maximize your body’s ability to absorb Sustain-It™.
  • FITboost™, an antioxidant blend of mood-elevating “superfoods” for immune system health.*
  • Non-hormonal whey and soy proteins
  • Natural, whole-food ingredients with only 100 calories per serving!

Directions: Add one level scoop to an 8 oz. glass of water, milk, juice, or blend in favorite foods. When mixing, add liquid first, then blend, stirring briskly until completely dissolved.  Cook with it, added it to smoothies.

View Ingredients

My personal ProFIT testimonial, worth the read!

I am looking for product testers to add to my testimonials book. You will pay the same price as I pay.  Email magnetickatelyn@gmail.com for details and to place your order. 


Loyal Customer Price
Retail Price: 115.00


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Individual results can and will vary. Testimonials are not necessarily representative of all those who use our products. All participants giving testimonials utilized a reasonable exercise program that incorporates the Ultimate Body Applicator, It Works!® dietary supplements, physical activity, and a reasonable diet. These testimonials are not intended to make claims that these products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These claims have not been clinically proven or evaluated by the FDA.


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Product Review: Defining Gel


I know a lot of you know about the body applicators (wraps) and how they get rid of nasty cellulite, stretch marks, love handles and fat deposits! well let me introduce you to the Defining Gel.

Before you start looking at doing liposuction, tummy tucks, lasers, thermage and all those new and scary treatments on the market, please wait and try this Defining Gel and our wraps first. Yes most of these surgeries work on some level.  Many of the results you get from surgery have side effects and some come back.  IT WORKS works, is all natural, not intrusive and will save you lots of money.

Defining Gel is one of those products that has a number of uses.   It was created as the companion product to the Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA Skinny Wrap, but over the years people have discovered other ways it heals the body.

Luxurious hydration meets contouring results with this favorite It Works! product.

Defining Gel is an intensive skin care gel that deeply hydrates while firming areas such as the abdomen, back, legs, and upper arms. When used regularly, Defining Gel minimizes the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins. It’s the perfect companion to our Ultimate Body Applicator.

  • Minimizes cellulite appearance
  • Diminishes appearance of varicose veins
  • Improves skin texture & tightness
  • Softens and hydrates
  • Made with natural ingredients

Directions:  Use Defining Gel twice a day to hydrate, soften, tone, and firm all over. Apply to targeted areas with circular massage until completely absorbed. Extra massaging will assist in maximizing results.

For those of you with tattoos it can bring an old tattoo back to life and make it look brighter or keep your tattoos looking new longer.


Love the defining gel.  I would bathe in it if I could get a tub filled with it.  Like the Ultimate Body Applicator, it can help reduce stretch marks.  Some people have seen theirs completely disappear with regular use of  this product. I am so excited about my results with the gel.  Plus I love the gel on sunburns.  It helps to heal and keep from peeling.  It can be used successfully on a number of skin disorders such as those pictured below.

Since the Defining Gel has much of the same ingredients as the wraps in a milder form it can be used everyday as a companion to the wraps.  The gel works to tighten and smooth skin and reduce even severe cellulite, loose skin,  and stretch marks.  We call it Liquid Gold!












Read more about Defining Gel and it’s ingredients on my website





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Look How Far We’ve Come!

team boot camp Aug 2014  300 people


Over the weekend my team leaders and I put on a Minnesota It Works Boot Camp.   There were 300 distributors in the energy packed room.  Myself and Darlene were part of the first 4 people in Minnesota to represent It Works so she and I put on a little history show.   I had never put all of the events that we have seen happen into a narrative so it informed me in a new way and showed me how far we have come in the six and a half years that we have been in the business.  Our first Boot Camp in Minnesota was done by Pam Sowder and there were about 30 people in attendance.


I joined It Works on May 1, 2008.  My dear friend called me from a party that she was attending and said ” Are you sitting down?  I am at a party and they are putting on an herbal patch and people are losing inches in 45 minutes”.  We could talk about inch loss in those days.  I had such a strong intuitive hit about this product and company that I responded ” sign me up!”  She had to go sign herself up so  that she could sign me up.  This It Works Body Wrap sounds like a vanity product but it does so much more on the level of healing and energy and that is why I wanted to be part of it.  If it was just about vanity I would not be interested and would not have signed up to stand behind it.

We had been in the company about a month and my friend and I decided that we wanted to find out about the corporate team and their vision.  Neither of us wanted to go all in until we knew they were in alignment with our vision of health and integrity.  Eight of us jumped in an RV and drove to the head quarters which was in Grand Rapids, MI. At the time the company was very small and only 7 years old. It was owned by Mark Pentecost and Pam Sowder.  Mark was the CEO and Pam was building It Works one person at a time.

We were greeted by Mark, Pam and Dave and Debbie Sasek and treated like we were the royalty arriving from Minnesota.  Like I said It Works was just a small company and we were a big deal!  We spent several days there having lunches and dinners with corporate staff, having a tour of the tiny corporate head quarters, having a private all day training and being part of the first webinar It Works ever did.


  • The shipping department was a wall in one of the rooms with a long table and a few boxes of product and two people working it.
  • Customer Service was one person.  Her name was Sharon and she knew each of us by name
  • We could call Doug, our CFO, directly when ever we had an issue about comp plan or commissions and he would fix it right away.  He knew all of us by name too.
  • We had what I thought was a cheesy website, that I didn’t want to send anyone to.  At one point our CEO walked out of the side of the website and started talking.  Later when he lost some weight using the products he walked out of his heavier self, thinner and did a presentation.  That was upgraded technology.
  • We didn’t have a personal back office just a list of people we had signed up in kind of a tree structure.
  • We had very few marketing materials and no branding.
  • There was no easy way to duplicate the business
  • We were just learning as we went a long.

