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The Economy of the Future


I have way more fun as an entrepreneur than I ever had working for someone else. Not only that but my time is mine and I decide how I am going to use it.  There is a lot of playfulness in having time freedom!

There is a time in the very near future when there will be more entrepreneurs and we will be buying from and supporting each other rather than big box stores.  I think everyone of us is an entrepreneur but that was socialized out of us in school.  We weren’t taught to think like entrepreneurs we were taught to think like employees.  We were taught to “go to school, and get a good job”.   Jobs are not what they use to be!  We are either a slave to someone else’s vision or we are creating our own.

How often does your boss encourage you to play and have fun at work?

I have never had a boss encourage fun at work!  It was serious business and we couldn’t “fool around” on their time.  Some people are lucky to get a lunch break at work.  You have to feel like working 8 hours a day 5 days a week and if you don’t you cant’ call in and say you are staying home.

I can’t wait for the days when I am buying from my family, friends and neighbors and supporting them to be successful!  If you don’t have a residual income business I encourage you to find one.

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Launching a Business While Working a Job

I was interviewed this week for a radio show on BlogTalk Radio with Tia Goodwin about launching a network marketing business while working and thought it would be a good subject for a blog.  Here is the link to the Interview.

Most people join network marketing while they have a job because they need to keep money coming in while they build their business.  Most of those same people quit because of what it takes to juggle a job and a home based business.  In reality it is imperative to learn how to juggle both if you are ever going to get to the place where you can quit your job and have financial freedom.

I am not going to tell you it is easy, but I am going to tell you it is possible with commitment, dedication, time management and balance.  I know this because I did it.

The first question to ask yourself is how badly do you want to get of the gerbil wheel?

Personally, I wanted off!  I didn’t want to work for the rest of my life, which is what would have happened to me if I would have stayed in the work force.  I was a single parent for many years and all of our money went to support us.  There wasn’t anything left for retirement in savings, investments or a 401k.  Those were luxuries that I couldn’t afford.  So 7 years ago I started considering ways to create residual income.

The most important thing when deciding to start a new business is to do your due diligence.  Find a company with products you can be passionate about, that will be around years to come so that your hard work and effort continues to support you way into the future.  You don’t want to work on building a business that will disappear.

Here are the things I considered and encourage others to consider when looking for a home based business in network marketing:

  1. I wanted a company with an exclusive product.  One that had no competition in the market place.  I found that with It Works Global and our Ultimate Body Applicator.  A company with no competition is easier to build because people can compare your product to another product, such as a juice or vitamin.
  2. You want consumable products that people want.  Of of the products from It Works are consumable.  This means that people will continue to purchase month after month.
  3. I wanted a company that was more than 5 years old with a solid foundation.  It works is 10 years old.  Many network marketing companies come and go with in the first few years.  Find one that is stable.
  4. I wanted a company that was debt free.  It Works went debt free in 2007.  With a debt free company more money goes to the distributors and the company is less likely to fail.
  5. I wanted a company that was in alignment with what I believe.  It Works has integrity, vision, a culture of support and a sense of community that starts at the top.  I need this because I don’t want to put effort into a company that is not.
  6. I wanted the owners of the company to have experience in the field so they understand the needs of the distributors.  Both of the owners were successful in network marketing in the past.
  7. You want to find a company that has a compensation plan with a good residual income payout.   I prefer uni-level over a binary plan.  The compensation plan It Works has created is a hybrid which is a combination of uni-level and binary which means more money can be made.
  8. You want a system for building a business that is easy to duplicate.  If you have a  system that is easy to duplicate it is easy to teach your new distributors, easy for them to do, and easy for them to pass on.  We have a simple Steps to Success plan to build our business’ with.

Once you find a company and product that you want to represent decide how much time you want to work the business each week and stick to that.  As your business grows you will find that you are putting in more time.  I encourage you to plan a day where you do things just for you and/or your family so that you can have a sense of balance.

If you listen to the interview on the link above you can hear more about how I built my business while working.

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Bringing Dreams Alive!

I have a feeling that many people have put their dreams on the back burning or on a high shelf waiting for a time when they will have time and money to make them happen, especially if it is something creative or seemingly unconventional. Yet those creative and unconventional ideas are the very things the world craves.

I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. I started my first business when I was 23, unless we include Kool-Aid stands, when I was a kid. I created a stationary business which designed custom wedding invitations and custom announcements for people who were adopting. The adoption line also had clothing, which I called Applikids TM, that I designed, made and appliqued which children from around the world. I had a shop on a quaint little street, Grand Avenue, in St. Paul and I was doing very well. It was before the computer and there was a demand for hand lettering and custom design. I also created a highly successful game that teaches children how to express anger, called Angry Animals. It has been a best seller for 25 years. I was living my dream of being an artist and getting paid to express my creativity.

