Fierce Self Love

smiling young woman in summer field show heart shape hands sign


I mean, FIERCELY love yourself!

By only wanting what is best for you no matter what.

By following your heart

By knowing beyond anyone else’s opinion that you are AMAZING.

By LISTENING to the song of your soul and following it.

By saying NO when you feel NO and YES when you feel YES!

By honoring your body and give it the fuel, nourishment and movement that it needs.

By honoring all of your feelings

By LIVING a balanced life.

By disregarding societies images and standards for perfection.

By being kind to yourself

By not owning or believing other people’s stories about you.

By surrounding yourself with people who get who you are and honor you as a gift to the planet.

By not compromising for the sake of acceptance.

By setting boundaries that support you

By understanding that the limitations you feel are being created by you and let them go.

By knowing that your path is right and perfect just as it is and there are no mistakes.

By not owning other people’s or societies projections

By allowing and opening to all good things to manifest in your life.

By embracing your courage and just being YOU!

By not holding back or censoring yourself and letting your light SHINE*

By letting go of people, places and things that no longer serve you.

By giving yourself permission to be AUTHENTIC!

By embracing FREEDOM!

By showering yourself with daily doses of LOVE.

 By eating chocolate if you feel like it.

By giving yourself permission to SOAR!

By making a commitment to live AUTHENTICALLY, knowing there is something only you can bring to the world.



Katelyn Mariah


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