Lightening Bolt to the Side of the Head!

I took the leap and quit my job!  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  It was time to do what I came here to do which includes, painting, writing, inspiring people to live their best lives and encourage others to follow their dreams.  The day my departure was announced at the clinic I was struck with the worst headache I have ever had.  It was like being struck by lightning on the left side of my face, with pulses of electrical current surging through my face every few minutes.  I tried everything to make it go away but it wouldn’t budge!

On the third day I got the strongest headache medicine I could get over the counter and for 5 hours the headache was gone.  It was my birthday and I wasn’t going to let a headache spoil a day I had planned for two months.  The next morning I woke up with welts all over the left side of my face, on my forehead and across my eyelid and that was the beginning of my journey with shingles.

Shingles, isn’t that something that they put on the roof to keep rain from getting in?  Yes and no.

Shingles is a stupid word for a very painful condition!  For me it included electrical shocks to the side of my head, across my forehead and into my eyelid, nausea, headache for days, numbness and a bug crawling feeling, no appetite and -0 energy.  I basically felt like shit for 2 weeks, spent most of the time horizontal and ate very little. I couldn’t sleep so I felt exhausted at a deep level.  I started seeing dust and dirt in my house that I hadn’t noticed before and I wanted it all to go away, but I didn’t have energy to do anything about it.

Apparently shingles is a resurgence of the dormant chicken pox virus, which lurks silently in your nerves for years, until a moment of high stress triggers an ambush to knife you while you’re already down. The funny thing is, I didn’t feel stressed, but somewhere in my psyche I must have been. There was a part of my unconscious that has been split open by this bolt of lightning and it manifested though my dreams.  A week into my journey with shingles I started to have dreams.  The first series of dreams was about men from my past.  Each night a different man and the illumination of the problem in our relationship. I saw each relationship from a vantage point I hadn’t seen before.  A theme emerge and knew upon waking that I would not repeat the issue ever again. I have also had a series of dreams about my work as a therapist, and how good I am at that. I see this as a graceful closure to a career I dedicated a lot of time to.  The next series of dreams went so deep that I couldn’t remember them when I woke up but knew that something had been changed in me through the night’s journey.

I believe our bodies tell us things we can’t see another way, so I like to explore what the metaphor of a specific illness might be.  Louise Hay says that shingles is about trust and the mantra she attaches to it is ” I am relaxed and peaceful because I trust the process of life and all is well in my world.”  Easy for you to say, Louise!  I just quit a job that has been safe and created my stability for 25 years. Trust!  Yeah, right, here I was leaping off the cliff and immediately I come down with some medical issue that costs over $600 because I don’t have insurance.  Now there is a trust building activity for you!

I had tried this retirement thing two times before and ended up going back to safety and stability after hitting bottom. The last two times I quit my job to follow my dreams I was in a different consciousness.  I live in abundance consciousness now so I don’t have to worry about not having support or having my needs met.  I always have what I need.

Having shingles is an enormous lesson in patience as there is no way of speeding up the healing process and your energy comes back when it wants to, not when you want it to.  When I looked up the metaphysical meaning of shingles I found numerous references that it was the sign of a spiritual awakening.  I can buy that. It did feel like something had broken through the side of my face and the rash seemed like the perfect sign that something was being released.

It is a spiritual awakening about trust an issue I have often struggled with.  On the deepest level it is about trusting myself to know that I can leap into my dreams, follow my heart and be relaxed and peaceful in the process, because all is very well with my world.

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32 responses to “Lightening Bolt to the Side of the Head!

  1. Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol Truman on Shingles:
    Fear things won’t work out the way you want
    On-going tension concerning a situation
    Hostile Energy bing manifested
    Lack of Inner Peace (Herpes Zoster)
    Recurring problem of unworthiness

    • Thanks for the additional metaphysical meanings, Paula. I only included the ones I resonated with in the article so it is nice to have others for people who might read it. I ordered the book you referenced. It looks like a good one!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I love to read what other women have gone through to evolve to a higher level. Each story is unique. you are a great writer. I want to write more and I believe I can. It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I think the trust has been lacking for me to start. I have a new blog attached to a newly created website. How often do you suggest writing in a blog?

    • Hi Joyce,

      Thank you for your feedback. I believe it is important for women to share their stories and I encourage you to dive in. Some people suggest writing everyday. Right now I am only writing once a week but plan on writing more.

  3. Hi there, Thanks so much for your story. I have shingles right now, and am looking on the net to help figure out the metaphysical meanings of it. It is obviously not a coincidence I stumbled across your page here, as your experience is very similar to mine in terms of processing past patterns in relationships. I have recently been reading through my old journals and realizing patterns I have been repeating unconsciously until now, and also bringing up things I do not really like about myself. It seems to be the time for me to become aware of this and learn to love myself fully, even the shadow side and release the past.