Applikids child’s sailor top (left) Angry Animals 2 (right)

Along came divorce and single parenthood and the end of the dream, because I needed a consistent income in order to support myself and my two children. I bought into the social program that said ‘Get a real job”. The same program that believed being an artist wasn’t a real job. I went back to school and got a Master’s Degree and have been a psychotherapist for 25 years.

I use my own life to illustrate how we put our dreams on hold, usually because of money and not having enough. My reason was a combination of not enough money and not enough time. I tried for a long time to work two jobs so that I could work the third creative one which brought me joy but I eventually just let it go and settled into the job and dreamed of the time when I could bring it back alive.

People, it is time to stop holding back our dreams! The world needs every one of our gifts and talents and we each have a purpose that is unique. Do you realize that if you are doing what you love, the universe will step in and provide all of the support you need?

“At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

What wild, crazy, creative, innovative dream that you had as a child have you put into storage? Time to retrieve them, dust them off and blow life back into them!

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Interview with Twin Cities pianist and composer, Michelle Glaser

I have known Michelle for a few years, before she was an accomplished, well-known local pianist. Michelle’s passion is music, and it becomes evident upon listening to the vast styles she can create. I was privileged to be at her concert at Steven Anderson beautiful home on Summit Avenue when she released the CD “Between Times”. I purchased the CD and listen to it often because it is such relaxing and peaceful music. The music is a lot like Michelle.

Michelle was generous to take time to talk to me in this interview and I am excited to introduce her to you on a deeper level. My intention through these interviews is to capture the soul of the entrepreneur and Michelle embodies that perfectly.

Katelyn Mariah: I have been impressed with how your career has taken off in what seems to be a short period of time. Can you tell me when music became a part of your life and what happened to line things up so perfectly for you to get you where you are right now?

Michelle Glaser: Well, I know that music became a part of my life in the womb. My mother loved music, and it’s proven that babies can hear what the mother hears or sings with her voice. As far as when my instrument, the piano, became a part of my life… I started piano lessons young, at 5 years old. I’m so grateful to my mother, because she wanted her children to have everything that she didn’t have growing up – coming from a small, Ohio farm. I was classically trained until I turned 18 and then left for college.

I spent the next 10 years learning a lot of life’s lessons. My piano playing stopped altogether, and I was just ‘going through the motions’. At the time I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to be so I started working full-time in the administrative assistant field, and got married, way too young. Thankfully, that relationship ended, and a new Michelle emerged.

I bought my first digital piano to bring music back into my life, not realizing at the time how important that decision was. I was surprised to learn that because I hadn’t played for 10 years it was difficult to ‘sight-read’ sheet music. I just started making up my own music; improvising for hours. Music is healing in so many ways and creating music became my therapy. It’s also how I give my thanks and praise to God.

Seven years later, I met my soul mate. What a difference love makes! It changed my life to meet someone with the same spiritual beliefs. I love learning and growing with her on a daily basis. What knowledge she has shared with me! The first time I played the piano for her it made her cry. Because of the strong emotions the music evoked in her, we decided that we should bring the music to others so they could feel it too. My partner said, “Give it at least 6 months” and see what happens. So, we decided to give my dream of following my passion and doing what I love to do a chance.

After shopping around and doing the research, my partner, Rowan, found a place to record my first CD. We were ready to get my sales and exposure going. Now 2 years later, I have written 3 CDs of original music. I have toured the coffee shops; played some pubs; entertained at expos and shows; performed at churches; have been streamed live on internet radio; was interviewed in the Edge Magazine and I currently have intro music I wrote for them playing on their Blog Talk Radio show every Wednesday. (You will hear Michelle on the piano in the intro) My songs have been played on KFAI radio; and last fall I had my first television appearance on NBC KARE 11’s “Showcase Minnesota.”

Drive, dedication and determination were factors when it came to how things lined up for me; you know, ‘how bad do you want this?’ I believe in the Law of Attraction the ability to visualize what we want and can make it happen. Thoughts are very powerful and the universe is abundant and we have the capability to manifest anything we need.

KM: Can you talk a bit more in-depth about how you use the Law of Attraction in building your music business?

MG: Sure. The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. I continually see myself where I want to be, and believe that I will be there. I give positive affirmation that what I want to happen, happens. Words have power, but thoughts are very powerful too. It’s easy to fall into that trap of “I can’t do it.” If something that I need to accomplish seems challenging, it’s important to keep my thoughts positive and stay focused with the intention that I will succeed.

