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Cultivating Gratitude


B6BEFE25-EF67-4D88-B827-A2754593AB4FI hope my heart health tips for Heart Month are helpful to some of you. I am sharing things that I did to return to wellness. The tip for today is about the importance of gratitude. We all have probably experienced the power of gratitude in our lives, but it is important to remember it when you are not feeling well.


From Resilient Heart
“An Attitude of Gratitude”

“The natural state of the heart is joy and gratitude.

Since ancient times, philosophers and sages from every spiritual tradition have taught that cultivating gratitude is key to experiencing deeper levels of happiness, fulfillment, wellbeing and abundance.

One of the fastest ways to empower our body and move toward health and wellness is through an attitude of appreciation and gratitude. What you focus on and appreciate creates more of the same. By concentrating on how much you appreciate your body, no matter what state it is in, the more likely you are to activate miracles. Even when you are not feeling well there is so much about our body that is working and the more you appreciate that, the more you will feel better over all…

In my own healing journey being grateful would get me out of a funk and refocus me on what I wanted to create. If I paid attention to the little things that were happening, such as being able to walk to the end of the block, where before I could only go a few feet, I started to see the progress I was really making. The more I focused on progress, the more progress I made. When I started to worry about what wasn’t improving to what seemed to be getting worse, I went backwards. When I changed my focus to gratitude and sending love to my heart, the worry would subside. “

When you are sick, especially when you are in a life threatening situation, this is not easy to do. It was a daily practice for me. Some days I did better than other days. It was especially difficult during the months that I had PTSD. I believe this practice helped me move through and out of PTSD.


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Between Appreciation and Manifestation

Gratitude is a powerful feeling but appreciation is even more powerful.  According to Abraham-Hicks there is a difference between the two emotions that is important to understand.

Gratitude is an emotional response to a specific situation or group of situations.  Gratitude is a different vibration.  You are looking at a struggle that you have over come and being happy that it is over.  This calls up the original vibration of struggle so the vibration is somewhat negative. When we say we are grateful for this or that we really mean we appreciate it. 

Appreciation is an overall sense of wonder and serenity that comes out of recognizing the Gratitude piece in the first place. Appreciation implies a continual flow of everything we are thankful for and is an acknowledgement of the continual flow of abundance in our lives. It increases the value of what you are appreciating. It is the absence of fear and doubt and the presence of everything that is good.  Seeing what I am looking at through the eyes of source.   A state of appreciation is a state of being who you truly are.  Appreciation is magnetic and brings in more of what you are appreciating.

When we are in a state of appreciation for what we already have in our life the Universe brings us more. Abraham has come up with an exercise call a Rampage of Appreciation to help get you into a state of positive emotions. It is like saying “yes ” to life and what you are receiving.

A “rampage of appreciation” is an exercise designed to move your thoughts in a positive direction to help raise your vibrational frequency. Since the Law of Attraction responds to your overall mindset and mood, the more you engage in exercises that elevate your emotions in a positive way, the more you will continue to attract wonderful experiences into your life.

I felt it would be important for me to do a Rampage of Appreciation as I embark on my new path.

So here goes:

I appreciate that my dream of being financially free is now part of my life!

I appreciate that I am doing so well financially in this struggling economy!

I appreciate that I can do what ever I choose every day!

I appreciate having a home that I can pay for when people all around me are losing their homes!

I appreciate that I am having a fresh start in my life!

I appreciate my creativity and the studio space that I have where I can create!

I appreciate the excitement I am feeling about all of the fabulous things in my future!

I love the feelings of being on the brink of some wonderful adventure!

I appreciate my It Works team and how fast they are growing!

I appreciate all of the leaders I have in my business and the new ones that are coming in now.

I appreciate that I have been able to create a business that gives me the luxury of not having to work!

I appreciate that my time is my own and I am not on a schedule!

I appreciate my health!

I appreciate my youthfulness!

I appreciate all of the support I have on all levels!

I appreciate my friends and family!

I appreciate that I have the ability to create harmonious and loving relationships.

I so appreciate the life I have created!


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