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Day 5-Experiment in Living Spontaneously

“Everyone is the architect of their own future. “

The quote above is on a label sewn into the white shorts I am wearing today. They came that way and I didn’t notice the label until I wore them the first time. How perfect!

Today was Grand Old Days, which is a traditional event in St. Paul, and I walked over there from my house which is about 6 blocks from Grand. It attracts 10’s of thousands of people so you can’t really park any closer, so walking is the best option. This year is the 35th years so as you can imagine it has become a big deal. I think 4 miles of Grand Avenue is blocked off so people can walk in the streets and believe me it is four miles of wall to wall people. A humongous throng of people!

It started out as your typical ‘dog day afternoon’:

Grand Old Days starts with a parade and that goes for about a mile. I got to Grand half way through the parade so I got to see some of the floats and hear a couple of marching bands. I was surrounded by kids and though I was tempted, I let them scurry into the street to pick up the candy that was thrown.

Life really is a parade of interesting people when it comes down to it:

And a few alien creatures…

I think I walked up and down a mile and a half of Grand so about 3 miles and it was fun to be a part of the parade of people, taking pictures along the way with my cell phone.

I was inspired by the Piano’s on Parade and this one made me want to go out and buy and up right piano myself just for the fun of painting it:

About Piano’s On Parade:

Get a preview of pianos transformed by
local artists that will be placed throughout
St. Paul neighborhoods this summer
for the community to enjoy!

Oh..oh…I might just have to make a phone call!

Besides going there to be in the experience, I was prepared to do some Blitzing. Blitzing is the It Works word for passing out informational post cards to get people interested in our Ultimate Body Applicator.  Blitzing requires that you just walk up to someone and hand them the information about your business.  I don’t like to do this activity by myself so I was stretching the envelope. There were thousands of people to blitz so it was a mecca for me…kind of. I don’t enjoy going up to strangers and asking them if they want to know about my business because it feels too pushy to me. I don’t have a problem talking about my business in places where it is in context like expos or networking events because it is expected.  I would rather share out of a connection of some kind, such as a conversation.

I had my It Works t-shirt on so I was already a walking advertisement. I approached two young women and asked if they would like a coupon and got a hand in my face and a “no”. I immediately made an executive decision. I wasn’t going to hand out Blitz cards in massive amounts just to get them out there because there was a high probability they would get tossed in the next trash can.

I decided only to hand out them to someone I was in conversation with, which meant I had to get into conversation with some strangers. I ended up have a number of conversations that resulting in my giving my blitz card to someone. I engaged with each of them about something completely separate from It Works. I talked to a woman about childcare for my grandson and she took a handful of Blitz cards to put in the staff room. I talked to two women, while I was having a salad at a picnic table, about not being so available to guys and about being yourself and letting the men come to you, instead of chasing after them We talked about buy jewelry after one of the women admired my necklace. They each took a blitz card and one might come to my open house wrap party. I talked to a woman who was selling her boyfriends amazing Native American drawings. We got into a conversation about health and it opened the door to me telling her about the business.

I bought this necklace from an artist and shared the information about It Works with her after I made the purchase.

I feel like each of these connections have much more potential for creating a connection than handing a random stranger a card that might get thrown out. I feel like I expanded myself by doing it this way.

Life really is just a parade, it is meant to be fun and if we don’t take it too seriously it can bring us suprises like this one…I found another four-leaf clover as I was leaving the house.

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Day 4-Experiment in Living Spontaneously

Creating day 4 took me late into the night so I am writing this the following day.

Yesterday was created for my by my It Works Upline but in reality I created it too, because I joined it works and because I am creating everything in my life. Yes, we are always creating our days, whether we are conscious of it or not. This experiment is about being as conscious as possible about creating.

