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Personal Helo LX Testimony


A couple of months ago I ended up in the ER after my Helo gave me an abnormal reading on my EKG. Yes, Helo does a live EKG! I remember wondering if Helo was picking up something that the hospital wasn’t.

A couple weeks later I had an abnormal EKG on my Helo while I was in Las Vegas. By then I was also having serious pain. My heart rate was also much higher than normal and so was my blood pressure according to Helo.

Four weeks ago I had a stress test which was abnormal and when they did the angiogram I had 2 blocks in my artery. That is why I had the open heart surgery.

I believe Helo was picking the blocks up all along. That is how accurate it is, based on my personal experience! Blockages don’t happen over night.

I am very passionate about this product and how it can change health and wellness in the world. I knew the first time I heard about it that it would change lives, not realizing how it would end up helping me.

The other day my cardiologist lowered one of my Meds because Helo readings for heart rate were in the 40’s. I wouldn’t have know this without Helo.

Wouldn’t you find peace of mind to have a wearable device, with this kind of accuracy, that gave you or a loved one an early warning sign that something might be wrong?

To learn more about this life saving technology go to www.discoverhelo.comhelolx_phone

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