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Financial Freedom for Artists, Writers and Entrepreneurs

My passion is creating art, writing and healing. If any one of these is your passion you understand that for most of us our income isn’t consistent and often doesn’t come at the same time as the bills.

Imagine a life where you can live your passion and not have to worry about finances. Imagine, for example, you have enough money and more to cover all of your expenses so you don’t have to worry about selling art or books or having enough clients. This is more than possible, it can be a reality.

In the past I have had to put my passion on the back burner to get a 9-5 job to pay the bills. I was always dreaming about the day when I didn’t have to work and I could paint as a full time business. That day never came.

I did find a way to have financial support that more than paid my bills. It allowed me to travel the world studying with a master teacher, teaching a technique that I wanted to learn. I didn’t worry about buying the supplies I needed when I needed them. You don’t have to pass on opportunities to show your art because you don’t have the entrance fee. I didn’t have to decide if I was going to spend my money on food and necessities or supplies. I always had money when I needed.

What was the secret?

I think the best vehicle for anyone who feels they have a mission as an artist, author or healing is a Relationship Marketing Business. It is the kind of business model that you can work part time and leverage your time so you have a lifestyle that allows you to live your passion at the same time.

Why I decided on having a Relationship Marketing Business in the first place:

1-I set my own hours and work as much or as little as I want.

2-I am my own boss

3-I can built teams and share the work

4-There is no limits on the money I can make

5-I can build my business on the internet and don’t have to leave home.

6-I can travel when and where I want

7-I can study with experts because I have the money.

8-I can buy the best quality supplies

9-I don’t worry about having money to pay my bills.

10- I can focus on doing what I love

11-I have money to share with family and friends.

12-I have money for shipping, advertising, showing my art.

13-I can pay off credit cards, student loans, mortgages and cars.

Those art just a few reason for choosing a Relationship Marketing Business.

I know from experience that this works. I have been successful working this kind of business very part time. I built a team of 80,000 people working with me and have made as much as $11,000 a month. It also gives me another avenue to help people have health and wellness which is another of my passions.

If you would like to live a creative life by your own design take a look at the business I am building an get back to me to talk about how you can do this too. www.bydzyne.com

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Network Marketing is a Community Support Model!

Yesterday, April 10th, I was out to dinner with my daughter and son and my son and I got into a deep conversation about social justice and finding a way to financially support communities in a balanced way.  My son Nathan is very big in the Occupy movement and into social justice and wants to be a community change maker.   We were talking about the in balance of wealth in this country and his decreasing aversion to money.  I posed the question about what if he was given a large amount of money and was asked to be a steward for it.  In that moment it struck me that Network Marketing is a community support model.

It is a viable business model that helps everyone who wants to, break the glass ceiling of social limitations and lack consciousness.  Within its own structure, wealth is creating in the community involved because of a team effort to build a business.  Not only is wealth created but through the process of becoming successful, consciousness is evolved.

Long given a ‘bad rap’ as some kind of ‘pyramid scheme’, Network Marketing is a natural way to  support a community financially, spiritually, emotionally and in health.  Unfortunately people have stay away from it out of fear that it is somehow wrong or illegal.  Maybe the ‘bad rap” comes from fear in the Corporate World, because this is a vehicle where anyone who does the work of building a team can be financially free and so can everyone they introduce it to.  Holy cow!  What would happen if we stopped supporting Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, McDonald’s, where prices are inflated so they can go on sale and the food they sell is killing us, and started buying from each other?

The base of power would shift!

We would have access to products that were good for us!

People would be empowered to live authentic lives!

Heaven forbid…

Not only does Network Marketing provide a vehicle for financial freedom, but it is the best personal development workshop on the planet!  Why would I say that?  In order to be successful in Network Marketing one must evolve personally and building your business is a natural vehicle for that.  All the social programming around lack, money, success, the legitimacy of Network Marketing itself, come into your face, either through your own programming or that of those around you, as you jump in and start sharing what you found.  This is not for the faint of heart because you have to push through  programming and resistance to make it work. You have to disengage from social and corporate programming that we have be fed.  Sometimes this is not easy, depending on your level of programing, but the benefits gained are so worth it!  It is probably harder for someone like me a product of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s than it is for someone born later.

Imagine the fear this would put into the corporate mindset to have massive amounts of people becoming both enlightening and financially free at the same time. No wonder there is a rumor going around that Network Marketing is an illegal pyramid scheme.