    • Hi Nicole,
      Sorry to hear you have shingles, I know exactly how you feel! I really believe that if you can get to the bottom of the metaphysical meaning it can clear up very quickly. I am glad my post was helpful for you. Katelyn

  4. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have shingles now, am 40 years old, and see it as part of my spiritual evolution as well as releasing past traumas.

  5. Liz

    I’ve just had a recent bout with shingles, actually still have. I thought I had sciatica. Very deep in the left butt and down the left thigh to the knee.I NEVER go to the doctor till I got insurance recently and after a routine colonoscopy the nurse noticed the outbreak and identified it as shingles. I thought I had hives.from the pain of pinching a nerve.Get this: I had a dermatology apponitment scheduled for the next morning, again for routine stuff. The dermatologist immediately diagnosed shingles and put me on meds, which my insurance covers, another first.
    The whole episode is startling, that when I get shingles, coincidentally I get it Id’d and remedied within days. I’m not under great tress, I believe it is a post-traumatic release. I feel strongly that this past solstice defines the past from a new future. I’m Sagitarius rising so the thigh is significant and the left side represents the past.Still painful though.

  6. I too have just gone through shingles. I found your website and I have come back to tell my story hoping it will help others.

    My shingles had to do with what Paula said: Over-Sensitive, On-going tension concerning a situation.

    My shingles started with extreme fatigue and a painful rash that was on the back of my thigh and near my vulva. I thought that it was a bad yeast infection. Then the shooting nerve pain started and the prickly hot shooting fire pain. As soon as the doctor told me it was shingles I went to work spiritually.

    For a few weeks before I got shingles, I was feeling very overwhelmed. I have 5 ongoing areas in my life that need constant attention. I worry about them continually and I have a perspective of, “If I do not take action, the other shoe is going to drop”.

    I used EFT to release the anxiety, fear and overwhelm. There are many websites to learn EFT (Tapping) and there are many Youtube videos to release with. I especially like Brad Yates video on overwhelm. I also did a lot of “releasing” on the fear of having shingles. I was soooo scared that it was never going to end.

    I had done a lot of research about shingles and discovered that too much information does not help. I think that is the very 1st thing to do. Switch the focus. Do NOT read about how long shingles is suppose to be, DO NOT read how painful it is – you already know that information.

    Spend your time looking for natural cures and the spiritual meaning of why you got shingles in the 1st place. I DID not take any medicine of any kind. I have a strong belief that drugs supress the immune system and make it longer to heal.

    The pain relief that worked for me: Organic Coconut Oil on the sores. Spread it on constantly – the wetter the better. Put a towel underneath you. The coconut oil completely relieved the itching. It think because it is wet and thick. It comes “hard” in the container, but as soon as you touch it, it becomes liquid – so spread quickly. And I used a LOT of every immune building supplements I had (e.g. vitamin C, Omega 3’s, glyconutritionals). The shooting pain was relieved by my immune system fighting it off with the supplements. The body can heal every wound.

    Because I switched my perspective, released all the emotions that came up, took tons of immune supplements, my shingles became pain-free within 4 DAYS…yes 4 days. The 1st day was insane pain, the 2nd day was half the time, the 3rd day was every once in a while and the 4th – absolutely nothing. I still have the sores, but I keep covering them with coconut oil and they are not hurting. They DID not even get the yellow scabs that I read about.

    I hope that this helps anyone who is seeking relief.

    • Thank you Ronda for your great addition to the blog and conversation. I agree with you about staying away from the information and focusing on the spiritual cause because that was the only thing that shifted it for me. I was sorry I took the medication because not only was it expensive but it made me extremely sick. The only reason I considered it at all was because the shingles were so close to my eye and there is a possibility of having damage. In the end I stopped taking the medication because it didn’t help.

      I wish I would have known about coconut oil. It is one of my favorites for a lot of reasons and if I would have known it would take away the itching so quickly that would have been awesome.

      I hope this whole conversation helps someone who is looking for other ways to deal with this painful issue.


    • Thank you Ronda for your great addition to the blog and conversation. I agree with you about staying away from the information and focusing on the spiritual cause because that was the only thing that shifted it for me. I was sorry I took the medication because not only was it expensive but it made me extremely sick. The only reason I considered it at all was because the shingles were so close to my eye and there is a possibility of having damage. In the end I stopped taking the medication because it didn’t help.

      I wish I would have known about coconut oil. It is one of my favorites for a lot of reasons and if I would have known it would take away the itching so quickly that would have been awesome.

      I hope this whole conversation helps someone who is looking for other ways to deal with this painful issue.


  7. Anita

    Am so delighted to have come across this blog this morning. I got shingles about 5-6 weeks ago on the left side of my face and around my eye too. As a spiritual teacher, I also was looking for metaphysical answers.

    I came to believe there may be a link between shingles and bereavement as someone close to me passed the month before and other people have told me about the onset of it after bereavements too. I reckon its also about holding in emotions as I was very much “holding it together” for those around me at that time.