Just recently, for example, I submitted some of my music to an internet radio station. My New Age and Classical songs would compliment this particular station really well. My heart and soul were saying “this is where my music will be showcased.” I didn’t say or think “I wish my music could be played on this station.” It’s a matter of clearly defining what you want and stating it as if it will happen. And as it turns out, I just found today that Enlightened Piano.com would like to use three of my songs for airplay which go live in the next couple of weeks. I’m already using the Law of Attraction with your interview, Katelyn, and know that the right person will read this and hire me to compose some music for them!

I believe self-realization is an ongoing process and I’m thrilled with how far I’ve come and where I’m now, but I don’t settle. I am constantly exploring what makes me tick and what brings me the most joy? Recently I discovered that I would really love to be a film composer so I found some ads and people looking for original music, applied and got to write the score for the short film, “The Collective.” They’ve already asked me to write for their next film, which will be playing at the Saint Anthony main theater this Spring/Summer.

KM: Isn’t it amazing how quickly things line up when you are in alignment with your true self? As a visionary artist and an art therapist, myself, I totally understand how creating can be therapeutic and a way to express from a spiritual level. I know that you have done personal recordings for people, which I would assume are messages from their soul. Can you talk about the spiritual aspect of creating music a little more?

MG: “Why, yes. Last fall I was commissioned to compose a song for someone’s husband, which would be a surprise gift for their wedding anniversary. She gave me samples of music he enjoys, artists and composers names, and at first I tried to write a song that was similar to his tastes. She didn’t care for the first song idea I came up with so I went back to my keyboard and started from scratch. That is when it happened. I let go and the song wrote itself. I took myself ‘out of the way’, stopped trying, and a beautiful melody emerged, and all of the other instrumentation just fell into place. I thought, “Well, this doesn’t sound like what he usually listens to, does it?” But I kept-on with writing it, trusting that what was coming out of my hands, was supposed to be in this song. When the woman heard the final version of the song, she wept and told me that I must have channeled their soul song. The husband loved the song too. I feel so blessed to have had this experience with them. Click this link to learn more about Michelle’s custom work.

Composing music is my gift and I connect with music on a level that is connected to my soul. When people find their gift and use it for the greater good, I believe that spirit helps and guides them. Everyone has the ability to co-create with source. It’s a matter of learning how to tap into it. For me, it just comes naturally when my heart is wide open and I’m full of love. My whole goal is to compose music that reaches people on a soul level, to nourish their soul in the forms of joy, love or passion. I’m in ‘Zen’ when I play piano, and I think that energy, or what is coming from my hands onto the keys, is conveyed in the sounds I create and is able to be experienced by my listeners.”

KM: That is exactly what happens to me when I paint a soul portrait. It is like everything around me disappears and I am in a sacred space and what comes through is always perfect.

Do you have favorite composers or a favorite style of music? I know your music is a combination of styles, can you talk about that?

MG: Wonderfully said, Katelyn!

There are so many great artists out there and I’ve been influenced by all of them in one way or another. I don’t necessarily have one favorite style of music. As a teenager I listened to Level 42 a lot and their lyrics enchanted me because they spoke of things outside of the world I was growing up in. I love the way their melodies aren’t predictable. Mark King is incredible on bass, and Mike Lindup is a keyboard genius. Enigma is another love of mine because their music takes me to a higher vibration. My mp3 player has mostly up-tempo, dance music on it though because I wear it when I go walking and running. I also listen to it when I need to relax or focus. Funny thing, I don’t tend to put on slow, meditation music to feel more connected to the divine, although I love to create that on the keyboard.

My music indeed is a combination of styles. My first album “…and The Piano Fell in Love” was a collection of New Age and Classical music and that was how we decided to market my music at first. I had friends and colleagues who said that I should stick to one genre. I don’t understand why that has to be. Why limit yourself? “Between Time,” my second CD release, was recorded on a $150,000 Bosendorfer piano. Some of the songs were re-recorded for better sound quality and improved upon by adding beautiful cello accompaniments performed by Jacqueline Ultan, and written by Steve Yeager. Some of the songs on the CD were new compositions. I worked with producer Anthony J.W. Benson of injoi Music to create a professional and organic-sounding product. My third release “Dance, Trance and Romance” features dance, groove and electronica music. I guess I can’t contain my creativity to be molded into one market. I like the freedom of enjoying the process and getting different end results. There’s so much music I’ve recorded at my home studio that has not been released. I’m currently submitting that music to be licensed in FILM and TV.

