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In my last blog I talked about doing an experiment using the concept of “creating your own reality” and ” thoughts become things”.  Wouldn’t you know it the first day of the experiment I was challenge by someone around this concept.  She said she was anti-law of attraction because it was dangerous to humans and very passionate about it.  Her thinking was that you were by-passing and denying emotions by only working with your thoughts.  She felt that denying emotions was dangerous.  I couldn’t disagree.

I found myself sitting in my car, as I talked with this passionate women, thinking about how interesting it was that this would come up on my first day into the experiment.  I listened closely to what she was saying to get an understanding of her point of view and agreed with her on several points.  This in itself was cool because I could have jumped in to defend the concepts of the law of attraction, but I didn’t feel compelled.  I felt it was important to listen.

I also couldn’t disagree that these concepts are not for everyone.  You have to be in a certain place in your personal evolution to even take responsibility for your thoughts and creating our own reality.  I had many clients that I would not talk to about this concept because they would have been angry and possibly devastated to think they created the mess they were in.   In my early spiritual development, my life began to change when I realized that all of my experiences, no matter how bad they were, were a gift and in the gift was something that would help me grow.   There was a long process of growth from there before I could begin to work with the concepts of conscious creation.

The idea of “what we think we become” and “thoughts become things” are not new concepts but they have resurfaced in the collective consciousness in the last several years.  The problem I see in a lot of the writing is that it seems to come from more magical and less pragmatic thinking.  This is why people think they need to deny what they are thinking and only think positive thoughts about what they want to create.  People get discouraged when things don’t magically appear and they give up on the concept.

The concept is really very simple.  Our emotions are our guidance system telling us when we our out of alignment with our true nature.  They aren’t good or bad, they are neutral.  Not only that but we are supposed to feel them, flow with them and use them as guidance.  The ones that feel more negative are pointing us in the direction of something we need to look at, such as a belief system that no longer serves us.  The ones that feel more positive are telling us that we are lined up and in the flow.

So we have our emotions for guidance and the other component in the law of attraction is “thoughts become things”.  Now there is a place we can really get caught up.  We have so many thoughts in a day and some of them are contrary to what we want to create.  I remember years ago when I first woke up to my spirituality and realized I created my reality.  I looked back on my life to that point and realized all the crap that I had experience was a result of my negative thinking.  Whether I wanted it to or not the Universe was listening and giving me exactly what I was asking for.

I will be the first to admit that it is not easy to hold pure thoughts about what you want to create, but I have also learned that it is not necessary.  What is necessary is awareness.  That is where the emotions come in because if you pay attention to those times when you feel down or disconnected and follow the train of thought that is happening, you will find something that needs to transform in your thinking.

What I am practicing this month is visualizing my intention for 5 minutes a day with as much feeling and emotion as I can conjure up and then paying attention to what I am thinking when I get out of alignment with the intention.  If you do this you will discover that the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are not in alignment with your intention are surely going to rear their ugly little heads so you can see them.  I see this as a huge blessing because they are coming up to clear so you can manifest your dreams.

Keep trusting the process, and yourself as your unique path unfolds in prefect timing.

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