The purpose of this was so that It Works could pay off all of the debt that had accumulated while they were building.   It paid off because in 2009 we became debt free and are to this day.  That is very important in business.  Businesses come and go because they fail to build on a healthy financial structure. Businesses that are debt free will be around for a long time.

I have been to 7 Annual Conferences with It Works so I haven’t missed any.  The first one I attended was in a small hotel conference room and there were around 190 people in attendance.  By the second year it had grown to around 450 and I was one of the presenters on a panel.


I remember being scared to death to speak!  This weekend that wasn’t an issue because I have personally grown through the experience.  Network Marketing is the best vehicle for personal development on the planet, I can attest to that!







Here are some images from my early days with the company

101_2741This was before the webinar just hanging around the pool getting to know each other. In the photo we are holding Dr. Don Verhulst, our Chief Medical Officer.  Pam Sowder is in the middle front with Dr. Don in her arms, Pam and Cindy Pentecost are in the back row, middle, Kami Dempsey, currently our top income earner is in black and white in the front and Dave and Debbie Sasek our Ambassador upline on he right side at the end.  I am holding up Dr. Don’s legs from the back row.  As you can see this is a company that loves to have fun!


Mn Diamonds




Another photo from our trip to Grand Rapids after we arrived and had dinner with Mark Pentecost and Pam Sowder.

Most people in Network Marketing don’t get an opportunity to see the early beginnings of a company and build relationships with the corporate team so I feel very fortunate.







  • Head quarters has had to move twice because of the growth.  In 2011 It Works Global moved to Bradenton, Florida and almost 100% of the team moved with them, which is unheard of!   In 2014 we moved into our new, state of the art, waterfront headquarters because in 3 years they out grew the building  they had been in.  There are slides from each floor a roof top mini golf course and bistro’s on every level.


201405-iw-headquarters-front1 304xx1000-667-0-0

  • We have an easy to duplicate Steps to Success that anyone can follow and build a successful business
  • We have beautiful branding that is very recognizable, comprehensive marketing tools, branded wearing apparel and a beautiful website, .
  • We are in line this year to be a billion dollar brand
  • We have been featured in the Oscars and Emmy’s swag bags, Direct Selling News, Inc. 500, Success From Home Magazine, because of the rapid growth and expansion we are experiencing
  • We have a first-to-market product that can’t be copied, with both health benefits and instant gratification that is selling like hot cakes
  • Our compensation plan is unique and has a great pay out.
  • We are opened in the US and 17 other countries around the world.














All of this and we are just entering momentum, only 2 in 10 people have ever heard of us, and only 70,000 distributors around the world.  We are considered a ground level company and there is still room for anyone to build a successful legacy for themselves and their families!

I am only touching on some of the highlights to show how far we have come.  There is so much more that contributed to the explosive growth of It Works!  This is just to impress upon the reader how far we have come in a few short years.




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Magic Keys to Manifestation


By now most of you have seen the movie The Secret.  I think this movie was a great introduction to the Law of Attraction but only the beginning.  First of all it is only one of the Natural Laws that impacts the universe and second, it isn’t as easy as it is portrayed in the movie when you first start working with it.

Becoming efficient at the Law of Attraction, which by the way is working at all times whether we know it or not, takes practice.  The beginning work includes a lot of self discovery and change in order to make it possible to align with those things you want to manifest.

Here are some keys to consider as you go:

Key 1: Eliminate poverty consciousness.  That is the point of view where some people have everything and you have nothing.  The belief that you don’t deserve to have money.  I remember saying “I want to be a millionaire, does anyone else want to join me?” to a room for of women.  It got so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  I could only imagine what was going through their minds.  I am sure there was some sort of poverty or deserving program running.

Key 2: Comparison.  Comparison is the quickest way to kill the flow of energy flowing toward what you want to create.  Recognize jealousy and envy toward people who have more.  When you feel yourself comparing yourself to someone else remember your journey is your journey and it won’t look like anyone else’s.

Key 3: Dream Big.  Don’t shrink your dreams to fit your budget. Using finite thinking will just keep you constricted in your thinking and action.  Instead expand how much you want to make so that you can start having more of what your want.  The more you can expand your dreaming the more you allow more to come in.

Key 4: Birds of a Feather flock together.  It is said that if you look at your 10 closest friends you will have an indication of your success or lack of success.  Start looking for people who inspire you and spend time with them.  This will increase your ability to think positive and attract more of what you want.

Key 5: Make a mental note or keep a journal of things that are happening to support movement toward manifesting your desires.  Even the smallest steps count and make it more possible for you to believe you can have what you want.

Key 6:Make a commitment to personal development.  I think network marketing and having your own business is the greatest vehicle for personal develop on the planet.  If things are not going in the direction you want them to go you are the only one to blame.  Yes you can try to blame other people or things but ultimately it comes down to you.

Key 7: Have an attitude of gratitude.   Being grateful for what you have is magnetic.  Make a gratitude journal and write at least one thing that happened each day that brought you closer to your dreams.

Finally, don’t be hard on yourself when things seem to be going in the wrong direction.  You can start fresh anytime.  If you find yourself where you don’t want to be, pick one of these keys and focus on it for a few days and watch the magic!


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