We have fun in It Works! It is the energy of the company and if we are not having fun, there is not point in doing the business. Yesterday 35-40 of the Minnesota It Works team got together for Beach Money Day on a lake in Waconia, Minnesota. I got to meet many of my team members who I hadn’t met before, aside from Facebook conversations. It was a day of playing, connecting and DREAMING BIG DREAMS, so it fit right in with what I am doing and creating in the month of June.

To fit in with the theme of sitting on the beach making money, we each got a beach ball and wrote our dreams on them. Here are some photos:

Beach balls fall down from the sky…

Dreaming BIG Dreams

There is no limit to the dreams we can dream and what we can achieve and experience in our lives except the limits we put on ourselves.

Children are the masters of dreaming

If we can come at life with a child’s mind we can not only dream the BIG Dreams but we can make them reality. I have had a saying all of my life “when I grow up I want to be a kid”. I think on some unconscious level I knew that kids were the dreamers and that nothing got in their way. They believe that anything is possible and have not yet been programmed to believe that it were any other way.

I am working on child’s mind with the maturity and wisdom of an adult.

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Make your life recession proof!

A year ago in March I lost my job. It was a job I had for 8 years and even though I had already found another job it took me about 6 months to build my income to the level I was at with the old job.

Six months can wreak havoc on your finances, especially in a recession where the cost of living is higher. It is a year later and I am just catching up on all of my bills and I am sure that my credit score is not going to win any rewards.

I feel like I am part of a big group of people who have been impacted by the economy and because of the large numbers, systems will have to change. The banking system is not working, interest is sky-high on credit cards and once you get behind they are allowed to crank it up to 25-29 %. That is insane and forcing many people to lose their houses and file bankrupcy, all of which are symptomatic for the need for change. Recession. It’s everywhere. Foreclosures, mortgage crisis, gas prices, job losses. Every day you turn on the news, it’s something else.

Thank God for my home based business! I became an independent distributor with It Works on May 1, 2008. The money I was making by March, when I lost my job was almost enough to make my mortgage payment. Today I have more than replaced the income I made at the job I lost and by the end of the year I hope to leave my current job and do It Works full-time.

So what do I mean when I say “recession proof” your life? If you create a financial portfolio with that includes multiple streams of income you will fare better when the economy takes a dive. Network marketing is a great way to recession proof your income. With the cost of living sky-rocketing and major layoffs in many manufacturing sectors, people are looking for alternative sources of income.

Working in a traditional corporation has not only become a risk but there is no way to become financially free working for someone else, exchanging time for money. You time is structured and dictated by someone else and you are working to make their dream a reality, not your own.

Network Marketing can be started part-time, in conjunction with whatever you are currently doing, like I did. So if you are currently working a full-time job, there is no need to give that up to start your Network Marketing career. Network Marketing can be done any time, any place, with any amount of hours you choose to work.

The start-up costs are relatively low, you choose the people you get to work with and the tax benefits for running a business out of your home are plentiful. For example, in the company that I am with, you can become a distributor for $199 and that includes enough product to turn around and make $240 right away and it doesn’t end there. So you have basically started your business for free!

But, the single most important factor of all with Network Marketing is this – There is NO limit on the income you can make. Your success depends not only on your desire to succeed but on helping other people reach success. With the right company you can make as much in a month as you have made in a year!

Because it’s recession proof, when people are afraid of losing their jobs or job security, they look for ways to supplement their income, and Network Marketing is the best way. And what better way than starting a business with low start up costs but amazing earnings potential? There are tons of opportunities out there all you have to do is do your research and find something you are passionate about. Passion and the right company is a recipe for success.

I think the key is finding a company with first-to-market products where there is on competition from other companies. You want a company that has been around for more than 5 years and is debt free. Check out the people at the top before you join and find out if they are in alignment with your goals and values. And lastly, make sure they have excellent training and top notch promotional materials. Those are the reasons that I chose It Works Marketing.

