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Heart Healthy Tip: Creating Natural bypasses



When you start to research the heart to find ways to make it healthy, like I did, you find all kinds of interesting information.

“Creating Natural Bypasses” from Resilient Heart

“When I read that coronary artery bypass surgery was not only potentially dangerous because they open up your chest and connect you to heart and lung machines, but that hundreds of thousands are done each year, and are usually unnecessary, I was worried and angry. At this point ai had already had two heart catheterizations and a bypass would probably be the next thing the doctor would want to do.

I started doing research and stumbled upon the heart’s ability to create its own bypasses. It isn’t easy but it happens.

This information blew me away! Just the possibility that something like that could happen got my imagination going. I made up my mind then and there that I was going to grow a collateral artery to bypass the stent that they couldn’t open. “

I actually did it twice during this heart journey! The second one was the length of my blocked artery but didn’t grow fast enough for me to avoid surgery. I believe if doctors were a bit more patient these bypasses could happen in a lot of cases and surgery could be avoided.

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