Debt Free is the New Sexy


What does that mean, Debt Free is the New Sexy?

It Works Global, home of the Skinny Wrap, is on a mission!!

In 2012 CEO Mark Pentecost, decided he wanted to change the economy for It Works Distributors.  There were and still are millions of people struggling from the poor economy many not having enough money to stretch to the end of the month.

I was one of those people, as a single mom raising 2 children.  I worked 3 jobs and still didn’t have enough money at the end of the month so we often bought groceries and essentials on credit.  By the time I found It Works my debt was about $30,000-$35,000.  When I thought about it I realized I would never make a dent in that amount paying minimum payments each month but that is all I could do.  Can you relate?

According to Yahoo Finance 

“In a classic pay-it-forward move, Pentecost developed the GOOD (Get Out Of Debt) Bonus in 2012, awarding $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000 bonuses to qualifying independent distributors who earned a promotional rank, coining the phrase, “Debt-free is the new sexy.” Independent distributors are encouraged to use these bonuses to pay off credit cards, college loans, mortgages and other debts. Thus far in 2013, more than 1,000 independent distributors qualify for the GOOD Bonus and since its inception, distributors have earned more than $23 million in GOOD bonuses. “

With the roll out of this bonus program It Works has paid out millions of dollars and thousands of people’s lives have changed.  They didn’t have to do that!  But they can because they too are debt free so more of the profits can go to Independent Distributors.

At the Freedom 2014 Conference the weekend of January 18th It Works did it again!  They rolled out the Get Out of Debt bonuses and added two new levels to them!

This is how 10,000 distributors who were present responded.  Watch it to the end it is just 6 minutes long but really fun!!

So the GOOD Bonus is back!! And it is available to all distributors, current and brand new.


Do you see a dollar amount that would help you?

What would it take to get you out of debt?

How much would you need to pay off your credit cards and loans?

How about that vacation you have been wanting to take?  What would that cost?

Do you have medical bills that you would like to pay off?

How about paying off you car or getting a new one?

I am mentoring 6 people this month to support them to get one of these bonuses.  All you have to do is be willing to follow 3 simple Steps to Success, and be willing to work for your dream?

If that is you send me a message at or call me at 651-955-3673

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