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February: National Heart Month


It’s National Heart Month and I will be honoring that all month. Not in the way the National Heart Association honors it, but in my way. Why do I even care? I care because heart disease is the number one killer of women. No 1! I might share something that might make a dent in the statistics.

I am alive because I healed my heart. I think we take our heart for granted. I did.

I learned so much about heart health through my journey that I want to share because it could help you some day.

I wrote two books about my experience and more importantly, what I learned through hundreds of hours of research. There are 60 chapters in my book…yep, that is a lot. I didn’t want to leave anything out. ❤️

I will chose 28 snippets from the book and share one every day this month along with one of the 32 paintings I did to support my healing.

Today’s post is on my wall in my article in the Edge called Sounding the Heart Song.

I hope someone finds it helpful.


Resilient Heart and Resilient Heart Art is available at Mystickcreekpublishing

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