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Financial Freedom for Artists, Writers and Entrepreneurs

My passion is creating art, writing and healing. If any one of these is your passion you understand that for most of us our income isn’t consistent and often doesn’t come at the same time as the bills.

Imagine a life where you can live your passion and not have to worry about finances. Imagine, for example, you have enough money and more to cover all of your expenses so you don’t have to worry about selling art or books or having enough clients. This is more than possible, it can be a reality.

In the past I have had to put my passion on the back burner to get a 9-5 job to pay the bills. I was always dreaming about the day when I didn’t have to work and I could paint as a full time business. That day never came.

I did find a way to have financial support that more than paid my bills. It allowed me to travel the world studying with a master teacher, teaching a technique that I wanted to learn. I didn’t worry about buying the supplies I needed when I needed them. You don’t have to pass on opportunities to show your art because you don’t have the entrance fee. I didn’t have to decide if I was going to spend my money on food and necessities or supplies. I always had money when I needed.

What was the secret?

I think the best vehicle for anyone who feels they have a mission as an artist, author or healing is a Relationship Marketing Business. It is the kind of business model that you can work part time and leverage your time so you have a lifestyle that allows you to live your passion at the same time.

Why I decided on having a Relationship Marketing Business in the first place:

1-I set my own hours and work as much or as little as I want.

2-I am my own boss

3-I can built teams and share the work

4-There is no limits on the money I can make

5-I can build my business on the internet and don’t have to leave home.

6-I can travel when and where I want

7-I can study with experts because I have the money.

8-I can buy the best quality supplies

9-I don’t worry about having money to pay my bills.

10- I can focus on doing what I love

11-I have money to share with family and friends.

12-I have money for shipping, advertising, showing my art.

13-I can pay off credit cards, student loans, mortgages and cars.

Those art just a few reason for choosing a Relationship Marketing Business.

I know from experience that this works. I have been successful working this kind of business very part time. I built a team of 80,000 people working with me and have made as much as $11,000 a month. It also gives me another avenue to help people have health and wellness which is another of my passions.

If you would like to live a creative life by your own design take a look at the business I am building an get back to me to talk about how you can do this too. www.bydzyne.com

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Network Marketing is a viable Business Model.

There has been a rumor going around that Network Marketing was being taught at Harvard Business School.   I read the rumor myself and thought it was pretty awesome because it supported the business model of Network Marketing.  I also read a lot of articles about how it wasn’t true and was made up by someone at Mary Kay, years ago, so I did some research.

I found this:

The “MLM at Harvard” rumor is one of a handful of Baron Munchausen-like tall tales that made the rounds in the early 1960s. First published as an unsubstantiated claim by an over-eager author, the Harvard rumor soon took on a life of its own.

And this:

Well, strictly speaking MLM has been taught at Harvard. Both Professor Charles King and Michael Sheffield have spoken to various groups at Harvard on the network marketing industry.

And this:

The rumor of network marketing Harvard courses traces its origins to more than five decades ago in the 1960s. The roots of the network marketing Harvard course rumor were firmly embedded in a generic article that was written by an author extremely eager to make a point. As is obvious, the network marketing industry immediately took the claim and publicized it in such a manner that many people in the world claim today that everyone knows that there are network marketing Harvard courses.


There was a lot of truth to what was said in the original article, expect  the part of it being taught as a class at Harvard Business School.

Harvard Business School Article

All of the criteria listed in the article are ways to choose a great Network Marketing Opportunity, even though Harvard is not teaching it as a course.  What really happened was  Dr. Charles W. King studied business at Harvard Law School and here are 4 points he makes about Network Marketing:

Dr. King’s top 4 characteristics of what a home-based business opportunity must possess later.

Years ago most people thought the only persons that joined MLM opportunities were people that were uneducated and was not business savvy.

According to the Direct Selling Association over 65 percent of the direct marketers are college educated. This fact is attracting more professionals into entrepreneurship than ever before.

Here are 4 major desirable components of a stable non traditional business . (according to Dr. King’s findings)

1. Consumable product or service

2. Unique product or service

3. Integrity and strong leadership in top management

4. At least 18 months in business

Here is an article I wrote about the concept of Momentum that might also be helpful.


Warren Buffett-Bought 3 Network Marketing companies

Paul Zane Pilzer – Economic Adviser to 2 Presidential Administrations • Best Selling Author and Trend Forecaster

Donald Trump-Business Executive / Entrepreneur • Respected leader in wealth creation

Robert Kiyosaki – #1 Best Selling Author – Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Cash Flow Quadrant

Dr. Charles W. King – Professor of Marketing at UIC who teaches Network Marketing at the collegiate level.

Robert Allen– Author of 5 books on how to achieve financial success – Multiple Streams of Income

Fortune Magazine has referred to Network Marketing and Direct Selling as the ‘best kept secret in the business world’. It has experienced 91% growth in the last 10 years ~ with annual sales in excess of $30 Billion in the US and $100 Billion worldwide. Financial experts say it’s a “recession-proof” industry.

John Assaraf– “THE ANSWER”

“In Network Marketing ~ the power of your connections and determination allows you to build a highly successful business ~ without the traditional costs of going into business on your own. The products, systems and ability to generate a great income and lifestyle make a powerful combination for those who want their share of the American dream.”


“The simplicity of Network Marketing is that you find something you deeply believe ~ then use it yourself and tell other people about it.”


“The unusual and wonderful thing about Network Marketing is that everyone around you is working to help you grow ~ instead of trying to keep you down ! In what other business do you have people making $50,000 and more a month ~ and they’re willing to tell you exactly how they did it ?

Could all of these people be wrong?  I highly doubt it.  Is Network Marketing a viable and legal business model, with lots of benefits yes.

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