I agree with Michelle, why is there a push to limit creative expression? It happens in music, art and in writing. I believe that authentic expression is unique to the artist and there should be no labels placed on it. I am excited that Michelle is listening to her inner voice rather than the voice of public opinion because I love what she is creating. I hope each of you get to hear her music in person someday soon but until that time here is a special creation for you to enjoy.

Here are what others are saying about Between Time:

“Between Time” is the only CD I play in my car. I take it everywhere.” – Carol R.

“My acupuncture & chiropractic patients enjoy relaxing to your CD, “Between Time.” – Cynthia S., D.C.

Listening to “Between Time” makes it easy to create in my drawing class” – Matt S.

“I could get lost in Michelle’s trance music all night long.” – Robert S.

Michelle’s Website


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Building Your Dream Life

More and more people are beginning to realize how important it is to have a residual stream of income. We can no longer rely on our hourly wages and retirement benefits to take us to the life of our dreams. The days of working to 65 and retiring to the beach are not an option. I am not sure they ever were. People living on Social Security these days can barely make ends meet. We have been taught to believe that if we go to college, get a good job and work hard we will be able to live great lives and retire with money in the bank. This cultural program is not true! I call it a cultural program because it is a program that is sold to us early and runs our life until we do something to change it.

The more lucrative option is Network Marketing, which is often misunderstood. There are home party programs, Direct Sales and Network Marketing and Multi-level marketing which can sound confusing. The first two have some benefits, such as extra money each month from sales, some tax benefits but the true builder of residual income is Network Marketing/ MLM where you are building a team and working together to sell a product or service. Network Marketing can include parties and direct selling but it also includes creating a network that pays you month after month, year after year if you build it right.

If you have heard of “Beach Money” or “MailBox Money” that is residual income. With Network Marketing you are creating a legacy that you can leave your family. Network Marketing is a legitimate business model just like a job is and just like Corporate America is only you are the one that benefits and you are building your dream not someone elses.

I think there is a Network Marketing opportunity that would work for everyone no matter what their experience is with sales. Find a product that you can be passionate about, create your testimonial by using the product and tell everyone about it. There are so many companies with great products out there all you have to do is research what you are interested in and you will find something.

Here are a few important things to remember when looking for the right company for you. First of all find a Network Marketing company, also know as Multi-level Marketing companies. Party plans can be fun and they might have great products but you will not be creating a stream of residual income that way. You make money on the difference between wholesale and retail on what you sale. If you want to create residual income you have to join an MLM or Network Marketing opportunity.

In order to create a highly successful business you want to look for a major sizzle product that has exclusivity in the market place. Something you can buy anywhere else and something that everyone will want. You want to be on the ground flow in front of momentum. This means you are coming in at the right time to make money because you are in the major growth phase of a company.

The pay plan is also very important. I strongly recommend Uni level because of how it is structured to build residual income. I believe Binary programs are more difficult to build and don’t pay out as well, depending on how they are structured. You want a pay plan that starts paying right away. A Uni level pays you on your front line and on everyone in the levels below.

Another key component is training. The success of your network marketing business depends greatly on your ability to keep your downline members active and to train them to recruit and keep their downline active as well. Duplication is the key to success with network marketing. The company should have a duplicatable system for building a strong business that is easy to teach others. The company should have great marketing tools, training, website and excellent customer support. Some opportunities even have a members only forum which is a huge plus because you can get ideas from other people in the business.

Look for a company that is debt free, because that is a company that is stable and has the money to put into product development, training and compensation. There have been many Network Marketing companies with great products that have come and gone because they were not debt free. A company that is debt free can also afford to give more money back to the field.

And finally you want to find a company that has HIGH integrity. If you are investing in yourself and your own reputation you want to know you are aligned with a company with integrity. When I joined the company I am with, I went to corporate headquarters soon after joining to see who was at the top and find out if they shared my values and vision. I didn’t want to invest time and money with a company that wasn’t and I wanted to know that what I was building would last into the future.

I am often surprised when I am in meetings or at expos and people are raving about their company and I learn that it doesn’t create residual income. At the end of the day they have to start all over again and find someone to sell their product to. We are both putting in time and effort to our business but I am getting paid residual income and they are not. Sure they have cool products but isn’t the point to build income that keeps coming in after you stop working and get off the treadmill of working all the time, and trading time for money. It is for me!

I encourage everyone who wants financial freedom and control over their own time and how the use it to educate yourself about Network Marketing and start building your own economy. Make a new Years Resolution to invest in yourself and your future and at least start exploring options. Look at companies that have products you like and check out their compensation plans for distributors. You might just stumble on something that excites you!



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