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Accepting and letting go unlock the blessing


Accepting what is, is hard for our human nature, especially when we are asked to accept something that is challenging. We want to have some sense that we are in control. That’s human nature.

This is partly because of how the unknown outcome plays out in our mind. We think we know how something will turn out before it does and in challenging situation the story usually isn’t positive. Not many of us go through challenging situations and believe the best will happen unless we have done a lot of deep inner work. I have done a lot of deep personal work and it is still hard for me.

What if letting go of what you fear might happen, opens the door for your best possible outcome to happen? what if things really do always work out for your highest and best? I have had this happen on a number of occasions but I usually have to go through my control gyrations first. You would think positive experience would dictate response but that doesn’t always happen, especially with health challenges.

What if the story you conjure up in your mind is no where near the outcome that is intended and you are blocking a blessing by holding on?

The deeper healing comes when you can say to yourself, here is what I am afraid will happen and I accept that too, no matter how bad you think that will be. You can’t trust the highest outcome if you are busy trying to control.

Today I am practicing acceptance, patience and letting go.

Question, how does letting go and holding a positive intention for the outcome fit together? Or does it not fit together? Is intention setting just another form of control?


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Day 24-Experiment in Living Spontaneously

I started my day at the clinic getting my monthly B12 injection.  I have been getting them for 26 years since the part of my intestine that absorbs B12 was removed during life saving surgery.   After I got my shot the nurse said ” I don’t know if you heard or not but there is a nation way shortage on B12 and we only have 10 doses left”.  Of course I was surprised!  I remember asking my doctor, after my surgery, what would happen if I didn’t get the B12 shots.  He said ” you go crazy and eventually die”.

Perhaps more than what most people might be aware of, vitamin B12 is one exceptional vitamin that is essential for health and day-to-day living, even though it may be needed only in little quantities.  I won’t go into the long list of problems that can occur without it.

I was concerned when I talked to the nurse and as I was leaving the clinic but by the time I got to the car I had shifted into my go with the flow mind.  I began thinking about sublingual B12 that is absorbed under the tongue.  I also started to think about how if this would work, I wouldn’t have to go in to the clinic every month, pay for the shot and the clinic visit and I could get further off the medical grid.  I am very healthy so I only have to see a doctor a couple of times a year.  One of those times is for an annual physical that is required by the clinic so that I can get my prescription for B12 renewed.  Since I haven’t had insurance for a year I have to pay for it myself.   (I couldn’t get insurance because of a titanium plate in my wrist.  I am not kidding!)   Now I am thinking this B12 shortage might be a positive thing in the long run.

Of course I didn’t find anything on the internet about a B12 shortage because the medical community is really good about keeping things like that undercover.  I did find a reference to it in an animal chat room where a person who gets B12 shots for her dog heard it from her vet.  Now to research resources for sublingual B12, which by the way, I had asked my doctor about years ago and was told it wasn’t the best way to take B12.  I bet when I go in next month for my physical they will be more receptive to the idea!

I got my haircut and when I got home I had a new distributor who signed up on-line!  I love when my team grows while I am doing something fun for myself.

The B12 saga got even more interesting because when I got home my friend sent me an article about B12 that talked about the two forms of B12 available in supplements.  One is synthetic and toxic because it contains cyanide and the other is a naturally occuring B12 that is good for you.  Guess what? The B12 that I have been receiving all these years at the clinic is the synthetic one!  They use it because it is cheap and can be purchased in bulk.  This is really turning into a blessing because if I wouldn’t have known about the shortage I wouldn’t have found out there is something better!

I had a great time tonight with a group of people who love to travel…


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Day Sixteen- Experiment in Living Spontaneously

Still laying low today, taking cat naps, but feeling a little better.

I think what is going on is my immune system is being challenged by allergies because the weather has been so damp. I spent a lot of time researching air purifiers to find one that is going to help with mold and pet allergies. I live in a big house that is over 100 years old so I am sure there is mold in the air and I also have a cat that sheds so much you could make another cat out the hair left behind.

This down time has given me time to do some work on line, make some calls and set up a meeting for next week for my business.  I think that taking it easy is taking me through what ever  I have and it is leaving quickly.  When I was working I often went to work on days that I felt ill and it lasted a lot longer each time.   That was the problem with only working part time and not getting paid if I didn’t.  I am so grateful now because I am still getting paid as I lay on the couch taking it easy.

That it for today…going with the flow.

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Day Eight- Experiment in Living Spontaneously

Today I had three appointments on my calendar so there was less spontaneity. I also noticed I was not in the flow as much as I have been and there was a lot of mind chatter. The annoying kind of mind chatter where I am comparing myself to other people and generally irritated about things.

I had made a commitment to myself, when I started this process, to get back into the flow as soon as I found that I was out of the flow. The actual commitment statement I am saying everyday is ” I choose to set my intentions for a day of flow and grace. I am in harmony with all that I encounter and connect to my higher wisdom.” I intend to notice if and when that connection weakens and reconnect in that moment.”

I didn’t notice in the moment because once I got into the mind chatter I didn’t remember to notice when I was out!  I did notice sometime later and by then I was really irritated.

Staying in the flow and grace isn’t always easy, especially when there is a lot going on, like moving from one meeting to the next to the next.  Traffic really irritated me today too, with all of the construction, exploding roads and truck traffic I was late for my first meeting.  I am pretty sure that is what got me going in the first place and from there my mind was off to the races with chatter.

Staying present an conscious takes practice.  Today I didn’t do so well…

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