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Launching a Business While Working a Job

I was interviewed this week for a radio show on BlogTalk Radio with Tia Goodwin about launching a network marketing business while working and thought it would be a good subject for a blog.  Here is the link to the Interview.

Most people join network marketing while they have a job because they need to keep money coming in while they build their business.  Most of those same people quit because of what it takes to juggle a job and a home based business.  In reality it is imperative to learn how to juggle both if you are ever going to get to the place where you can quit your job and have financial freedom.

I am not going to tell you it is easy, but I am going to tell you it is possible with commitment, dedication, time management and balance.  I know this because I did it.

The first question to ask yourself is how badly do you want to get of the gerbil wheel?

Personally, I wanted off!  I didn’t want to work for the rest of my life, which is what would have happened to me if I would have stayed in the work force.  I was a single parent for many years and all of our money went to support us.  There wasn’t anything left for retirement in savings, investments or a 401k.  Those were luxuries that I couldn’t afford.  So 7 years ago I started considering ways to create residual income.

The most important thing when deciding to start a new business is to do your due diligence.  Find a company with products you can be passionate about, that will be around years to come so that your hard work and effort continues to support you way into the future.  You don’t want to work on building a business that will disappear.

Here are the things I considered and encourage others to consider when looking for a home based business in network marketing:

  1. I wanted a company with an exclusive product.  One that had no competition in the market place.  I found that with It Works Global and our Ultimate Body Applicator.  A company with no competition is easier to build because people can compare your product to another product, such as a juice or vitamin.
  2. You want consumable products that people want.  Of of the products from It Works are consumable.  This means that people will continue to purchase month after month.
  3. I wanted a company that was more than 5 years old with a solid foundation.  It works is 10 years old.  Many network marketing companies come and go with in the first few years.  Find one that is stable.
  4. I wanted a company that was debt free.  It Works went debt free in 2007.  With a debt free company more money goes to the distributors and the company is less likely to fail.
  5. I wanted a company that was in alignment with what I believe.  It Works has integrity, vision, a culture of support and a sense of community that starts at the top.  I need this because I don’t want to put effort into a company that is not.
  6. I wanted the owners of the company to have experience in the field so they understand the needs of the distributors.  Both of the owners were successful in network marketing in the past.
  7. You want to find a company that has a compensation plan with a good residual income payout.   I prefer uni-level over a binary plan.  The compensation plan It Works has created is a hybrid which is a combination of uni-level and binary which means more money can be made.
  8. You want a system for building a business that is easy to duplicate.  If you have a  system that is easy to duplicate it is easy to teach your new distributors, easy for them to do, and easy for them to pass on.  We have a simple Steps to Success plan to build our business’ with.

Once you find a company and product that you want to represent decide how much time you want to work the business each week and stick to that.  As your business grows you will find that you are putting in more time.  I encourage you to plan a day where you do things just for you and/or your family so that you can have a sense of balance.

If you listen to the interview on the link above you can hear more about how I built my business while working.

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Why I am so excited to sell the Ultimate Body Applicator

When I first heard about the Ultimate Body Applicator and how it is a natural toxin release product I knew I had found something special.  The first time I tried it I felt more energy and lighter and  my body was 8 and 1/4 inches smaller after 45 minutes and I was sure it was something special.  In the 3 and 1/2 years that I have been selling this product I have seen how it has changed other people too.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is one of my favorite things for detoxifying my body, improving my energy and I love that has helped me lose 30 inches from my body.  When people hear that it can slim the body in 45 minutes, while it detoxifies, they roll their eyes.   I have seen a lot of eye rolling since I started selling it 3 and half years ago. Those are uninformed eyes rolling because there is nothing like it on the market so  if they haven’t tried this product they can’t compare it to something else.  Like I said, there is NOTHING on the market like the Ultimate Body Applicator.

The Ultimate Body Applicator sounds like a vanity product, because it slims down the body but in reality it heals the body, helps reduce stretch marks and cellulite and makes you feel better.  Liposuction and Botox, those are vanity products.  This is a product that improves your health, through detoxification, reducing inflammation and breaking down excess fat and to me that is much more important than losing inches. Over the past three years I have seen how it has made a difference in people’s health and how they feel about themselves.  That’s not a vanity product, it’s a HOPE product!

I have seen people who have had gastric bypass surgery avoid cosmetic surgery because the Ultimate Body Applicator tightened and toned all of the loose skin they had from losing weight.