    I love what you say about something being breaking through the side of the face and spiritual enligtenment. It has made me think. It is true that I’ve gone to a deeper level of spirituality in the previous months, so it all makes sense. A painful way to “see the light” though:-)

    At the moment, I’m still on the mend, with sensitivity and numbness around my face and eye, but it’s getting better all the time and most of the “zingy” bee sting pain is gone. I’m on multivitamins, have had reiki, reflexology and am still using visualisation (check out Dr David Hamilton) to clear it completely. Am going to try EFT too. The energy levels are going up, but I still need early nights.

    I’ve learned quite a lot from this experience, including increased compassion for others in pain (I’m seldom ill) and massive gratitude for my good health.

    Thanks again for this article – it really resonated with me.

    • Thank you for finding me Anita. I am grateful this blog and my journey have helped so many. Sorry you had to have the shingles experience. Pretty scary when it is near your eye.

  8. Helen

    Absolutely brilliant article and so well written. I was diagnosed with shingles on my birthday as well, and the gifts have been tremendous. Thanks for this wonderful article!! I am grateful!! Blessings, Helen

  9. Shirley

    Thank for this explanation, I feel like I am releasing deep trauma with love and patience. It is a huge spiritual awakening .

  10. laura

    I got shingles right after going to a spiritual retreat.
    I found applying heat to be the only thing that worked for me to diminish the pain. Mine was around the waist and back, not the face, but I put rice packs on as hot as I could stand.

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  12. Reblogged this on NR Wishart Healing and commented:
    Going through my second episode of shingles within a month has led me to look deeper than the first time round for the meaning of this. And I would say many things have rung true for me through reading this. Thank you!

    • A second time! Sorry to hear that. One time is enough for anyone. I am glad you found my blog helpful. Thank you for reblogging it!

      • Thank you! I decided to do a Search on Google for the spiritual meaning of shingles and I came across your blog straight away. It has served as a good confirmation as to what I thought it was. I am not worried. It is just very annoying. I have enjoyed reading some of your page. It is wonderful!

      • Thanks for reading. This is one of my most viewed blog posts along with a couple others on transformational healing. My book Empowered Health and Wellness, awakening the inner physician will be out soon. Personal transformation through illness has been one of my things for many years. The book is about that and learning to connect with that part of you that knows exactly what your body needs in order to heal.

      • This sounds perfect for humanity right now. I haven’t come across any other such book which solely focuses on the connections between illness and personal transformation. I have come across information through my Reiki study and through my own understandings during healing sessions. Please let me know when I can buy it! I will be very happy to promote your work

      • That would be wonderful. I will be announcing it here on this blog so if you follow me you will get the announcement.
        I just looked at your blog. It is beautiful! I am now a follower 🙂

      • I will be watching out for it! I think it will be an amazing reference and I wonder if through my healing sessions I will make further clarification on your hard work! Thank you for the compliment! It is still very much new. But it is a way to touch people I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. And I am very grateful for the following!

  13. Grateful to find this blog……I, too just came down with shingles. Everything you said has rung true for me as I have just stepped off into the zone of total trust. Strangely enough a few days before the outbreak I had a dream about a female black panther and she essentially prepared me spiritually for staying centered in myself and trusting completely. I am feeling blessed….I know this sounds absurd to some, but I actually feel that this release that was precursor to the shingles outbreak and what is happening right now in terms of trusting myself is a complete gift.

    I have recently been working with some very powerful breath techniques and somatic experiences and found one morning I awoke to a raging headache that was utterly dis-orienting, sickening, and soul awakening. (The blisters on my back and legs were soon to follow. I am day 3 of shingles….awesome to hear that it can be cleared in 4 days!!!!)

    There in the bathroom, face to bowl, I got to feel how sick I am of not trusting myself, the pattern completely arising in all of my cells. I had no idea what was happening as all you can do is surrender when you feel badly…..but you know, I did know that I needed to trust the body and what was happening and trust the Earth. I lay down and just breathe and feel and welcome rather than push away as hard as it is because as you know the shingling aspect of shooting pains, hot and icy cold presences in the body feels like an invasion of feeling that has not been accessed for a long long time. There were and probably will be many more tears, rage, and fear that cleared ……

    I am grateful for the guidance of shingles to feel trust! to feel my body! now matter what….and to listen to the guidance of mother nature as she courses through my body.
    Friends who are practitioners of herbal medicine and acupuncture are helping with herbs to ease pain. If you are open to moistening a cotton cloth with your own pee and dab it on blisters it is also immediately easing.

    Thank you for blogging…..Yes, to all of us that have been called to trust ourselves completely as we awaken to our precious divine bodies and the path of our lives!!!!

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  15. I am excited to announce that my book Empowered Health and Wellness is now available. Many more stories like this one and ways to transform your illness and heal.

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