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Confianza is the Spanish word for Confidence and that is what you will feel when you use it.  Are you a teacher on the first day of school?  Do you have to give a presentation and feel nervous? Do you have trouble focusing? Are you tired all of the time and feel like you have no energy?  Confianza is made for people like you.  Made from adaptogenic herbs which are herbs that have been exposed to both extreme heat and extreme cold and survived.  In the same way they balance your body and relieve stress.

Confianza is a naturally based supplement that increases your energy levels while reducing stress and fatigue. Its special blend of herbs was developed to provide a safe way to enhance your ability to cope with all forms of stress: physical, emotional, or environmental.

Confianza’s proprietary blend of herbs includes many ingredients called adaptogens. Adaptogens are natural substances that work through the adrenal glands to produce adjustments in the body that help combat stress and increase your resistance to it. These ingredients in Confianza can help restore balance within your body, allowing you to better cope with the stresses in your life.

  • Anti-stress formula
  • Made with natural adaptogenic herbs
  • Improves mental focus & concentration
  • Helps the body cope with physical stress
  • Provides energy and reduces fatigue
  • Helps restore body balance

Directions: Adults take 2 tablets as a dietary supplement. 

My Favorite things about the Confianza:
  • Overall Calmer Feeling ~ Not a Sleepy feeling either. Most Anti Stress supplements that I have tried gave me a groggy feeling, but I didn’t notice any with the Confianza.
  • More Energy ~ Not like I had drank 10 cups of coffee, but a little more pep in my step.
  • Decrease in Appetite ~ I just felt a little more Satisfied and didn’t have as much urge to snack.
  • When I missed around four days (hectic schedule with school starting back ugh) I could tell the difference.
  • Helps with the menopausal symptoms mood swings and difficulty sleeping


Confianza! The best for a breath of fresh air! 20 minutes after taking this product it is a feeling of a 1000 pounds lifted off my shoulders! I call it my Eeyore pills! Instead of a crazy lunatic response to my 3 wonderful children (2 of which took permanent markers to my wall), I simply said “oh my ok so you colored the walls I will have to get the magic eraser and we will see if that will come off! Even my husband says the way I deal with situations is soooo different!”

— Moire Reilly

“I love a lot of the products, but recently bought the Confianza for my son to help him focus on his studies. He had a huge paper due and couldn’t focus with the weather being so nice outside! I gave him one Confianza and told him to wait about 10 mins. He came downstairs 30 minutes later and was so excited. He had written 400 words in 10 mins! He used it to study for his exams to help himself focus and he can’t believe how much they helped him!”

— Rhonda Brzozowiec

“I have a very high-energy, stressful (but joyful) job as a kindergarten teacher. I was seriously considering taking prescription medication to help my anxiety, but all that changed when I started taking two Confianza every morning! Confianza keeps me calm, focused, and helps me stay positive everyday! ”

— Ashley Lemma

“I have recently started taking Confianza to help battle the stress that we all experience and I have to say I felt a difference in as little as 4 days. My life isn’t any less stressful, I am just able to handle it with a lot more ease. Thanks to It Works! Global I don’t dread each day!”

— Susan Walsh

“I love confianza for so many reasons! First, since turning 40 I suffered from panic attacks and severe anxiety. I used to have to take Xanax but always hated the fact that I never felt like myself with the side effects. I tried Confianza and have not had any panic attacks and I love the fact I feel like me again. I have also succeeded in quitting smoking for 6 months, but I could not use any of the prescription drugs to help because of the side effects. I have used Confianza for the stress and anxiety of quitting.”

— Jennifer Piscopo


What is Confianza?
Do you wish there were a safe, effective way to cope with all the stress life throws at you? The answer is Confianza, an herbal-based supplement designed to enhance your ability to cope with all forms of stress: physical, emotional, or environmental. The special blend of herbs increases your energy levels while reducing stress and fatigue.
How does Confianza work?
Confianza’s proprietary blend of herbs contains active adaptogens. Adaptogens are natural nutrients that work through the adrenal glands to help your body combat and increase your resistance to stress. These ingredients in Confianza can help restore balance within your body and allow you to better cope with the stresses in your life.
Can I give Confianza to my children?
Confianza is designed for adult use and is not recommended for children. Always consult your pediatrician before giving any supplements to children. Can taking Confianza replace or interfere with the medications I am currently taking? If you have a medical condition, health concern, or are taking prescription medications, we strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before taking Confianza.
Can I take Confianza if I am pregnant or nursing?
We suggest that you consult your physician prior to using any of our products if you are pregnant or nursing.

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When do we reach momentum?


I have always heard that if you are thinking about joining a network marketing business you should find a company that is in momentum.  There reason behind this is that during momentum you have the potential to build a big business because the company is still unknown to a lot of people.

I like the illustration above which is from Richard Bliss Brooke’s book The Four Year Career.   Here is how he describes momentum : 

Think of it like pushing a Smart Car up the hill, having it turn into a Cadillac at the top and a Ferrari at the downhill crest.

It is the low return on effort in the beginning that leads most people to give up.  They don’t have the Vision and Belief in the payoffs on the other side.

The visual describes momentum perfectly.  In the beginning you are pushing up hill, you hit a flat spot and the pushing is easier and when you hit the crest, you go sailing down without any effort.  I got into the company I am in before we began momentum.

The company was 7 years old and no one had ever heard of it.  I was one of the first 4 distributors to open up the Minnesota market.  Everyday took a lot of effort as we were received with skepticism and disbelief. The return on our effort was small and we saw many people quit because it wasn’t easy.  We were metaphorically pushing a car uphill and it wasn’t easy.  A few years ago we hit the flat part of the hill.  It still takes effort and hard work but it isn’t as hard because the terrain is not up hill.  More people have heard about our products, even though there are still 8 our of 10 who have not heard about it.  We are seeing much better returns on our efforts.  In theory we will get to that spot at the crest where it will be smooth sailing.  Those days when we will wake up and 1000 people joined the team while we were asleep.  That’s momentum. 

There is also a momentum in your personal team.  At first you are thrilled to enroll one new team mate.  You haven’t built up the energy to attract a lot of people and you have to go out and talk with people all of the time.  As you add new team members your numbers start to double and triple and so does you money.  Now you are on the flat part of the hill.  I remember thinking my magic number was to have 500 people under me.  I had a feeling things would change a lot at that point and they did.  I went from 439 in February of one year to 1449 the following February.  From there it has been like a snowball rolling down hill as my team has grown to 30,000 and the company is just beginning momentum. 

Like Richard Brooke says, most people don’t have Vision or Faith to know that they are in the right place at the right time.  Those same people will see people succeeding and say, oh they got in at the right time, they were lucky.  It isn’t about luck.  It is about being able to see a trend setter, do the hard work, on low returns because they know what they have their hands on.

I knew intuitively that I wanted to be part of It Works! the moment I heard a few sentences about the product.  I had a feeling that it was going to be big and I was right.  It was really hard to open up a new territory, selling a product that has results that are hard to believe.  It is hard to face skeptics every day and there were many times that I wanted to quit.  I didn’t quit because I have the Vision and I know this company is going to continue to see explosive growth. 

This IS the perfect time to join It Works!  The car has been pushed to the flat spot on the hill and now pushing it is much easier.  We haven’t hit the point at the crest where we sail down the other side effortlessly but we will.  Would you like to be part of something that is once in a lifetime? Would you like to change your financial landscape forever and create a legacy for your family.  If so you will want to take a look at this.

Learn more:


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