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By now I am sure you have heard the buzz about ” That Crazy Wrap Thing” from It Works! Global. It is also known as both the Ultimate Body Applicator and the Skinny Wrap. You know, the one that has some botanical herbal cream smeared all over a giant trans-dermal patch like thing.  Yes it is the one that tightens, tones and slims the body in as little as 45 minutes, that’s the one! And it is easy to use and affordable to top it off!

Call it what you may, what kind of people really use it? I think you might be surprised!

Let’s just create a list and see what we come up with:

  1. Women who have had babies use it.   Why?  Because it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and makes that baby pouch smaller.
  2. People on weight loss programs use it.  Why? Because it helps tighten, tone and firm all that loose skin as they go along so they don’t end up at their goal embarrassed by loose skin.
  3. Body Builders use it?  Why would they need to use it?  It helps tone and contour those tough spots that might just cost them the competition.  We have seen body builders win competitions because of how good they look from using the Ultimate Body Applicator.
  4. Personal Trainers use it.  Why?  Because it helps their clients get a jump start on their programs, helps them over plateaus and makes them want to stay with their trainer because they are seeing such great results from training and wrapping.  Personal trainers love the word of mouth advertising they get because of it too!
  5. Massage Therapist use it.  Why?  Because it takes the benefits of the massage to a deeper level in the body making clients feel great when they are done.  It also puts extra cash in the therapists pocket.
  6. Brides and Bridesmaids use it, so do grooms and groomsmen.  Why?  Because it gives that extra firming and toning to the body so they look great on the wedding day.
  7. Chiropractors use it.  Why? Because of the anti-inflammatory properties in the herbs that help reduce pain and inflammation in their patients.
  8. Strippers use it.  Really? Why? The tightening, toning and firming makes them look there best on stage.
  9. Hollywood stars use it.  Why?  Same reason strippers use it 🙂
  10. People who have had weight loss surgery use it.  Why?  It tightens, tones and firms all the loose skin and helps them avoid skin removal surgery and save money.
  11. Models use it.  Why?  Because it tightens, tones and firms in 45 minutes so they can use it right before they walk the run way.
  12. Weight loss clinics use it.  Why?  Because it helps their clients tighten, tone and firm as they lose weight and raises self esteem and gives them the encouragement to keep on their program.
  13. Salon/Spa owners love it as an add on service for their clients.  It can be combined with any service and adds $35-$50 extra income!

Okay, there are a dozen types of people from all walks of life who use the Ultimate Body Wrap.   I could go on about salon owners, tanning salons and other people but I won’t because I think you get the idea!  People love the Ultimate Body Applicator!!  Millions have tried it and have seen results! WHY? Because It Works!

Isn’t it time you tried it?  What are YOU waiting for?  Buy our amazing body contouring product today right HERE and see results you will love too!

Guys use it, gals use it, regular people use the Ultimate Body Applicator and love it!!  How about you?  Do you fit into any of those categories?  I wouldn’t wait if I were you, just follow this link and order some for yourself and check out all the other awesome products from It Works on Mariah Global




People are making A LOT of money selling this Crazy Wrap Thing!  Regular people from all walks of life and income levels are changing their finances because millions of people have tried this wrap and want more.  The funny part of this is 8 out of 10 people still haven’t even heard about it and most of the world still doesn’t know.

It Works! Global and this Crazy Wrap Thing is the hottest, most lucrative business opportunity to come onto the scene in many, many years.  It is a product that has no competition, can’t be copied and is selling like hotcakes!

Check out this Business Opportunity…it might be just what you are looking for!  I need help keeping up with this so jump in and let’s get this party started!!



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What is the Skinny on this Wrap?


I have been selling what is affectionately known as ” That Crazy Wrap Thing” for over 5 years now.  The real name for the product is The Ultimate Body Applicator but it is also known as the skinny wrap too.

So what is it?  It sounds too good to be true!  Who would believe that you can put an herb soaked piece of fabric on your body and see results is as little as 45 minute, like they talk about in the photo above.  That’s crazy!

Well…I am hear to tell you it IS possible!   I first heard about It Works! Global, the company who created the Ultimate Body Applicator from a friend.  She called me from a wrap party and said ” Are you sitting down?  I am at a party and people are putting on this herbal wrap and after 45 minutes they are smaller!”  I said ” Sign me Up!”  It was intuitively clear to me that something that worked that fast and had those results would be a big hit!  I became a distributor without even trying the product.

Let me tell you how this “Crazy Wrap Thing” works.  I will also include some experts who know from the scientific level how it works.

To begin with, it is an herbal wrap, made from essential oils, herbs, minerals and homeopathics.  They are applied to a non-woven fabric specially made to transport the product into your cells.  This fabric is folded on itself and stored in a sealed plastic pouch until it is applied.  It is made to be simple, non-messy and affordable so people can use it at home but it also can be used in salons, spa, fitness programs, massage and chiropractic offices as an add-on service.  When used by professionals it enhances what ever they are doing with clients.

Here is a list of the ingredients so you can see it is all natural.  If you scroll down you will see a link to the ingredients.  https://24267.myitworks.com/Shop/Product/135   Our formulator Luis Mijares comes from a long line of herbalists.  His grandfather was a pharmacist 100 years ago when they used herbs to heal people so he learned from the best.  Combine this with his background in science and in the cosmetic industry and you have the perfect marriage of nature and science.

Speaking of Luis, I am going to add a video so he can tell you himself all about the product.  Listen to how passionate on consciously he talks about the process of manufacturing the Ultimate Body Applicator.  When I heard this I knew I could put this wrap on anyone and they would have positive results of some kind, be it healing, cleansing or tightening, toning and slimming.

Many people are curious about the science behind the Ultimate Body Applicator.  I don’t blame them.  Like really, how can something like that really work?  It doesn’t make sense!! I often hear people say, ” It has to be water and it will come right back”.  Well watch this quick video to understand the science and hear that it is not water at all!  Nathan was science teacher before he joined It Works.  He gives a pretty simple explanation of how the wrap works in your body.

Dr.  Don the MD on our staff who is the Chief Science Officer had a hard time wrapping his head around the Ultimate Body Applicator and said it was the only product in the It Works line he couldn’t get behind…until he put one on and experience results in 45 minutes.  After that he had had to figure out how it worked because it didn’t make sense to his medical background.  Here he is speaking about the Ultimate Body Applicator:

So now that you have a little understanding about how it is made and how it works the only thing left is to try it yourself!!

You can purchase both wholesale and retail at http://www.easyskinnywrap.com 

Also find us on Facebook at:



You will find testimonials, before and after photos, information about nutrition and wellness and giveaways on our Facebook page.

Happy Wrapping!

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