Taking Back the True Feminine Power!


The Dalai Lama said “The world will be saved by the western woman.”

Like I said in my post yesterday I feel like the fire at Notre Dame was symbolic of the breaking open, releasing and resurrection of the sacred Feminine.

Woman have to open to the sacred Feminine in them before they can have an impact on women around them.

I am not talking about the Feminine that emerged in the late 60’s and into 70’s where women took on the masculine to try to be heard. We don’t have to become men. We don’t need to be bad ass boss ladies, and six and seven figure income earners and extremely independent and self sufficient in order to be powerful and be heard. Woman doesn’t need to become masculine to get equal rights. We need a balance of both masculine and feminine. The disempowered feminine needs to leave the planet and be replaced by the Empowered Feminine.

Women need to align with the true feminine. The goddess movement was a start but this is more than that. We need to clear the mother wound for starters. Jealousy, back stabbing, competition and stealing each other’s thunder has to stop and woman need to start cheering each other on.


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