Why are people rushing to get into It Works?

People are beginning to discover our lead product, the Ultimate Body Applicator.  When you are in an MLM you want to find a product that has no competition in the market place. There is NOTHING like the Ultimate Body Applicator and it is not something that can be reproduced.

What is it?  The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven fabric applicator that is infused with botanical ingredients.  This applicator is applied to the body and it begins a detoxification process that continues even after it is removed.  It only stays on the body for 45 minutes.  Because of the detoxification, health is improved, the skin is improved, the body is slimmed down and the person using it has more energy.   Like I said there isn’t ANYTHING on the market that compares to this product.  Add a complete line of complementary supplements and skin care creams and you have a home run!

I had 15 chiropractors join my business this month because of this product alone.  When I spoke to one of them she told me that chiropractors get approached all the time by people with something to sell.  She said when she put it on her own body and lost 9 inches in 45 minutes she knew it was something she wanted to share with her clients.  She is also interested in the residual income aspect of selling this product and how it will add another income stream to her clinic.

Personal trainers are coming aboard as well.  Many personal trainers resist selling products to their clients for all kinds of reasons but when they see how the Ultimate Body Applicator can enhance a workout, keep someone motivated and add residual income to their businesses they join immediately.

Massage therapist, spas and tanning salons have discovered the Ultimate Body Applicator is the perfect add on to what they are doing.  Tanning salons are retailing this product, which can be used at home, and they can’t keep them in stock.  Massage therapists are combining them with massage for what we call a “skinny massage” and adding income to their practice.  They find that it brings them new customers who hear about the Ultimate Body Applicator from friends.

Entrepreneurs and people in other MLM’s are joining It Works because they know what it means to be on the cutting edge of a trend as well as coming into a company before they reach momentum.  That is where It Works! is.  The company was just featured in INC. Magazine in the top 700 businesses and received an award from them.  We just learned that an entire Success from Home magazine will be dedicated to It Works and the It Works way at the beginning of 2012.

If you are looking for an opportunity to change people’s lives and find your own financial freedom you will want to look at It Works Global.  Find out more at Dimensions of Beauty where you can learn about the products, The Ultimate Body Applicator and the company and business opportunity.  Contact me if you have questions.

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  1. I believe in this product It works!!

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