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Does Visualizing Really Work?

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Visualization is a key component to the Law of Attraction.  You have all heard of creating vision boards and visualizing intentions, but does it really work?

I have been reading Mike Dooley’s book “Infinite Possibilities” the art of living your dreams and I am finding it to be one of the best books I have read on the Law of Attraction.  Why?  Dooley tackles the subject from a practical place.  A lot of books and even the video “The Secret” show you all the magical ways of manifesting but they leave out what it takes to really make it work.  Dooley breaks it down into pieces that anyone can understand.

Here is what he says about visualizing:

“If you can begin to grasp that your world does indeed revolve around the thoughts you choose, then it becomes a no-brainer to realize that at least sometimes, preferably daily, it would be helpful to deliberately “think” the kind of thoughts you’s like to experience.  I recommend starting with visualization, as anyone can set aside five minutes a day to start visualizing and it doesn’t cost a thing.”

It is important to begin your visualization at the end result.  Use all of your senses to experience what it would be like after your dream has manifested.  Never visualize for more than five minutes because at that point your mind begins to wander.  It is better to have five minutes of intense focus than 15 minutes of poor quality visualization.  It is important to feel the feelings associated with manifesting the dream because that is what fuels the Universe and makes you magnetic.  Once a day is all that is important.

I am doing my 5 minutes of visualizing when I wake up in the morning.  I am on day three.  I imagine things that happen that lead up to my dream coming true as well as the end results and I have to say that I am seeing the things happening just the way I have imagined!  When something happens that is in line with what I have visualized I thank the Universe, feel excitement and imagine more of the same.  I am also keeping a log of the things that happen that are just what I am imaging so I can see just how well I am doing.

If you haven’t read Infinite Possibilities, I encourage you to pick it up, and I will let you know how it is going through out the month.

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