Original Watercolor Soul Portraits


Meditation Images to Heal, Mind, Body and Spirit

If you read the book, Empowered Health and Wellness, you learned about the healing power of art. As a trained art therapist I have seen how art impacts and transforms people.   A big part of my personal transformational work over the years has been through creating art. About 18 years ago I discovered I was able to tap into a persons energy field and create a painting that carried information that was transformational to them.  I have created soul portraits for 100’s of people over the years and many have reported that they were changed by  or received important information from the images.  These portraits are created specifically for you with your healing in mind.  Whatever issue you are working on that will be the focus of the portrait.

Soul Mandala Portraits are personal spirit portraits create for you through a connection between your higher self  and Katelyn’s personal guidance team. If you are working on a specific healing issue Katelyn will also connect with your inner physician for guidance. You don’t have to be in Katelyn’s presence because these images are coming from a fifth dimensional place and beyond.  Through this connection your soul inspires Katelyn with information that your soul chooses as the best for your evolution at this time.  The information comes through in image and is received at a higher level as you view it, so you don’t have to understand what you are looking at.  Your soul understands.

The soul portrait acts as a doorway, creating it’s own energy grid, giving your greater access to your higher dimensional self.  Soul portraits are an avenue to connect you to your true spirit, beauty and divine nature. Each image contains coded information that is translated by the soul of  the viewer.  These codes of light impact the neurotransmitters in the brain which translates the information and creates new pathways to health and balance.  Each image is designed to slowly stimulate and awaken the hidden unconscious receptors of the human mind to access coded information. The codes of light in the images are the language of the Universe/God coming from pure Love.

The language of the heart, which is directly connected to the soul is composed of forms, feelings, colors, shape and sound, not words.  That is why when we open our hearts we are able to perceive and receive the information we need to expand our consciousness beyond the limitations of our mind and ego.  The information will assist you in finding solutions to your current healing crisis if you use it daily as a meditation piece.

Each portrait is an original water color painting that comes with a personal written message for you. These healing portraits are done in the traditional Jungian Mandala style within the circle.  Mandalas are a graphical representation of the center/self.The mandala is a template for the mind, a state of peace and order, a resolution of the chaos within and is the archetype for wholeness.  By meditating on the image that Katelyn creates you can connect with your center of wholeness.

Benefits of having a soul portrait done:

    • To open your heart
    • Shed light on your life path and how to embrace it with clarity
    • Awaken your life purpose
    • Heal and transform your body, mind, heart and soul
    • Acknowledge your divine guidance
    • It Acts as a mandala to help you wake up in your life
    • To help you re-member your true soul
    • It will continue to inform you the more you work with it.

Click to See a Slide Show of Soul Portraits 

To order one for yourself or for a gift go to Empowered Health and Wellness 

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Interview With Magnetic Authors: Barb Greenberg


My friend Barb Greenberg has written two wonderful books that you will want to read.  Here is a recent interview that I did with Barb about her books and about being an author.

Here first book:

After the Ball: A Woman’s Tale of Reclaiming Happily Ever After


Barb, can you describe your book so that people get a good idea about what it is about?

“Once upon a time there were two enchanting women named Cinderella and Snow White.  Though life had dealt harshly with them, they remained tendered hearted.  And by sweet happenstance, each fell in love and married a handsome prince.”

What  happens next in After the Ball is a story that resonates in the hearts of women, for whether you find yourself with a prince, without hope, or without direction, it reveals the universal truth about the power of women to transform their lives.

What is the inspiration behind the book or what compelled you to write it?

When I divorced after thirty-three years of marriage, I became very angry about the concept of ‘happily ever after,’ and I wondered what really happened to Cinderella and Snow White…later!!!

How long did it take you to write it?  Did you hit obstacles along the way?

It took a few years.  The first versions were rather angry, and then I realized that the story was not about the pain of losing your prince, but of the hope and joy of a new future and the ability to create your own unique ‘happily ever after.”

 Who is your audience?

Our main audience is women in transition, especially women dealing with divorce.  What is interesting is that middle school and high school girls love this book!

Tell my readers a little about yourself

I’m the founder and president of Rediscovering U (U as in University).  We offer eduction, resources and support for women approaching, experiencing or moving forward from divorce.

I love horses and breakfast at the Good Day Cafe!!

Where can people purchase your book?

After the Ball is available exclusively at www.Rediscoveringu.com

Here is a little bit about Barb’s second book:

Hope Grew Round Me


Barb, can you tell my readers about this book so that they can get a good idea about what it is about.  

Hope Grew Round Me is the memoir of how a daughter’s life-threatening accident planted the seeds for a mother’s self-discover, and a heartwarming journey from crisis to transformation.

What is the inspiration behind the book or what compelled you to write it?

As my daughter was healing form her life-threatening accident, and as I began to heal myself, a friend suggested I write this story because she said, “There are so many things you can share that can help others.”

How long did it take you to write it?  Did you hit obstacles along the way?

It took a few years. I put the manuscript away many times, as I was going through a divorce, moved twice, and my older daughter got married.  I feel that books know when they are meant to be “born” and come into the world.

That is so true, from my own experience, Barb!!

Who is your audience?

 People looking for hope, who want to be reminded of their strength, and the possibilities of new beginnings.  The feedback from both men and women has been overwhelming.

You can find Hope Grew Round me on Barb’s website as well.

Thank you for taking the time to share a bit about yourself and your books barb.  I know my readers will love them both.

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