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Creating Your Own Economy

Why would anyone want to start a home based business

Here is what Paul Zane Pilzer, Author and Nobel Prize Winning Economist says about network marketing/home-based business:

“Home-based businesses are one of the fastest-growing segments of our economy and that trend will only continue, as the age of the corporation, which began barely a century ago, now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur.”

With that said I predict that in the future we will be buying from each other and the corporation will be a thing of the past.  We will be in charge of the economy and everyone will have the potential to be financially free. The business model of network marketing also known as MLM and direct marketing is the most viable vehicle for that to happen.  Currently it is one of the only ways to purchase cutting edge technology and cutting edge products for personal use.

Why does it work for me?

Like most people I have dreams of things I want to do when I get more time.  I have always thought of retiring early so I could do those things that I feel I am here to do  as part of my purpose, like my visionary art.  I remember waking up several years ago and realizing that at the rate I was going, working for someone else, I would never be able to retire!  That is how it is when we exchange time for money, we build someone else’s dream and never get around to our own.

The day that I had my realization I decided I needed to find ways to build residual income that would keep coming even when I wasn’t working and after I quit working.  This is when I started looking into network marketing.  Like most people I was skeptical at first.  I tried several business opportunities before I found one that was a fit.  It is a first to market product, with cutting edge sales tools and training, with a fabulous comp plan in a company that has not yet reached it’s tipping point. To me that is a recipe for success

When I was introduced to It Works in May 2008 I was involved in three other business opportunities with my very dear friends Che Lisa and Tim. I love the direct marketing/ mlm/network marketing business model because it is the only real way for the average person to become financially free. This is one way to create you own economy.

Che called me and told me about a body patch that was made with all natural herbs, essential oils, minerals and homeopathics and when it was applied to the body it caused people to lose inches in 45 minutes. I signed up without trying the product because I could see the vision the beauty of selling a first-to-market product.  When I got my business builders kit the following week and tried the Ultimate Body Applicator I lost 8 1/4 with the first one.  I love our products but do have my favorites.  I am in love with the New You 3.0, Ultimate Body Applicator, The Defining Gel, Greens and the Ultimate Thermofit and I have seen hundreds of people’s lives change using these products.  Learn about the Ultimate Body Applicator.

It was important to us to see corporate and meet the owners so Che, Tim, myself and 5 other new distributors drove to Michigan in June 2008 to meet the owners.  We had been in the business about six weeks and Pam and Mark and Debbie and everyone at corporate rolled out the red carpet for us, treated us like family and even featured on the first webinar It Works did.  I was sold on It Works! and dropped out of the other business opportunities I was involved in. This welcoming, family atmosphere continues today as we expand internationally. It works is now available in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

I feel that Network Marketing/MLM/Direct Marketing is the best personal growth workshop on the planet because if my business isn’t expanding and growing there is something in me that is out of alignment with my dream. When I use this approach and sift myself my business shifts immediately.  I have used this to develop personally as I grow and expand my business and support my team.  It has been exciting for me to watch It Works! grow along side me. Article by Robert Kiyosaki on Network Marketing.

Every March the CEO, Mark Pentecost, pulls out all the stops to support everyone to take their business to a whole new level.  For the month of March this year it is really crazy because he dropped the cost of the business builders kit to  $99. The crazy part is you can make $240 just by selling the product that is included in the kit.  Not only that but with all the bonuses available this month you can set the foundation to grow an amazingly successful business.  You get $200 in free product just for bring in 4 customers, for example, and that is just the beginning.  That is why the $99 kit is crazy!  When I joined the company I paid $299 and I have built a successful business!  Details about the $99 kit.

My advice to anyone who is building any kind of home based business for yourself is to never give up, be patient, visualize success and be persistent.  You never know who is around the next corner and things can change in an instant! I wish everyone the success they dream of no matter what you choose to do to create your own economy.

“If I were start my entrepreneurial career all over again, I would start with a network marketing or direct sales business, not for the money but for the real-world business training I could receive”  –Robert Kiyosaki, Success From Home Magazine

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