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My book, Empowered Health and Wellness, awakening the inner physician was officially launched on Oct 25, 2014!

It was birthed into the world with a wonderful party with family and friends there for the send off.  For me it was a magical night, where I got to see the fruits of my labor become a reality.  This experience is really amazing when you put your heart and soul into a project off and on for 9 years, transforming yourself in the process and having it be so well received.

Here is a bit about the book for those who don’t know:

Do you ever feel like you know your body more than anyone else but you haven’t learned how to access that knowing?  Do you know that you have an innate ability to heal yourself and want to learn how to tap into that?  Katelyn’s book will help you do that through personal stories of her experience, through information about alternative techniques and through exercises to put them into action in your life.

Empowered Health and Wellness will give you hope and get you excited about the idea of being healthy again!  Even though the book is about Katelyn’s personal physical healing journey there is so much more that will add value to anyone’s life.  Discover how to change how you think and become the master of your own reality whether you are struggling with physical illness or just wanting to take things to another level, this powerful book with effectively shift your consciousness. Learn how to transform yourself using your illness as a guide.  You don’t want to wait until you are sick to learn how to engage your inner physician.  You can learn from reading this book how to use your inner physician.  

Katelyn invites you into her personal world of self healing in an open and vulnerable way that exudes passion and encourages you to start dreaming again.  In the book she takes you on her personal wellness journey as she shares her stories and alternative techniques used to heal herself from issues she was told would not heal.  It is her hope that her success will inspire you to look at your own healing journey in a new way. Katelyn is tenacious in her search for balance and well-being.  She introduces the concept of the Inner Physician, that part of your consciousness that knows what you body needs in order to come back into balance.  Just reading the book will activate the Inner Physician and you will notice you are being informed in a new way and you will gain an understand on how to engage your inner healing wisdom.  Through the book you will learn how to awaken and interact with your Inner Physician and discover your personal ally in healing.

Here is what one reader said after reading Empowered Health and Wellness:

“Powerful, insightful and amazing book. The guidance and vulnerability of the author is so appreciated and relevant. If I could, I would buy one for all of my friends and family. This is a must-read and definitely a must-gift for loved ones. Thank you Katelyn Mariah for sharing your wisdom. It’s an emotional read, bringing up so many moments for my own self healing journey.”

If you would like to purchase a copy you can find it on Amazon or at Awaken The Inner Physician

Visit my website Empowered Health and Wellness for other resources.

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What Would Love Do?


“Love is the total absence of fear.  Love asks no questions. It’s natural state is one of extension and expansion, not comparison and measurement.”  Gerald Jampolsky

I often wake up with a word for the day and Expansion was the word on my mind when I woke up.  I found the quote above and it got me thinking.  Comparison, measurement and judgment come from a place of fear and yet that is how we are taught to navigate the world.  Think of a world where expansion, extension and inclusion are the navigation tools…it would be amazing!  Everyone could be their authentic expressions and love would explode.

This compelled me to asked my higher guidance this question.  “What would be the fastest way for me to shift my reality out of doubt and into love?

Here is what I received in response:

In a world of expansion, abundance and love, there is no room for doubt or fear.  They can not exist in the same space.

Here is a thirty day practice that will shift everything.  Where love and attraction will flow and abundance will manifest as you like it to manifest.

Clear your mind of desire for just 30 days and be neutral about everything.  Ask only one question “What would Love do?”  Where is the love in this situation?  Love is the spotlight, the magnifier.  It is all you want to look for and be grateful with what comes up.

When doubt comes up ask “What would love do?”

When fear arises “What would love do?”

When you feel discomfort “What would love do?”

Do this for 30 days and everything will shift!  If the only thing you accomplish for the entire month of November is to discover what love would do, you have accomplished much!  Don’t worry about anything else, just ask, “What would love do?”.

Sounds simple enough…I am game…let’s do this!!!

PS…I am pretty sure it is not that simple…

For another perspective read Mike Robbins post “What would love do?

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