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The Sacred Marriage

Love in Heart Space


Title: The Sacred Marriage, watercolor 2-12-2020

Here I am a week later with a better understanding of the Sacred Marriage. We all need to integrate the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine within. I have studied the Sacred Feminine for almost 30 years but didn’t feel like I was in touch with my Sacred Masculine.

I was attracted to the Sacred Masculine that my friend supposedly was embodying because I wanted to understand it better. Yet that is not what I learned from him.

My own Sacred Masculine stepped forward to show me how to navigate the difficult situation I found myself in. I learned just how much I really knew about and was in touch with the Sacred Masculine as I set boundaries, said “no!”, disengaged, stayed firm, protected myself, set deadlines and was a warrior.

“The archetypal sacred marriage serves as a metaphor for the integration of both the…

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