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Why did I Write My Book?


 I wrote this book for you!  I have discovered many secrets to healing through my own journey and I feel I have a responsibility to share them with you!!

First, I have to admit that I had no previous thought of writing this book, in fact I didn’t want to write it!  I had resisted doing it for years, even though I knew it might be helpful to other people.  I just didn’t want to revisit or put any more energy into things from the past that had caused me so much physical pain.  I wanted to leave those experiences in the past where I felt they belonged. 

My Soul Had a Different Idea!

I woke one morning at 4:00 and the introduction began to write itself as I lay in bed.  Oh damn, I thought, now I have to write this book, it is already writing itself. My soul and my Inner Physician knew that I had discovered secrets to healing my body in the process of my journey and I NEEDED to share them.  The only effective way to do this was to write a book.  I knew this was true!

I also knew that that in writing my book I would be releasing my stories so they could help other people on their own journeys back to wellness and I had an obligation to do that.  I also knew that I would be opening myself up to being vulnerable by talking about my intimate process of healing which was sometimes messy, sometimes difficult, and introduced me to some seemingly unusual and bizarre healing methods.  

Of course I was concerned what people would think, and I still am. Come on!  I didn’t want to write a book. It seemed like a daunting task to get it right.  I did it.  It took me 9 years from that morning at 4 AM, but I did it.  I did it for all of the people I could help!  All the lives that might change because of my seemingly impossible journey back to wellness. 

I know people need to read this book and I don’t know anything about marketing a book, but I am learning as I go so that it will find it’s way to the right people.

I did it for you! If you want to transform your physical, mental or emotional health I know without a shadow of a doubt that “Empowered Health and Wellness, awakening your inner physician” will help you do just that!

Amazon Paper Back Amazon Kindle  Signed Copy from me

We are on this planet to thrive and we don’t have to be sick on any level, we just need to know a few things that can change the view so we can be in Health, abundance and Well-being. Would you agree?    My book is a road map to help you find those treasures!!!


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The “Who needs Black Friday” Book Sale!

booksale   Hello! I am one of those people that you will not find shopping on Black Friday!  I don’t think that the deals the stores have are really deals anyway.  They inflate the price and drop it down so it looks like you are saving a bunch of money! I am having a sale on my book this weekend and it is REALLY a sale!  From Nov 28-30 you can purchase my book from me for $15 including shipping.  It is normally $20 from me which includes shipping.  If you purchase it from Amazon it is $23.00. When you order today I will personalize and directly ship your copy to you. By ordering directly from me, not only are you getting a one of a kind personalized book, but you are also allowing me to keep more of the profits in my pocket so I can continue doing much needed work. Send me an email at magnetickatelyn@gmail and include your shipping address and I will send you an invoice for the book. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!! About “Empowered Health and Wellness” “Empowered Health and Wellness will give you hope and get you excited about the idea of being healthy again!  Even though the book is about Katelyn’s personal physical healing journey there is so much more that will add value to anyone’s life. In the book she takes you on her personal wellness journey as she shares her stories and alternative techniques used to heal herself from issues she was told would not heal.  It is her hope that her success will inspire you to look at your own healing journey in a new way. Katelyn is tenacious in her search for balance and well-being. Discover how to change how you think and become the master of your own reality whether you are struggling with physical illness or just wanting to take things to another level, this powerful book with effectively shift your consciousness. Learn how to transform yourself using your illness as a guide.  You don’t want to wait until you are sick to learn how to engage your inner physician.  You can learn from reading this book how to use your inner physician.”

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