Are you giving your business your all?


I just returned from the It Works! Boot Camp in Atlanta this weekend, where Marked ask the question I pose in the title of this blog.  When he said ” Are you giving your business your all, giving it all you got?”,  there was a hush over the room.  I know I was thinking, hummmm, am I?  I am sure a lot of other people were too.

It is so easy to settle when you find your groove.   It feels pretty good to be one of the TOP 100 income earners in the company and could be a good place to land and get complacent.

Mark talked about distractions that we create, such as organizing our office, which I call getting ready to start the business.  I have a distributor on my team who has been “getting ready” for three years.  I am sure her office is REALLY organized, yet there is no growth happening in her business.  When she comes to meetings she introduces herself as a “newbie”.  Another distraction is TV.  Like Mark said ” There is no BV in TV.  Did you know you are losing 10’s of thousands of dollars while you are watching TV, rather than building your business!

The best way to get ready and open for business is to dive in! Put your blinders on so you are focused on your goal and not sidetracked by distractions.  They are everywhere and they can stop your from success.  Believe me if you just dive in your will learn everything you need to know about your business AND you will get to know yourself on a deeper level because direct sales and network marketing are the best personal growth tool on the planet.

So I ask you, are you giving your business your all?  You will get back what you put in because energy follows energy.  I know when I am in alignment with what I want, I go in that direction naturally.  Our intentions are our blinders.  Intention and alignment leads to inspired action and from that place you will be giving it your all.

Each of the people attending got dog tags like the one in the picture below to remind us to keep focused and don’t get distracted and that will propel us to accomplish our goal.


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