Bringing Dreams Alive!

I have a feeling that many people have put their dreams on the back burning or on a high shelf waiting for a time when they will have time and money to make them happen, especially if it is something creative or seemingly unconventional. Yet those creative and unconventional ideas are the very things the world craves.

I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. I started my first business when I was 23, unless we include Kool-Aid stands, when I was a kid. I created a stationary business which designed custom wedding invitations and custom announcements for people who were adopting. The adoption line also had clothing, which I called Applikids TM, that I designed, made and appliqued which children from around the world. I had a shop on a quaint little street, Grand Avenue, in St. Paul and I was doing very well. It was before the computer and there was a demand for hand lettering and custom design. I also created a highly successful game that teaches children how to express anger, called Angry Animals. It has been a best seller for 25 years. I was living my dream of being an artist and getting paid to express my creativity.

Applikids child’s sailor top (left) Angry Animals 2 (right)

Along came divorce and single parenthood and the end of the dream, because I needed a consistent income in order to support myself and my two children. I bought into the social program that said ‘Get a real job”. The same program that believed being an artist wasn’t a real job. I went back to school and got a Master’s Degree and have been a psychotherapist for 25 years.

I use my own life to illustrate how we put our dreams on hold, usually because of money and not having enough. My reason was a combination of not enough money and not enough time. I tried for a long time to work two jobs so that I could work the third creative one which brought me joy but I eventually just let it go and settled into the job and dreamed of the time when I could bring it back alive.

People, it is time to stop holding back our dreams! The world needs every one of our gifts and talents and we each have a purpose that is unique. Do you realize that if you are doing what you love, the universe will step in and provide all of the support you need?

“At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

What wild, crazy, creative, innovative dream that you had as a child have you put into storage? Time to retrieve them, dust them off and blow life back into them!

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