SCREW THE ECOMONY! Let create our own!

It is time to make the 99% equal with the 1%!  The only way that will happen is with a Revolution and It Works! Global is a company doing just that.   In an unheard of move at The Freedom 12 Conference,  Mark Pentecost announce a $10,000 bonus for new distributors who sign up by Feb 29th and existing distributors!

It Works! Is committed to helping as many as possible get financially free in 2012!!!

This is exciting for me because it fits right in with my Pay It Forward commitment to focus on helping others reach their dreams.  Now I have a vehicle to do it!  How cool is that?

I just spent 4 days in Tampa, Florida with 2000+ It Works distributors at the Freedom 12 Conference where It Works rolled out not only our new total body makeover, The Ultimate Makeover but the plan for helping people become financially free.  I have had mission for many years to support women to become financially free so this really excites me!

This is a great company, who is just at the beginning of momentum with a great comp plan and products that have no competition.  There will probably not be a more perfect opportunity to get your financial freedom than this.

It Works has first-to-market products and a simple steps to success plan to do it!!!  AND I am already at Double Diamond Executive so I know how to get your there!!!

So here is the scoop:

While you are at it take a look at our Ultimate Makeover and you will see what I mean about an unbelievable combination for success!

The Ultimate Makeover

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