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Compassion and forgiveness for…yourself!


I have been home for three days. It has been a month since the traumatic event and the heart attack. I don’t feel afraid to be in my own home anymore and I am not afraid to go to sleep. I don’t feel shame or embarrassment for renting to someone I didn’t know. I am not mad at myself like I was or nor am I judging myself. ( these are common feelings people who experience trauma feel. Victim shaming doesn’t help)

All of that is gone, not just because I got to hang out at the ocean for 2+weeks but because I did the personal work I needed to do around this incident to be whole again. I had to feel the feelings, listen to them and let them go, so I could move to compassion, forgiveness and self love.

“Listen to your heart” has been one of the underlying messages through each heart event I have experienced. I didn’t listen to my heart this time and ultimately my heart had to show me again.

I didn’t want to rent space in my house, I decided that long ago. I responded out of pressure and fear and overrode my heart. I needed money and this seemed like a win win situation. But I bypassed my heart to do it.

I can’t respond from a place of financial fear and bypass my heart because of money. Even if I feel like I am backed in a corner, like I did. I can’t do it. Anymore…ever.

Responding from fear closes down the flow of prosperity, it doesn’t open the flow like we want it to.

When I am in my heart, knowing I am taken care of, money and resources flow…every time.

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Grounding for Heart Health



I am passionate about spreading the word about heart health and I am sharing what I learned during my 2 1/2 year journey to heal my own heart, as a way to educate others so they can keep their heart healthy. I had to step out of the traditional box of medicine to save my life. I hope you find these tips helpful ❤️

Excerpt from chapter 35 The Heart of the Earth in Resilient Heart : A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Heart for Women

“Imagine yourself as a child. If you were like me, you never wore shoes and you loved running barefoot through the mud. It was wonderful to feel the water splash and the mud squish between my toes. Dirt, who didn’t like dirt? I even ate dirt sometimes and now I am finding out that it was a good thing for my gut. So it looks like we were on to something when we were children and were naturally drawn to go barefoot.

Could a simple thing like going barefoot outside help your heart? I wanted to see for myself if it would help my heart heal.

It turns out that the sensation we feel when our feet contact the earth is more than just a great feeling. The therapeutic touch of Mother Earth is filled with remarkable health benefits.

A practice called Earthing emerged some years ago and doctors and scientists are beginning to discover that it has many benefits for our health. One of the most promising benefit points to the effect that the contact of earth on skin can have on heart health…”

I can’t wait for Winter to be over so I can get my bare feet back on the earth!

Resilient Heart: a holistic guide to heart health for women

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Everyone has a Calling that is Uniquely Their Own.

I watch Oprah’s farewell show yesterday.  Her last show after 25 years as she moves on to her new calling.  I found myself feeling a bit emotional, in a good way, as I thought of the parallels of my own life.  Oprah is three years younger than I am so we grew up with many of the same influences, including the liberation of women.  What a model for liberation she has been! We are both walking away from 25 years careers, ten days apart, in May 2011.  We are both following a calling.  Oprah’s calling is surely bigger than mine, or maybe it isn’t.

We each have lives to touch and a unique calling to fulfill, as we evolve and grow as more conscious beings.  There is no big or small in that.

Our calling, our purpose is what we are here to do.  It doesn’t have to be on a huge stage, and you don’t have to be world-famous.  Our calling can be a mother and our stage our children, it can be the kitchen of a restaurant and the people who eat there our stage.  We don’t have to be Oprah or Lady Gaga to make an impact.  We are touching someone every day and we don’t know the depth of impact. Think about  this, if you touched one person’s life you have impacted everyone they come into contact with from that point on.  Wow!

You have something to do here that no one else can do, and we would all miss out on something without you.  All we need to do is listen to our inner promptings and follow our heart.  It is easy, we make it complicated.  Our purpose calls us to be our authentic and unique selves. There have been times when I felt like my purpose was something I hadn’t done yet, and something I might never get to.  But the truth is our entire life is our purpose.  Everything we do is our purpose, every event a stepping stone to the next one.  We have callings, within callings, callings that follow other callings.

I am not sure what my next calling is but I feel something stirring deep inside me.  My heart is sending out its song and magnetizing my next adventure.

“…Start embracing the Life that is calling you…and use
your Life to Serve the World.” Oprah Winfrey

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