Here is how it works.  The Applicator is actually a non-woven fabric patch that is 11×22 inches.  On one side is a botanical solution that was developed to take toxins out of the fat cells, so they can flush out naturally.   I love how easy it is to use.  You open the sealed plastic package, put it on your body where you would like, wrap some Saran wrap around it, and you can do what you want for 45 minutes.  When you are done, remove it and throw it away and it keeps working for 72 hours, even though you have removed it. Simple!

Removing toxins brings out your radiance, restores your energy and just helps you feel better.  And those extra inches, not that they weren’t beautiful the way they were, but they aren’t natural. A toxin free body is a healthy body and healthy is beautiful.  Strive for natural beauty, restore your health and improve your energy!

If you are looking for a home based business I encourage you to take a look at It Works Global.  If you are a practitioner in the health and wellness industry you will want to look at it for your clients.  Learn more at EasySkinnyWrap

Here are some Before and After photos from people who have used the Ultimate Body Applicator:

Learn more about the science behind the Ultimate body Applicator here:

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Day Twenty-Seven- Experiment in Spontaneous Living

What an awesome day!

I started the day driving to Menomonie, WI to interview Leissa at Leissa’s Hair Studio.  The drive was beautiful and peaceful.  I love Menomonie.  I discovered it a couple of months ago and fell in love with Leissa’s salon. She met me with her little puppy in a pouch on her tummy and a pan of brownies in her other hand.  I felt like a welcomed guest.  You can read the interview  under ” Interviews with Magnetic Business Women” in this blog.

During the interview my artwork came up in the conversation and I pulled up a few images on my cell phone from my web gallery.  For the second time in two days someone begged me to start painting again.  Leissa said she could feel the energy coming from the paintings.  She suggested that I do greeting cards with the images and felt they would sell very well.  I really need to spend a day organizing my studio so I can start painting soon.

I found myself feeling very grateful for my health after spending time with Leissa who has a chronic illness that keeps her in bed for days at a time.  I rarely get sick and never have to worry about my health getting in the way of what I want to do from day to day.

Tonight I did a Wrap and Lose party for four women.  I have been intending to do more parties so I am happy that it is starting to manifest.  Each of the women wrapped and there was a total of 11 1/2 inches lost in 45 minutes.  What I love most about doing parties is that everyone transforms in 45 minutes and leaves happier.  I did book a second party from this one which was a bonus and have a potential distributor that might join me team.

I am coming to the end of my experiment and I will write about how it has impacted me at the end.

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Focus, Law of Attraction and business, oh my!

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”
— Abraham

I am a master at manifesting when I can stay focused and aligned with the law of attraction and what I want to create. For example, one night last week I was listening to a Law of Attraction meditation before I went to sleep, called Getting Into The Vortex. I was totally aligned with my vision for building my business easily and effortlessly. It was 10:40 PM. I could feel my alignment with my intention, when the phone rang. Yes, 10:40 at night and the phone rang!

On the other end of the phone was someone who wanted to make an appointment to try the body wrap that I sell. Like I said I am a master when I am lined up! We made an appointment for the next day and she and her mother came to get wrapped. She came with a flyer that had another distributors name on it. She told me she went on the internet and found me. Why wouldn’t she just call the name on the flyer? Because I was lined up and ready to go!

The Universe wanted me to experience the total support of instant manifestation, because sometimes that is the kind of proof I need to see how really powerful I am.

When we focus on something, it is like shining the flashlight of your consciousness on that thought. We do it all the time without realizing it, that is why we often manifest things we don’t want. The power of our focus is no different than the power of the flash light. The light/thought penetrates and shows the item or items focused on, making our intention clear to the universe. We can shine our light on the tree we want or the one we don’t want. It is all the same to the Law of Attraction. When we focus on a desire or intent, we are cutting through the illusion of physical reality in such a way as to give power to the object of our focus. It becomes magnetized and the result is that it manifests into physical reality.

Sometimes I have a hard time holding my focus. I get caught up in what I see around me and believe that is reality. I get in my own way a lot! When I get in the way I begin to focus on what I don’t want and I am just as powerful at creating that as I am at creating what I do want. I forget how powerful my imagination is and get caught up in worry based on what I am seeing. Most of us have been socialized to focus on the negative, through the media, television and early socialization. I was taught to believe that it was “magical thinking” to think I could create what I wanted.

It usually looks pretty magical, just like the phone call above did, but it is really just focused imagination. I have done some pretty magical things when I am focused. I have a new mantra to say to myself when I am getting in my own way. “Thank you for sharing, now get out of my way!”

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