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Healing Initiation


About a year ago someone I respected told me that no one would come to me for healing because of my health, even though I have 25 years of training and experience in the field.

I let that distract me. I let it stop me. It made my question my ability.

The TRUTH is, I have been initiated, on a deep level, into Heart Medicine and the art of self healing and survived. Not many people can say that!

I AM the person you would want to work with if you want to learn how to heal yourself of anything or if you want to know how to have a healthy heart. You would be learning from an expert!

In many shamanic traditions the shaman becomes a healer through their own life threatening illness and surviving. It is said that they carry the healing medicine because of that experience. The community seeks out those people when they need healing.

I have a sacred responsibility to share what I have learned.

Teaching Creative Self Healing is my mission.

I have poured a great deal of my healing medicine into three of my books, Empowered Health and Wellness, Resilient Heart and Resilient Heart Art. Anyone who reads any one of these books will gain a ton of wisdom about healing, not just in knowledge but understanding the personal experience of surviving such an experience and how to do it yourself.

I am not distracted any more. I don’t believe the BS that no one would want to work with me because of my heart issues. If you want to learn about healing yourself, from someone who knows it intimately, You will want to reach out to me. ❤️

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Compassion and forgiveness for…yourself!


I have been home for three days. It has been a month since the traumatic event and the heart attack. I don’t feel afraid to be in my own home anymore and I am not afraid to go to sleep. I don’t feel shame or embarrassment for renting to someone I didn’t know. I am not mad at myself like I was or nor am I judging myself. ( these are common feelings people who experience trauma feel. Victim shaming doesn’t help)

All of that is gone, not just because I got to hang out at the ocean for 2+weeks but because I did the personal work I needed to do around this incident to be whole again. I had to feel the feelings, listen to them and let them go, so I could move to compassion, forgiveness and self love.

“Listen to your heart” has been one of the underlying messages through each heart event I have experienced. I didn’t listen to my heart this time and ultimately my heart had to show me again.

I didn’t want to rent space in my house, I decided that long ago. I responded out of pressure and fear and overrode my heart. I needed money and this seemed like a win win situation. But I bypassed my heart to do it.

I can’t respond from a place of financial fear and bypass my heart because of money. Even if I feel like I am backed in a corner, like I did. I can’t do it. Anymore…ever.

Responding from fear closes down the flow of prosperity, it doesn’t open the flow like we want it to.

When I am in my heart, knowing I am taken care of, money and resources flow…every time.

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The World is Waiting for the Authentic You.

Be your authentic self and share your gifts

Unleashing My wild creativity!

Let the world see who you truly are. There is NO ONE else like you. There is no one to compete with or compare yourself to. Share the gift that only you can share.

It all comes down to self love. Once we truly love ourselves life gets easier and we can shine and share our authentic self.

I mean truly love ourselves not just give lip service to it. Oh it’s easy to say, “ Sure, I love myself” but saying it and really feeling it deep within and believing it are two different things.

Can you love yourself when you “screw up”?
Can you love yourself when you are sick and really need your love?
Can you love yourself when you feel alone?
Can you love yourself when you can’t pay your bills?
Can you love yourself when your world seems to be falling apart.

Loving your shouldn’t…

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April 20, 2019 · 7:18 am

Taking Back the True Feminine Power!


The Dalai Lama said “The world will be saved by the western woman.”

Like I said in my post yesterday I feel like the fire at Notre Dame was symbolic of the breaking open, releasing and resurrection of the sacred Feminine.

Woman have to open to the sacred Feminine in them before they can have an impact on women around them.

I am not talking about the Feminine that emerged in the late 60’s and into 70’s where women took on the masculine to try to be heard. We don’t have to become men. We don’t need to be bad ass boss ladies, and six and seven figure income earners and extremely independent and self sufficient in order to be powerful and be heard. Woman doesn’t need to become masculine to get equal rights. We need a balance of both masculine and feminine. The disempowered feminine needs to leave the planet and be replaced by the Empowered Feminine.

Women need to align with the true feminine. The goddess movement was a start but this is more than that. We need to clear the mother wound for starters. Jealousy, back stabbing, competition and stealing each other’s thunder has to stop and woman need to start cheering each other on.


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Notre Dame “OurLady” rising from the Ashes.


The disempowered Feminine…I believe that many women I know who are on a spiritual path will relate to this.

She is the disempowered Feminine that has been held back by the patriarchy. She feels alone, she struggles to create abundance for herself, her heart is broken, and all of this wears on her health and well-being.

I felt this to the core of my being in the early morning Today, triggered by the events of the last three weeks, a conversation with a friend yesterday and the inferno burning from the heart of Norte Dame, Our Lady. It felt like a knife going through my heart.

I wrote this in my journal “What was the point of working on conscious awakening for 32 years if this is what I woke up to! What it looks like I woke up to being all alone, having a health issue, that goes on and on and I have no money. I was better off when I was asleep!!!” This is the archetype of the disempowered Feminine, and it shot through me like a lightning bolt! This has nothing to do with being a victim, this is what women have felt for a very long time.

The old disempowered Feminine (Norte Dame) held back by the patriarchy, kept under wraps in the cathedral, was burning away, released in the flames through the core of her being, and I directly across the ocean was feeing in the core of my being.

Why? Why did I have to feel this disempowerment so deeply?

Because I came to this planet to help Awaken the Empowered Divine Feminine. I carry an extremely high level of feminine energy, I have known that for a very time. I paint this new energy of the Feminine and have for 25 years, even when I didn’t know that was what I was doing. I have been following the pulse of the Great Mother.

I have felt this deep disempowerment at times, especially the last three years so that I can bring forward extreme empowerment for women.

Who are my sisters? Are you feeling this too? It’s time to rise up from the ashes and be heard! The resurrection of the Feminine.

Image from my Resilient Heart series.

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