Now imagine for a minute that all those free enlightened people who now had money could do something individually and together to change the world. Not just by the life changing products they might be selling but also with the money they could put back into their communities and personal causes because they weren’t living from pay check to pay check.  You see, now the community of support just grew larger.

Let’s use me as an example.  I have been involved in the Network Marketing company I am with for four years. As I have grown and become more conscious my business and success has grown.  I am now making a nice five-figure a month income.  This is more money than I ever made working a job for someone else and their dream. I am not an isolated example of the kind of success and money available. I am one of many, many people now making enough money to live a mission driven life.  I am part of a growing community of support spread across the country. We are all able to do what we came here to do because of the financial freedom.

I have always wanted to support people to be free and empowered and that is why I was a psychologist for so many years.  I never impacted as many people in that position as I am now, as part of a Network Marketing company because I now have a vehicle for health, personal development and financial freedom.

My dream is for everyone on the planet to feel empowered, to grow and evolve and be financially free so that we can unhook from the broken Corporate Machine that holds people back, squelches creativity and authenticity and that is destroying our economy and our planet.  The Community Support Model of Network Marketing is a vehicle that can change that, and It Works!


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Day Fifteen-Experiment in Living Sponteously

Today here is a lot of activity in the sky impacting all of us with the second eclipse in a rare series of three this month.  The sun is in Gemini and the moon is in Sagittarius which is interesting in my chart because my moon is Gemini in the 7th house of partnership and Sagittarius is in my first house of self.  That has been a life long struggle for me because I have both a strong desire for independence and a strong desire to be in a partnership and I have yet to figure out the dance that allows them work together. It is not surprise that this would come up when I have set an intention to be in a relationship now, and am more open than ever before for it to happen.

According to the Astrological forecast for today the energies that are flowing in are highly supportive of this 31 day experiment and come right in the middle of it.  Like I said on the first day, I hadn’t picked this time because of the astrological influences but in retrospect I pick the perfect time to do this given what is happening in the sky to support me.  The day after my experiment ends, July 1st, is the final eclipse and this is the symbol for it.  Fittingly, this eclipse cycle doesn’t end at this full moon, the New Moon of July 1 is also a partial Solar eclipse, with the Sabian image at 10 degrees Cancer, “A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process, the arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest and ideal.  So I will be coming out of the process as a diamond!

Here is the forecast for the Solar Eclipse today:

Self expression and communication are in the spotlight of experience surrounding the June 15 date. It is time to let go of your guarded protection and open up more, to free your mind and spirit, to express more freely from your authenticity. Now life seeks to break down these “protections” and help us to more deeply connect with our authentic self and authentic life.  Sometimes we think we are centered and aligned, but we are in reality operating in cruise control.  This is a time of new beginnings or at least getting ready for new beginnings. Remember that this eclipse season of spring/summer 2011 is meant to push us forward into a New Season or Era of our lives here on Earth.

We are meant to move through this transition looking at life through new eyes, eyes that have awakened to greater clarity.  We are moving out of old patterns that have kept us stuck, yet protected from our deeper soul’s truth.   We have all too often been on auto-drive, zoning out in our habits and addictions. Think about the future and how we can improve ourselves.  Get rid of beliefs that are no longer supportive.  The healing today occurs through acceptance and being true to SELF.  Stay positive!

I can tell already that this is going to be an interesting day.  I went to bed with what feels like swollen lymph nodes in my neck so there is something trying to be released.  It is quite painful.  It looks like it will be a day of resting and taking care of myself.  I guess my first Zumba class will have to wait 😦

I made a couple of appointments for next week and finished the interview with Lisa Metwaly of Q Kindness Cafe, but for the most part it has been a very quiet day trying to feel better.

I look at any kind of disease or discomfort in the body as a metaphor that is trying to tell me something. Lymph nodes are like oil filters, filtering out bacteria and other things that don’t belong in the body. My lymph system is apparently stressed from working hard to release something.  The lymph system is about assisted movement because it doesn’t flow my itself. As a metaphor for my life right now it could mean, movement assisted by intention.  I am still apparently a little blocked with it comes to going with the flow and trusting that my intentions will lead me to the perfect place for me.   I am an aries so I like to see things happen yesterday and if they haven’t I give them a little help.   A big lesson in this life for me has been to learn to be patient.

So today I get to go with the flow of doing nothing…now that is a hard one for me.

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